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It seems that nobody has obtained an Electro Vision for a whole year now. [...] I've also heard it said that Inazuma's Electro Archon has proclaimed a "Vision Hunt Decree," which has aimed to confiscate the majority of all Visions from Vision wielders throughout Inazuma. Those who disobey and withhold their Visions will be punished severely...


The Vision Hunt Decree (Japanese: 目狩り令 Megari-rei) was an order given one year prior to the current events of the game by Inazuma's Electro Archon, Beelzebul (as the Raiden Shogun); and the Inazuma Bakufu, to seize all Visions within Inazuma's borders and inlay them upon the hands of a statue of the Thousand-Armed, Hundred-Eyed God. The Tenryou Commission, one of the Tri-Commission, is responsible for executing the decree.[1] In Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow, it is the reason behind the Vision Hunt Ceremony.

As of Chapter II, Act II: Amidst Stormy Judgment, 99 Visions have been seized.


The Vision Hunt Decree began as a Fatui plot to generate conflict to destabilize Inazuma and create a market for their Delusions.[2] They conspired with the Tenryou and Kanjou Commissions, promising Kujou Takayuki their support and generous rewards if he enforced it; Takayuki, believing that the Fatui could not truly pose a threat to Inazuma, agreed, deceiving the Raiden Shogun into perpetuating the decree.[3] Beelzebul, the Raiden Shogun's true identity, was aware of the Fatui's involvement but tacitly approved of the decree regardless, believing that the individual ambition that Visions represented was incompatible with eternity.[4] Zhongli, the mortal vessel of Rex Lapis, has speculated that as the God of Eternity, she sought to eliminate the unstable elements that pose a threat to her eternal realm.[5]

When the decree was proclaimed, Kazuha's friend, an Electro Vision bearer, challenged Kujou Sara (who accepted on the Shogun's behalf) but lost and was killed. Vision bearers who defy the decree and withhold their Visions are "severely" punished. There are no exceptions given to anyone whose Vision is deemed to be seized.

Those who serve Baal are seen as exceptions to the Decree so long as they remain useful: Kujou Sara, the general of the Tenryou Commission and the Shogun's bodyguard/aide, remains in possession of her Electro Vision. On the other hand, Kurosawa Kyounosuke, who worked with the Tenryou Commission, had his Vision seized after he was dismissed for "poor" performance.

The decree has stirred controversy across Inazuma. People who do not oppose the government but oppose the Decree have covertly created fake Visions as decoys. The Sangonomiya Resistance, which declared war against the Shogunate, consists of members who have lost or fear losing their Visions, as well as those who oppose the Sakoku Decree that was imposed at the same time as the Vision Hunt Decree. The Resistance also helps hide those who are unwilling to fight the Shogun and her army.

Around the same time the Vision Hunt Decree began, Electro Visions ceased being bestowed upon anyone in Teyvat,[6] although people in Inazuma continued to receive Visions.[7] The matter drew the attention of researchers at the Sumeru Academia, who concluded it was the will of the Electro Archon. However, Ei has denied responsibility and expressed surprise at this occurrence, stating that she is not responsible for the distribution of Visions.[8]

The instability in Inazuma caused by the Vision Hunt Decree and the related Sakoku Decree has caused even those without Visions to avoid Inazuma for fear of the danger in the region. One such person is Alrani, who considered traveling there to research the decree, but decided against it after concluding that if those blessed with Visions are suffering, it could be even more dangerous for regular people,[6] which is confirmed by Atsuko and Bibo. Alrani later traveled to Inazuma anyway out of desperation for a research topic, as those related to Inazuma are less popular, and she realized that not having a Vision could be advantageous for conducting research in Inazuma.[9]

In the span of a year, 99 people have had their Visions seized. It is unknown if this includes the fake Visions.

After the Traveler defeated Ei in her realm by showing her the power of the seized Visions' aspirations, she agreed to repeal the decree. The seized Visions were also given back to their rightful owners, provided that they were still alive and/or their current location known.





  • This event parallels the confiscation of weapons from lower-class Japanese during what is referred to as a "Sword hunt" (Japanese: 刀狩 katanagari).

Change History

Released in Version 1.1


  1. The friend was killed, but his Vision was taken by Kazuha before it could be seized.


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