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New Characters
Event Wishes
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New Weapons
New Quests
New Enemies
New Domains
New Events
Realm Treasures
Living Being
Other Additions
  • Dynamic Range" and "Output Settings" newly added in Settings > Audio.
  • Newly added icon hints to the Artifacts filtering interface.
  • Adds the feature of adding Weapons at once to the Destruction System.
  • Adds some prompts for loading screens.
Spiral Abyss
  • Floor 11 Ley Line Disorders changed to:
    • All characters in the party gain a 60% Electro DMG Bonus.
    • All party members gain 30% Healing Bonus.
  • Floor 12 Ley Line Disorders changed to:
    • For this floor only, the ley line flow will be normal.
  • Updated the monster lineup on Floors 11 – 12 of the Spiral Abyss.
  • Starting from the first time that the Lunar Phase refreshes after updating to Version 2.5, the two Lunar Phases will be as follows:
    • Phase I: Lightning Moon
      • When opponents take Electro-Charged DMG, their Electro RES decreases by 10% for 10s. Max 4 stacks. Each stack's duration is independent. Each enemy can receive this effect once every 1.2s.
    • Phase II: Godcall Moon
      • When the active character's Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts hit an opponent affected by Electro, a shockwave is created at that opponent's position, dealing True DMG. A shockwave may be produced in this manner every 2s.

