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Due to project progress, the Version 2.7 update will be postponed.
For detailed information on the date of the new update, content adjustment plan, and compensation, please stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Update Delay

Shortly before the Version 2.7 update livestream, the official account announced that the Version update would be delayed, with detailed information about dates to be announced later.[1]

Starting from 05/11/2022, for every week of update delay, Primogem Primogem ×400, Fragile Resin Fragile Resin ×1 Hero's Wit Hero's Wit ×7 Mystic Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore ×16, and Mora Mora ×120,000 is issued each Wednesday at 04:00 server time.[2]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where the Electro-Charged reaction mechanism is abnormal. This is a new issue that surfaced after the Version 2.4 update. After the issue is fixed, the Electro-Charged reaction mechanism is expected to function as it did before the Version 2.4 update.



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