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Vortex's Wake is the second part of Zhongli's Story Quest Historia Antiqua Chapter, Act I: Sal Flore.


  1. Go to Guyun Stone Forest
  2. Use Elemental Sight to search for relics
  3. Defeat the enemies and open the chest
  4. Continue using Elemental Sight to search for relics
  5. Defeat the mimic monsters and recover the relic
  6. Meet up with the other group


(Talk to the people)
Kliment: This place looks so ordinary... Can we really find anything valuable here?
Paimon Huh? Paimon thinks it looks really grand!
Kliment: I don't mean the scenery, but rather that there should be something out of the ordinary. A big battle did just occur and all... And I don't even know where to begin looking here.
Zhongli: Guyun Stone Forest is actually the perfect place to be if you wish to learn about the Archons or the history of the Archon War.
Zhongli: Legend has it that Rex Lapis threw spears made of large rock into the sea here, piercing and crushing the Overlord of the Vortex.
Zhongli: After many years of wind erosion, those stone spears have turned into the unique rock formations we see now.
Paimon Th—These mountains were the Lord of Geo's weapons?
Zhongli: What we see now is just the part of them that remains. The stone spears hurled by Rex Lapis all those years ago were much greater, both in number and in size.
Zhongli: But due to the different angles they landed at, their large centers of mass, erosion by seawater, and years of gravity, many of them have been completely swallowed by the sea.
Zhongli: So, besides wind erosion, the initial collapsing of the stone spears also played a big part in the formation of Guyun Stone Forest.
Kliment: Well... A god able to fight one so powerful that Rex Lapis was certainly very strong in its own right.
Zhongli: Indeed, this is where the value lies in research at Guyun Stone Forest.
Zhongli: Most of the objects from that time were lost to the sea, but the gigantic waves created by the Overlord of the Vortex have given those sunken objects a chance to see the light of day again.
Kliment: So you're saying that if we look carefully, we'll be able to get very, very rich—
Kliment: Uh, I mean — rich with archaeological knowledge and historical value, yes? That's all I seek in life.
Kliment: Well, since we brought so many people, I think it would be best to split up and look.
Zhongli: Okay then, I will go with my friend here. Although I have a smattering of knowledge in various disciplines, when it comes to archaeology, I can't compete with the expert here.
Wanyan: Huh? M—Me?
Kliment: What's the matter? This is your profession. Why are you so surprised?
Wanyan: I get it... I'll escort him, then.
Zhongli: Okay. If we find anything valuable or rare, let's meet on the shore opposite from here.
Zhongli: The ancient god probably left behind lots of elemental marks. Following them should make our search much easier.
Paimon Well, go ahead then, (Traveler). Use your Elemental Sight to look for any marks.
(Defeat the opponents and open the chest)
(Obtain Used Training Dummy × 1)
Paimon: Why are there enemies here?
Zhongli: Guyun Stone Forest is a place where a god was defeated, and its remnants still affect the area to this day.
(Encountering the mimic monsters)
Paimon They're... gathering together here. But why?
Zhongli: See that object in the center? Perhaps it emits the remnant strength of that god. That would certainly attract them.
Zhongli: But, the Hydro Mimic monsters... Hmmm. I have a contract, and must put my personal feelings aside. Go ahead, defeat them and recover the relic.
(Defeat the mimic monsters and recover the relic)
(Obtain Mysterious Stone Tablet × 1)
Zhongli: It's just a stone slab... but its design is quite unique.
Zhongli: This should be enough to garner some information. Let's head back.
(Meet up with the other group)
Kliment: ...You call yourself a scholar of archaeology? You can't even recognize this or that, what are you good for?
Wanyan: We all have our areas of expertise! I already tried very hard to explain!
Paimon Stop arguing! What in the world happened?
Kliment: This girl just kept bragging about how she's an archeologist, but she doesn't even know anything about the surrounding ruins! I even know more than her!
Kliment: She left me to rely solely on my guessing — I mean, experience — to find anything valuable to take back. Ugh, what a waste of time!
Wanyan: I—I've just been researching the God of Salt, so I'm not familiar with the sea relics. Is that so strange!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (Hmm, it is a bit strange...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (One shouldn't lack general knowledge in their field...)
Wanyan: And you! You kept asking about how much Mora everything is worth! Can the value of relics only be measured in Mora!?
Kliment: Uh... I mean, isn't measuring their value in Mora the easiest way? This also matches the traditions of Liyue, does it not?
Zhongli: Now, now, calm down, no need to make a fuss. We were able to bring back some intriguing objects. Let's have a look.
Zhongli: Oh...
Zhongli: What a shame. *sigh* These objects were indeed washed ashore by the Overlord of Vortex, but they have nothing to do with the god besides being in the vicinity at the time.
Zhongli: This stone slab we found, however, has a mysterious pattern and faint aura of divine power. Perhaps it will be useful for research purposes.
Kliment: Quick, give it to me!
Kliment: Hehe, at least we didn't come for nothing. The power of gods, yes! This is good...
Kliment: Oh, but these other objects are certainly worth a little something right? It should be enough to cover the cost of hiring you — it's all mine!
Paimon Sooo... it's only valuable for research if there are remnants of divine power on it?
Wanyan: Not at all. My quest to uncover the history of the God of Salt is because history can tell us about culture and beliefs...
Wanyan: But YOU... You're just trying to use archaeology to get rich!
Kliment: Nonsense! I'm a professional archaeology researcher from Snezhnaya, I swear. If I'm lying, may the Lord of Geo strike me down!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (No, you're trying to get rich off archaeology... )
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg (No, you're trying to collect the strength of the gods...)
Zhongli: Oh, by the way. You probably don't want to sell that teacup.
Kliment: Oh, why's that?
Zhongli: That's not an ancient teacup. It's part of Ningguang's collection, it must have fallen here along with the Jade Chamber. So unless you want to mess with the Qixing...
Kliment: Agh, I see... What a shame. It was of such high quality, too.
Wanyan: See!? You do want to sell these objects!
Kliment: S—So what! Why can't I pursue wealth both intellectual and material? Don't be so simple-minded!
Kliment: Alright then! No need to stay here any longer. Hm. I'm rather quite intrigued by the God of Salt too, actually. Let's go to Sal Terrae next.
(Talk to Wanyan and Kliment)
Wanyan: Argh! You're simply a money-grubber!
Kliment: And what are you then? All you think about is digging up valuable relics every day!
Paimon They're still arguing. Let's not bother them...

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