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New Spiral Abyss Abyssal Moon Spire Ley Line Disorders
  • Adds private chats with friends.
  • Adds function to edit friends' names.
  • New Gadget: Kamera - When equipped, Travelers can take snapshots. Obtained via the World Quest "Snapshots."
  • Adds camera height adjustment function and character expressions to the photo-taking system.
  • Adds Travel Log to the Archive system: Stories of all the completed Archon Quests and Story Quests can be reviewed in the Travel Log.
  • Adds character portraits to the Character Archive system.
  • Adds trackable map pins function to the Map.
  • Adds the option to repeat a Domain challenge from inside the Domain.
  • New character ascension reward: Travelers will be rewarded with 1 Acquaint Fate each time their character completes an ascension at Lv. 20, 50, or 70.
  • Adds element tutorial stage "Elemental Trial" to the domain "Temple of the Lion." After completing the trial, Travelers can claim Weapon Enhancement Materials and Character EXP Materials.
  • Adds the new functions BP Animation Skip, Quest Story Auto-Play, and NPC Dialogue Auto-Play.
  • Adds new controller customization option in the Paimon Menu > Settings > Controls > Vibration.
  • Adds new weapon details display to the weapon event wish on the Wish screen. Travelers can view details about the 4-star and 5-star weapons with drop-rate boosts.
  • Adds a new Battle Pass Weekly Mission: Complete the Golden House challenge.

Adjustments & Optimizations

  1. Optimizes the Paimon's Bargains page in the Shop: "Purchase with Primogems" has been moved to the last tab.
  2. Optimizes the Domain and Ley Line Outcrop rewards system: Dropped items are directly added to the Inventory.
  3. Optimizes Co-Op Mode:
    1. The host can disband the Co-Op team.
    2. In Co-Op Domains, guests and the host can both quit the Co-Op anytime without affecting other Travelers in the game.
  1. Adjusted the order of voice-over entries in character profiles. (Only the displayed order was affected, not the unlock status.)
  2. Standardizes the description of infusion effects for some characters or mechanics. (Actual effects remain unchanged.)
    1. Keqing's Ascension Phase 1 Passive Talent "Thundering Penance"
    2. Diluc's Elemental Burst "Dawn"
    3. Chongyun's Elemental Skill "Spirit Blade: Chonghua's Layered Frost"
    4. Bennett's Lv. 6 Constellation "Fire Ventures with Me"
    5. Tartaglia's Elemental Skill "Foul Legacy: Raging Tide"
  3. Updates the description of Ningguang's Passive Talent "Trove of Marvelous Treasures" by adding Starsilver to the list of displayed ore veins.
  4. Adjusts the Exploration Progress for "Galesong Hill," "Windwail Highland," "Bishui Plains," and "Lisha." Travelers that already had a certain amount of Exploration Progress at these locations will obtain a slight increase in their Exploration Progress. Those who have already reached 100% in Exploration Progress will not be affected.
  5. Adjusts the daily rotation criteria of Domain of Forgery and Domain of Mastery: From Monday to Saturday, rewards will not change, and dropped items will rotate among the three types each day. On Sundays, the drop type will no longer be random. Instead, all three types of drops will now be available for Travelers to select for their challenges. (For example, in the Domain of Mastery "Forsaken Rift," Monday and Thursday drops will be Talent Level-Up Materials of the Freedom type. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Resistance-type materials will be dropped. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, Ballad-type materials will be dropped. On Sundays, Travelers can select which of the three types of materials will be dropped during the challenges.)
  6. Standardizes some weapon effect descriptions (actual effect remains unchanged; Refinement Lv. 1 description shown as example):
    1. Slingshot Weapon Effect - Slingshot
    2. Messenger Weapon Effect - Archer's Message
    3. Rust Weapon Effect - Rapid Firing
    4. Prototype Crescent Weapon Effect - Unreturning
    5. Compound Bow Weapon Effect - Infusion Arrow
    6. Amos' Bow Weapon Effect - Strong-Willed
    7. Prototype Amber Weapon Effect - Gilding
  7. Standardizes the Set Bonus descriptions of some Artifacts (actual effect remains unchanged):
    1. Scholar 4-Piece Set Bonus

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixes an issue with the domain "Confront Stormterror" whereby Stormterror cannot be subjected to elemental reactions.
