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The clouds float effortlessly over the vast plain and the stones upon the mountains chime resolutely.

Wandering Clouds is a soundtrack from the album Millelith's Watch.

Production Credits

Position Staff[1]
Composer Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Arranger Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Orchestra Art of Dragon Orchestra (龙之艺交响乐团)
Guzheng Jiajia Shi (施佳加)
Matouqin Haitao Li (李海涛)
Recording Studio Shanghai Audio & Video Company Recording Studio (上海音像公司录音棚), 52HZ Studio
Recording Engineer Jiawei Mo (莫家伟), Zach Huang (黄巍)
Mixing Engineer Zach Huang (黄巍)
Mastering Engineer Zach Huang (黄巍)
Production HOYO-MiX


  • The soundtracks Wandering Clouds, Defenders' Volition, Beyond the Distant Horizon, Under the Clear Sky, and On the Vast Earth feature the traditional Mongolian instrument Matouqin (or Morin Khuur) performed by Haitao Li.
    • Haitao Li (李海涛) was known for performing the instrument on the streets of Shanghai. Li thought that street performances were a good opportunity for people to appreciate the Matouqin. Since he began in 2016, he gained significant attention and following online.[2]

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
EnglishWandering Clouds
Yěyún Wàn Lǐ
Areno wo Tadayou Kumo[!]