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Wanderer's Trail is an introductory quest for the Archon Quests and the tutorial quest for Genshin Impact. It serves to familiarize the player with basic character movements and actions and is the first mission that the player will complete.


  1. Go to Paimon
  2. Follow Paimon
    • The game will instruct the player on how to look around, zoom the camera, move, sprint, jump, and attack.
    • A Hydro Slime will appear as you walk towards Paimon.
  3. Unlock the Teleport Waypoint
  4. Go to the foot of the cliff
  5. Climb to the top of the rock face
    • The player may climb by simply approaching the rock face.


  • Wanderer's Trail does not appear in the Archive's Travel Log.
  • Dying or wandering off will result in the player respawning.


UI Quest.png Quest Description

The god took away your only kin, and you were sealed and cast into a deep slumber. Upon your awakening, you wandered alone for a time until you met a strange companion named Paimon, thus beginning your journey through the continent of Teyvat...
(The game begins with the opening cinematic; the Traveler and their sibling step onto a structure in the sky.)
Paimon: So... what you're trying to say is that you fell here... from another world?
Paimon: But when you wanted to leave, and go on to the next world, your path was blocked by some unknown god?
(The Unknown God appears, blocking their path.)
Unknown God: Outlanders, your journey ends here!
Lumine: Who're you!?
Unknown God: The sustainer of heavenly principles. The arrogation of mankind ends now.
(The twins battle with the Unknown God, but it is futile. The Traveler's sibling is engulfed by a swarm of red-and-black cubes and condensed into a single cube in the god's hand.)
(Traveler): (Lumine!/Aether!)
(The Traveler tries to take back their sibling, only to be engulfed themselves.)
(Traveler): Wait! Don't go! Give my (sister/brother) back!

(Traveler): And just like that, the god took away my (sister/brother).
(Traveler): Some kind of seal was cast upon me, and I lost my power. (So while we used to travel from world to world, we are now trapped here./So whilst we used to cross world after world, we are now trapped here.)
(Traveler): How many years ago was it? I don't know...
(Traveler): But I intend to find out.
(Traveler): (When I woke, I was all alone – until I met you two months ago.../After I awoke, I was all alone — right up until I met you two months ago.)
Paimon: Yeah, Paimon really owes you for that. Otherwise Paimon likely would have drowned...
Paimon: So, Paimon will do her best to be a great guide!
Paimon: We should head off. Let's get going!
(Upon approaching the cliff)
Paimon: The path ends here – guess we'll just have to climb.
Paimon: Climbing depletes stamina, and depleted stamina takes time to recover!
Paimon: Okay, let's take the route we planned!
Paimon: We're off to... a Statue of The Seven!
Paimon: Which of The Seven are you looking for exactly?


Tutorial Teleport Waypoint.png1. Open the world map.
2. Select an unlocked Teleport Waypoint to teleport to that location.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Wanderer's Trail
Liúlàngzhě de Zújì
Wanderer's Footprints
Liúlàngzhě de Zújì
Japanese 流浪者の足跡
Rurou-sha no Ashiato[!]
Wanderer's Footprints
Korean 방랑자의 발자취
Bangrangja-ui Baljachwi
Wanderer's Footprints
Spanish Camino del errantePath of the Wanderer
French Trace du vagabondWanderer's Trace
Russian Следы странника
Sledy strannika
Wanderer's Footprints
Thai รอยเท้าของผู้พเนจร
Roi thao khong phupnachen
Footprints of a Wanderer
Vietnamese Dấu Chân Kẻ Lang ThangWanderer Footprints
German Spuren eines WanderersTrails of a Wanderer
Indonesian Jejak PengembaraWanderer's Trail
Portuguese Trilha do ViajanteTrail of the Traveler[• 1]
  1. PT: "Trilha do Viajante" specifically refers to a male traveler

Change History

Released in Version 1.0