  2. Fixes an issue with the Domain "Confront Stormterror" whereby Dvalin's neck may not display properly when his weak spot is exposed.
  3. Fixes errors in the Spiral Abyss description regarding the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon refresh time. The revised description reads: "With the start of a new Lunar Phase on the first and sixteenth day of each month, the Abyssal Moon Spire's rewards will reset, which may also cause a new period of Blessing of the Abyssal Moon to begin." No change has been made to the function itself.
  4. Fixes an issue whereby the Childe boss may be unable to move due to Geo constructs.
  1. Fixes an issue with the World Quest "Necessary Procedures" whereby if the time changes at the point of submitting quest items, quest progress may not advance as expected.
  2. Fixes an issue with the World Quest "Words Worth Their Weight in Mora" whereby the required quest item may be missing from the Inventory.
  3. Fixes an issue with the commission "For Old Time's Sake" whereby defeating the target monster from a certain distance causes issues with quest progress.
  1. Fixes an issue whereby if the game disconnects and reconnects while awakening a Ruin Hunter, it may become invulnerable.
  1. Fixes an issue in Co-Op Mode whereby the achievement "...Not indicative of final product" may not be able to be completed.
  2. Fixes an issue in Co-Op Mode whereby if removed from the team while on the Wish Details screen, you will be unable to do anything after returning to your own world.
  1. Adjusts the size of the portrait of Diona displayed when this character is obtained in the Wish system.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby when your character falls into an abyss or drowns and your party is revived, Barbara's Lv. 6 Constellation "Dedicating Everything to You" incorrectly enters cooldown.
  3. Fixes an issue affecting Zhongli and Xiangling whereby their Plunging Attacks had missing voice-over.
  4. Fixes an issue whereby after activating Amber's Lv. 4 Constellation "It's Not Just Any Doll...," it is not possible to detonate two Baron Bunnies simultaneously by means of the two arrows shot due to Amber's Lv. 1 Constellation "One Arrow to Rule Them All."
  5. Fixes an issue whereby when Amber's Passive Talent "Precise Shot" is triggered again during the effect's duration, the effect duration will not refresh.
  6. Fixes an issue with Kaeya's Elemental Burst "Glacial Waltz" whereby the icicles summoned are unable to trigger Elemental Reactions with bodies of water and grass terrain.
  7. Fixes an issue with Diona whereby if she is attacked by an enemy after her Passive Talent "Drunkards' Farce" has been triggered, reconnecting to the server will cause errors with the duration of this Passive Talent's effect.
  8. Fixes an issue with the shield generated by Diona's Elemental Skill "Icy Paws" whereby when terminating the game client process while the shield is active, the effect duration of the Passive Talent "Cat's Tail Secret Menu" may not be as expected.
  9. Fixes an issue with Diona whereby when using "Icy Paws" to create a shield for herself, if the connection cuts out, the shield will disappear after the game reconnects to the server.
  10. Fixes an issue with Lisa whereby Low Plunge Attack DMG is not as expected.
  11. Fixes an issue with Klee whereby if a Charged Attack is used at the same time as the Passive Talent "Pounding Surprise" is triggered, Explosive Sparks will unexpectedly disappear and the Talent's effect will not function properly.
  12. Fixes the description of Noelle's Elemental Burst "Sweeping Time." The revised description adds the detail that the Geo DMG dealt "cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion," which was missing in previous versions. No change has been made to the function itself.
  13. Fixes an issue affecting Beidou whereby after activating the Lv.2 Constellation "Upon the Turbulent Sea, the Thunder Arises," when casting the Elemental Burst "Stormbreaker," lightning will target enemy weapons and animals.