Adjustments & Optimizations

  1. Optimizes weapon crafting order. Weapon crafting list will be sorted by weapon type.
  2. Optimizes the UI style of the new Books archive unlock hint.
  3. The top tab in the character Artifact page now supports scrolling by using a controller.
  4. Optimizes the filtering and sorting function of Artifacts.
  5. Optimizes the filter function of character Artifacts: a maximum of 2 affixes can now be selected.
  6. Optimizes the UI display style of the Resin replenishment pop-up window: Upon reaching the maximum number of times Original Resin can be replenished, the exchange button will turn gray (the button will disappear for controller controls).
  7. Optimizes the area of effects on some enemies after they are knocked down to provide a smoother gaming experience.
  8. Optimizes the guidance of some quests to reduce the difficulty of adventuring: adjusted the Adventure Rank requirement of the World Quest "When the Trail Goes Cold". After the adjustment, Travelers with an Adventure Rank of 22 or above can accept the quest.
    If your Adventure Rank is below 22 before Version 2.5, the quest objective "Talk to Katheryne" will disappear from the Quest Menu after the Version 2.5 update. You can accept this quest again after reaching the corresponding Adventure Rank.
    If your current quest objective is "Talk to Iris" or subsequent objectives, then your quest will not be affected after the version update.
  1. Adds option to adjust the dynamic range of audio in "Settings/Audio > Other Settings."
  2. Adds option to switch between stereo or surround sound in "Settings/Audio > Other Settings." Relevant devices are required to experience stereo or surround sound effects.
  3. Optimizes ambient sound and some sound effects.
  4. Optimizes the frequency of voice-over triggers for some characters.
  5. Optimizes the Japanese and Korean voice-over for certain characters and quests.
  6. Replaces Oz's Chinese voice artist and replaces Oz's related voice-over.
  1. The appearances of the NPCs Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona will be adjusted to the Alternate Outfits in Version 2.5 and in the quests of previous versions.
  2. Removes cutscenes from previous events to reduce the size of the client.
  3. Starting from Version 2.5, the bitrate for new cutscenes on mobile will be adjusted to 25,000 kbps to streamline client size.
  4. Adjusts the height of the central stage disc in all levels on Floors 1 – 8 of the Spiral Abyss
  5. Adds borders when moving the cursor with a controller in the Serenitea Pot editing menu.
  6. Optimizes the description text of the stored set in the Serenitea Pot.
  7. Optimizes some animations of the characters Ningguang and Lisa in the Character > Weapon interface.
  8. Adds dialogue to the Narukami Island region's Grand Narukami Shrine NPC Inagi Hitomi [sic]: after the dialogue, Travelers who have completed the World Quest "Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual" can obtain the Furnishing "A Mask".
  9. After the Version 2.5 update, the red dot of some announcements will only appear on the "Announcements" button and no longer displayed on the Paimon Menu in the top-left corner of the interface.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixes an issue with the Daily Commission "The Thundering Wilds" whereby the response area range required to disperse the Electro fog is too small.
  2. Fixes an issue with the Archon Quest "Where the Heart Finds Rest" whereby the Traveler "Lumine" is abnormally displayed as the Traveler "Aether" in two frames during a cutscene.
  1. Fixes an issue whereby the boss "Bathysmal Vishap Herd" would not be defeated after reaching 0 HP under certain circumstances.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby when the character is near a wall around the boss Bathysmal Vishap Herd, ranged attacks will have a probability of abnormally targeting opponents below the ground.
  3. Fixes an issue whereby the energy spikes skill of the opponents Primordial Bathysmal Vishap, Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap, and Bolteater Bathysmal Vishap will trigger abormally when the character is at a higher elevation.
  4. Fixes an issue whereby the DMG dealt by the opponent Geovishap's water pillar skill was abnormal.
  5. Fixes an issue whereby there is a probability that the Electro wall attack cast by the boss "Thunder Manifestation" would be displaced when encountering Geo constructs.
  6. Fixes an issue under certain circumstances whereby the boss "Electro Hypostasis" does not recover HP as usual when out of combat.
  7. Fixes an issue with the boss "Childe" whereby during the third phase, his cloak will abnormally flicker or have gray display effects under certain circumstances.
  8. Fixes an issue whereby after logging in multiple times, the Corrosion effect inflicted on the characters by the boss "Golden Wolflord" would apply abnormally under certain circumstances.
  9. Fixes an issue in Co-Op Mode whereby after defeating the boss "Signora," there is a small probability that the Blazing Heat state would continue to accumulate.
  10. Fixes an issue with the opponents "Rockfond Rifthound" and "Thundercraven Rifthound" whereby the collision effect during a portion of their attacks would be abnormal.
