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Wakukau Shoal (Japanese: ワクカウ浜) is a subarea of Tsurumi Island.




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  • The name may be derived from Wakka-us Kamuy (Ainu: ワッカウㇱカムィ), the Ainu goddess (kamuy) of fresh water.
    • Wakuka seems to derive from ワㇰカ wak(u)ka, which is a nonstandard spelling of wakka (Ainu: ワッカ wakka, "water").
  • The enemies by the shore will change positions every day through a series of three days:
    • On the first day, the large camp site will contain a Thunderhelm Lawachurl, two Hilichurl Shooters and a Hilichurl. There will also be three Hydro Slimes and Samachurls underneath the rock arch. The hilichurl camp led by the Electro Samachurl will be up on the cliff.
    • On the second day, the Thunderhelm Lawachurl will relocate to the Ruin Guards with a single hilichurl shooter and normal hilichurl with a campfire. The camp site will be replaced by a single Thundercraven Rifthound and three Thundercraven whelps.
    • On the third day, the Thunderhelm Lawachurl will relocate between the shore and the large peninsula overlooking the sea as the Ruin Guards become active. The camp site is now inhabited by three Thundercraven Rifthounds and the camp led by the Electro Samachurl relocates to the shore.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Wakukau Shoal
Wakukau Beach[• 1]
Japanese ワクカウ浜
Wakukau Beach[• 2]
Korean 와쿠카우 해안
Wakukau Hae'an
Wakukau Coast
Spanish Costa WakukauWakukau Coast
French Littoral de WakukauWakukau Coastline
Russian Отмель Вакукау
Otmel' Vakukau
Wakukau Shoal
Thai Wakukau Shoal
Vietnamese Bờ WakukauWakukau Shore
German Wakukau-StrandWakukau Beach
Indonesian Wakukau Shoal
Portuguese Costa WakukauWakukau Coast
  1. ZH: 惑饲/惑飼 Huòsì is based on possible kanji for the Japanese ワクカウ Wakukau.
  2. JA: "Wakukau" may derive from Ainu ワッカ wakka, "water."

Change History

Released in Version 2.2