  14. Fixes an issue with Beidou whereby after casting her Elemental Burst "Stormbreaker," the lightning discharge does not affect the boss Stormterror.
  15. Fixes an issue with the shield generated by Beidou's Lv. 1 Constellation "Sea Beast's Scourge" whereby the character does not receive the expected interruption resistance effect while the shield is active.
  16. Fixes an issue with Mona whereby using her Talent "Illusory Torrent" in the Spiral Abyss incorrectly triggers the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon that is triggered by sprinting.
  17. Fixes an issue with Mona whereby she is unable to pass through some enemies when using the Combat Talent "Illusory Torrent."
  18. Fixes an issue with Ningguang whereby when her Passive Talent "Backup Plan" is triggered, Charged Attacks do not consume Stamina after terminating the game client and logging back in to the game.
  19. Fixes an issue with Ningguang whereby after casting her Elemental Burst "Starshatter," Charged Attacks do not consume Stamina for a short period.
  20. Fixes an issue whereby when characters are frozen while moving quickly, the movement distance will not be as expected.
  21. Fixes an issue whereby when characters pick up Shards dropped by Geovishap Hatchlings, the resulting shield does not produce the expected interruption resistance effect.
  22. Fixes an issue affecting Fischl whereby if Fischl completes a chamber in the Spiral Abyss while in the form of Oz, Fischl's character model will appear incorrectly in the next chamber.
  23. Fixes an issue with Noelle whereby if the Internet connection is weak, switching character after casting her Elemental Skill incorrectly triggers Noelle's Level 4 Constellation "To Be Cleaned."
  1. Fixes an issue whereby when a character is equipped with the Eye of Perception, the weapon effect "Echo" will target animals when it is triggered.
  1. Fixes an issue whereby when the Internet connection is weak, weapon effects, artifact set bonuses, and character Talent effects that should be triggered by defeating enemies fail to trigger.
  2. Fixes an issue with some iPad models whereby after updating to iOS 14.0.1 with the game previously installed, a white screen may appear for a long period when starting the game.
  3. Fixes an issue whereby some special effects do not correctly follow the entity they are attached to when disappearing.
  4. Fixes an issue whereby element icons may display incorrectly when Elemental Reactions are triggered.
  5. Fixes an issue whereby when multiple objectives exist for a single quest, the map does not display the navigation effects when tracking this quest.
  6. Fixes an issue whereby when weapon crafting prototypes appear as loot, the item model incorrectly displays as a 3-star item.
  7. Fixes issues with the environment model near the Cryo Regisvine, whereby the area cannot be accessed via one of the entrances above the Regisvine.
  8. Fixes incorrect item descriptions for the ingredients Cream and Butter.
  9. Fixes an issue whereby "Noodles with Mountain Delicacies" is missing from the Materials section of the Archive.
  10. Fixes an issue whereby Geo constructs may move NPCs from their positions.
  11. Fixes an issue on mobile devices whereby when Graphics > Graphics Quality is set to Lowest, the Golden House environment displays incorrectly.
  12. Fixes the issue of Smoldering Flames' Pyro DoT interrupting character actions.
  13. Fixes the description of the Elemental Resonance effect "Protective Canopy." The revised description adds the wording: "Physical RES +15%." No change has been made to the function itself.
  14. Fixes an issue whereby some characters' attacks will target Elemental Nodes.
  15. Fixes textual errors and display issues in some languages and optimizes the localization of text. "Note: Related in-game functions have not changed." (Travelers can view the changes in different languages by going to the Paimon Menu > Settings > Language and changing the Game Language.)
  16. Text-related fixes and optimizations in English include:
    1. Unifies all instances of the event name "Baptism of Song" in the game.
    2. Unifies descriptions relating to Lisa's Elemental Skill "Violet Arc." The effect referred to in places as "Shocked status" is now consistently referred to as "Conductive status."
