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Vortex of Legends is the fifth original soundtrack album to be released for Genshin Impact.

It features a total of 17 tracks composed by Yu-Peng Chen of HOYO-MiX, each one an original composition for the Dragonspine area.

The tracklist was announced on March 31, 2021, and the album was later released on April 2.[1][2]


No. Soundtrack Name Played In
01 Snow-Buried Tales Dragonspine
02 Fragile Fantasy Dragonspine
03 Chattering Snowflakes Dragonspine
04 Serene and Sweet Adieu Dragonspine
05 Glistening Shards Dragonspine
06 Ad Oblivione Dragonspine
07 Abiding Chills Dragonspine
08 Menacing Cove Starglow Cavern
09 Striding in the Snowstorm Starglow Cavern
10 Sinister Mist Starglow Cavern
11 In the Desolate Hallway Starglow Cavern
12 The Flourishing Past Dragonspine
13 Unfinished Frescoes Dragonspine
14 Spin of Ice Crystals Dragonspine
15 Finale of the Snowtomb Dragonspine
16 Once-Colored Memories Dragonspine
17 Moonlike Smile Dragonspine

Production Credits

Position Staff[3]
Composer Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Orchestrator Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Piano Yu-Peng Chen (陈致逸)
Strings International Master Philharmonic Orchestra (国际首席爱乐乐团)
Recording Studio Jintian Recording Studio (金田录音棚)
Recording Engineer Xiaosi Wang (王小四)
Mixing Engineer Zach Huang (黄巍)
Mastering Engineer Zach Huang (黄巍)
Production HOYO-MiX


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishVortex of Legends
Xuánwō, Luòxīng yǔ Bīngshān
Vortices, Falling Stars and Icebergs
Xuánwō, Luòxīng yǔ Bīngshān
Uzumaki, Ochiboshi to Yukiyama[!]
Vortices, Fallings Stars and Snow-Capped Mountains
Korean소용돌이, 별부름과 빙산
Soyongdori, Byeolbureum-gwa Bingsan
Vortices, Starcallings and Icebergs
SpanishVórtice de las leyendasVortex of Legends
RussianВихрь легенд
Vikhr' legend