  11. Fixes an issue in Domains whereby if the Electro orb attacks cast by the opponent "Electro Abyss Mage" do not hit any targets, they will abnormally deal DMG to the center of the Domain (such as the Ley Line Monolith situated in the center of the Domain).
  1. Fixes an issue whereby the shadow effect on the Raiden Shogun's face would display abnormally while she is in the Musou Isshin state.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby the shadowing on Ningguang's back is displayed abnormally after changing into her outfit "Orchid's Evening Gown."
  3. Fixes an issue with Keqing whereby when switching to the "Opulent Splendor" outfit, the edges of her pupils will display abnormally.
  4. Fixes an issue with the swimming speed of Diona, Klee, Sayu, and Qiqi whereby they would not benefit normally from increased Movement SPD bonus effects.
  5. Fixes an issue with Arataki Itto under specific circumstances whereby after casting his Elemental Burst, the effect duration of DMG changing to Geo DMG would be abnormal.
  6. Fixes an issue with Bennett whereby if he is interrupted during his Charged Attack, his facial expressions would abnormally remain.
  7. Fixes an issue whereby clipping would occur with the models of Diluc when he is sprinting and Raiden Shogun when she is sitting.
  8. Fixes an issue with Gorou whereby when holding the attack button to enter aiming mode, the camera position would be abnormal.
  9. Fixes an issue with Eula whereby after casting her Elemental Burst, "Dance of the Shimmering Wave," there is a probability that the Lightfall Sword's accumulation of energy stacks is abnormal when the frame rate is low.
  10. Fixes an issue whereby some text of Tartaglia's Profile > Voice-Over > "Opening Treasure Chest: I" voice-over were missing.
  1. Fixes an issue whereby characters' colors may display incorrectly when changing characters multiple times after activating Elemental Sight.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby the Craft and Convert tabs in the Crafting page no longer displayed the current number of Mora during that given game session after switching to the "Mystic Offering" tab.
  3. Fixes an issue whereby the number of stored furnishings in the "Set > Obtain Required Furnishings" page in the Serenitea Pot might be displayed abnormally.
  4. Fixes an issue with the "Artifact > Enhance" page whereby there is a small probability that the enhancement effect preview will appear abnormally when no material is put in.
  5. Fixes an issue whereby when using a controller to view in-game mail, there is a probability that mail attachments would not display correctly.
  6. Fixes an issue whereby the limited-time symbol in the top-left corner of the limited-time gadgets was not displayed normally in the Inventory.
  7. Fixes an issue whereby when viewing friends' Character Details, pressing the ESC button at the same time may cause display issues.
  8. Fixes an issue under certain circumstances whereby the forging queue would be displayed abnormally on the Forge screen.
  1. Fixes an issue that caused some characters' and enemies' voice-overs to be missing or not triggering correctly.
  2. Fixes an issue with voice-over lines for some characters and some quests in Japanese, Korean, and English.
  1. Fixes the source description error of the Character Level-Up Material "Dragonheir's False Fin."
  2. Fixes an issue with abnormal shadows for some characters inside Inazuma City's Uyuu Restaurant.
  3. Fixes an issue whereby some objects would float abnormally in the Enkanomiya region.
  4. Fixes an issue whereby the camera may point abnormally after some characters talk to NPCs while simultaneously casting their Elemental Bursts.
  5. Fixes an issue under certain circumstances whereby some characters would abnormally float when abnormally entering a scenario model.
  6. Fixes an issue whereby when playing the game on PC on the lowest graphics setting, in some scenes of the Sea Gazer's Abode Domain, when the characters Shenhe, Thoma, Ganyu, and Razor cast their respective Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts, there is a small chance that their special effects will be displayed abnormally.
  7. Fixes an issue whereby when playing the game on iOS, Android, or on PC on the lowest graphics setting, in some scenes of the Spiral Abyss, when the characters Shenhe, Thoma, Ganyu, and Razor cast their respective Elemental Skills or Elemental Bursts, there is a small chance that their special effects will be displayed abnormally.
  8. Fixes textual errors in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian, German, Thai, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese and optimizes some text. (Note: Related in-game functions have not changed. Travelers can view the changes in different languages by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Language and changing the Game Language.)
  9. To improve account security, some Travelers who have not logged in for a long time and are using iOS devices will need to re-verify their devices.
  10. Text-related fixes and optimizations in English include:
    • Optimized Raiden Shogun, Kokomi, and Klee's descriptions.
    • Optimized the name of "powdered glaze" to Glazed Sand Crystal" as a specific in-game term.
    • Optimized instances of a character's name from "Kayabuki Kazuyoshi" to "Kayabuki Ikkei."
    • Optimized and standardized various NPC names.

