Violetgrass is found within the Liyue nation, usually hanging from the sides of mountains.

How to Obtain

Verr Goldet at Wangshu Inn and Herbalist Gui at Bubu Pharmacy each carry 5 Violetgrass in stock, which refreshes every 2 days at 4:00 AM server time. It costs 1,000 Mora each at both locations.

The following NPCs give Violetgrass after following certain dialogue branches for the first time:

The following birthday mails included Violetgrass:

Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Black-Back Perch Stew Item Black-Back Perch Stew.png Cooking 1
Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish Item Wanmin Restaurant's Boiled Fish.png Cooking 1
Stone Harbor Delicacies Item Stone Harbor Delicacies.png Cooking 1

Ascension Usage

Violetgrass is used for the following character ascensions:

Icon Name Rarity
Character Qiqi Thumb.png Qiqi 5 Stars
Character Xinyan Thumb.png Xinyan 4 Stars

None of the released weapons use Violetgrass for ascensions.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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