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The Wanderer's Troupe, also known as the Swordsman's Troupe, was a group of people adept in both music and combat that traveled all over Teyvat a thousand years ago. Their most notable act was their failed rebellion against the Mondstadt Aristocracy, during which its members either met their demise in battle or were punished afterwards, leading to the group's disbandment.

Their story is attested to in the Wanderer's Troupe and Resolution of Sojourner artifact sets, as well as the Wanderer's Troupe Series weapons.


Little is known about the formation of the Wanderer's Troupe. All that is known is that the Conductor and the Sojourner met first, followed by the Dawnlight Swordswoman, and then Kreuzlied.[1] Whether there were more unnamed members is currently unknown.

The group traveled around Teyvat, even once entering Mare Jivari to perform for their "foes."[2] Its members similarly came from all over Teyvat, though only the Sojourner and Kreuzlied's nationalities are known; the Sojourner was a famous figure in Fontaine,[3] while Kreuzlied was born to Mondstadt's Lawrence Clan but ultimately split from them.[4]

The Wanderer's Troupe eventually ended their journey in Mondstadt, around the time of Ludi Harpastum. There, the Sojourner fell in love with the maiden chosen to throw the ball at the end of the festival — after which she would be claimed by a member of the tyrannical Lawrence Clan.[3] Unable to tolerate such injustice, the Wanderer's Troupe stormed the city in hopes of overthrowing the aristocracy. They failed, however; the Conductor and Sojourner died in battle, while the Dawnlight was enslaved as a gladiator and Kreuzlied's punishment was left unknown.

While the Wanderer's Troupe has largely been forgotten, the Dawnlight and Kreuzlied both had a major influence on Mondstadt's ultimate liberation from the aristocracy. The Sword Dancer befriended Ragnvindr, then a squire under Mondstadt's knight order, and inspired him to take a stand against the corrupt nobles — he derived his title, the Dawn Knight, from her own moniker, Dawnlight.[5][6] Meanwhile, Kreuzlied established an underground society aimed at taking down the aristocracy, using it to aid Vennessa when she rebelled.[4]



  • In the Manga Prologue, when the apple vendor warns Venti about the aristocracy, Venti envisions the silhouettes of three unnamed people; they are likely members of the Wanderer's Troupe who had, by that point, tried and failed to oust the aristocracy.[7]

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWanderer's Troupe
Liúlàng Dàdì de Yuètuán
Land-Wandering Orchestra
Liúlàng Dàdì de Yuètuán
Daichi wo Rurou Suru Gakudan
Land-Wandering Orchestra
Korean대지유랑하는 악단
Daeji-reul Yuranghaneun Akdan
Band Who Vagabondizes the Land
SpanishOrquesta del ErranteWanderer's Orchestra
FrenchBande vagabondeWandering Troupe
RussianСтранствующий ансамбль
Stranstvuyushchiy ansambl'
Wandering Ensemble
ThaiWanderer's Troupe
VietnameseĐoàn Hát Lang Thang Đại LụcMainland Wandering Singing Troupe
GermanWanderorchesterTraveling Orchestra
IndonesianWanderer's Troupe
PortugueseTrupe Itinerante


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