Known Issues

  1. After reading Notices, the red notification dot may still be displayed. Travelers who encounter this situation can exit from the Paimon Menu and close the game before logging back in to temporarily resolve the issue.
  2. When carrying out the objective "Go to where the tea master is" in the Story Quest "Cleansing Light," there is a chance whereby the quest is unable to progress after reaching the destination point. Travelers who experience this issue can exit the game via the Paimon Menu before logging in again as a temporary fix.
  3. There is an issue whereby the voice-over for Yae Miko's Profile > Voice-Over "More About Yae Miko: IV" cannot be played. This issue will be fixed in a future version.
  4. After updating the official driver released by Razer on January 20, some Travelers using Razer devices on PC may experience a crash error when logging in to the game. Travelers who encounter this problem can try to uninstall the Razer driver first and restart the computer as a temporary fix. If the issue persists, please contact us via the email
  5. In Indonesian version, there is a mistranslation in the Night of Swirling Stars' recipe in the Of Drink A-Dreaming event, and in the Japanese version, there are mistranslations in parts of customer's requests in the Bartender Challenge. Our technical team is currently working to fix these issues. Please follow next notices for more information.

Post-patch Optimization & Fixes

2022-02-16, 20:00 UTC+8
  1. Fixes an issue whereby when playing the game on mobile, the companions and some of the Furnishings in the Serenitea Pot could not be selected or moved if the settings for "Graphics > Visual Effects" is set to "Lowest" or "Low."
2022-02-17, 15:00 UTC+8
  1. Starting on 2022/2/17, we will update the game resources on PC via the launcher through grayscale release in 7 days.
    Travelers are requested to launch the game through the launcher to ensure that they receive timely updates.
2022-02-17, 16:10 UTC+8
  1. Fixes an issue under certain circumstances whereby the Raiden Shogun's skill was abnormal when carrying out the Story Quest "Radiant Sakura."
2022-02-18, 12:05 UTC+8
  1. Fixes an issue whereby the furnishing model of "A Mask" does not match its icon when placed in the Serenitea Pot. This fix adjusts the furnishing model to match its icon.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby the quest objective "Assemble the Tower of the Void" in the event "Three Realms Gateway Offering" may be impossible to complete.
  3. Fixes an issue whereby there is a small chance that the dark fog in the "Three Realms Gateway Offering" area could not be dispelled after using the gadget "Bokuso Box."
2022-02-24, 15:15 UTC+8
  1. Optimizes an issue whereby there was a small probability that the frame rate would drop abnormally for some PC users.
  2. Fixes an issue under certain circumstances during the "Three Realms Gateway Offering" event whereby the mechanism in the Evernight Temple area would not activate correctly if the monsters were defeated prematurely.
  3. Fixes an issue in the Daily Commission "Adventurer Exam: The Art of Adventure" whereby the quest could not be continued if the Traveler was disconnected while gathering quest items.
  4. Fixes a translation error in English, German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, and Vietnamese during a line of dialogue in the Story Quest "Radiant Sakura". At the same time, in order to avoid misunderstanding caused by the inconsistency between the voice-over and the changed text, the corresponding English and Japanese audio files have been removed temporarily.
    The erroneous portion of the original text reads: "I know what you mean. Perhaps Makoto got a higher power involved in all of this. But whatever the explanation, her solution is what saved us all."
    The revised text reads: "I know what you mean. Perhaps a higher power really was involved in all of this. But whatever the explanation, her solution is what saved us all."
2022-03-03, 15:20 UTC+8
  1. Updated resources related to subsequent events.
2022-03-03, 18:00 UTC+8
  1. Fixes an issue on PS5™ and PS4™ whereby an error would be reported when claiming rewards for Preset Domains of the "Divine Ingenuity" event using child accounts on PlayStation™Network that are restricted by Parental Controls.
    Travelers affected by this issue can restart the game to collect the rewards normally.
2022-03-07, 14:20 UTC+8
  1. Updated resources related to subsequent events.
2022-03-17, 16:10 UTC+8
  1. Fixes localization errors in Indonesian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese in the "Of Drink A-Dreaming" event.

Preview Music

Name Player
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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishWhen the Sakura Bloom
Bóyīng Chūzhàn Shí
When the Frail Sakura First Blooms
Bóyīng Chūzhàn Shí
Hakuou ga Hokorobu Toki[citation needed]
When the Frail Sakura Blooms
Korean첫 벚꽃 피어날 무렵
Cheot Beotkkot Pi'eonal Muryeop
The Moment When the First Cherry Blossoms Bloom
SpanishCuando los cerezos florecenWhen the Cherry Trees Bloom
FrenchQuand les sakura fleurissentWhen the Sakura Bloom
RussianКогда цветёт сакура
Kogda tsvetyot sakura
When the Sakura Bloom
Muea Kra Sakura Phli Ban
When the Sakura Bloom
VietnameseThời Khắc Anh Đào NởTime When the Sakura Bloom
GermanWährend der Sakura-BlüteDuring the Bloom of Sakura
IndonesianKala Sakura MerekahWhen the Sakura Bloom
PortugueseO Florescer da SakuraThe Bloom of the Sakura