    3. Corrects the description for one of the "Elemental Reaction" Loading Screen Tips. The original description read: "Even the seemingly-inert Geo has its elemental reaction. When it comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, Crystallize occurs, producing DMG-dealing elemental shards." The revised description reads: "Even the seemingly inert Geo has its elemental reaction. When it comes into contact with Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro, Crystallize occurs, producing DMG-absorbing elemental shards."
    4. Corrects the Source description for the in-game item Anemo Sigil. The original description read "Mondstadt Expedition Reward." The revised description reads "Mondstadt Exploration Reward."
    5. Corrects the Source description for the in-game item Geo Sigil. The original description read "Liyue Expedition Reward." The revised description reads "Liyue Exploration Reward."
    6. Corrects the Source description for the Character EXP Materials "Wanderer's Advice" and "Adventurer's Experience." The original descriptions read "Adventure and Expedition Reward." The revised descriptions read "Adventure and Exploration Reward."
    7. The name of Kaeya's Passive Talent "Heart of the Abyss" is revised to "Glacial Heart"
    8. For the weapon "Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers," the name of the weapon affix "Legacy" is revised to "Heritage."
    9. The name of Fischl's Passive Talent "Lightning Smite" is revised to "Undone Be Thy Sinful Hex"
    10. The name of the weapon "Blackcliff Amulet" is revised to "Blackcliff Agate"; the name of the weapon "Prototype Aminus" is revised to "Prototype Archaic"; the name of the weapon "Prototype Grudge" is revised to "Prototype Starglitter"; the name of the weapon "Prototype Malice" is revised to "Prototype Amber."
  17. Voice-over-related fixes and optimizations made in English include:
    1. Fixes an issue affecting several lines of Paimon's dialogue in the Liyue Archon Quest "Custodian of Clouds" whereby the audio for multiple lines was spliced together.
    2. Adds missing voice-over for Paimon's dialogue in Zhongli's Story Quest.
    3. Adds missing voice-over for several lines of dialog in Jean's Story Quest.
    4. Fixes issues with some of the Traveler's voice-over lines on the character profile screen.
  18. (Continuation from a related fix in 1.1) Adjusted the strength of the Overload DMG done by burning grass to targets affected by Electro. The DMG from this Elemental Reaction will be adjusted to 2 World Levels below the Traveler's current World Level. The lowest possible strength is World Level 0, and the highest possible strength is World Level 4. With this, the adjustment to environmental Elemental Reaction DMG as laid out in the "World Level of Environmental Elemental Reaction Damage" notice on November 12 will be complete.

Unofficial Notes

Unofficial List of Changes
  1. Removed the Anemoboxer Vanguard's Geo counter as the counter was designed to mimic the Swirl reaction which does not react with Geo.[1]
  2. Also added the Special Dishes Woodland Dream and Prosperous Peace.
  3. Added in Missing Person Posters to Liyue Harbor that were notably absent after the related story, but also removed all of them from Mondstadt.
  4. Improved most Shops' inventories to include new items and increased stock.
  5. Increased the likelihood of lightning striking the ground during a thunderstorm for the related Achievement of getting struck.
  6. Changed the description of Achievements in the category "Mondstadt: The City of Wind and Song" to state that it excludes any progress that was made in Dragonspine.
  7. More logically reordered the Archive categories and items.
  8. Added an option to the title screen and settings to verify file integrity ingame.
  9. Added in a pre-Installation Function function for PC players allowing them to preinstall the game update 2 days before the actual patch date.
  10. Changed the official forum domain from to
Unofficial List of Fixes
  1. Fixed the names of all Talent Level-Up Material books to no longer have quotation marks. For example, Guide to "Prosperity" has been renamed to just Guide to Prosperity.
  2. Fixed the names of some other items:
    1. Apple Cider Vinegar has been renamed to Apple Cider
    2. Countryside Delicacy has been renamed to All-Delicacy Parcels
  3. Fixed the description of some food items like Mushroom Pizza that incorrectly stated that they heal all party members.
  4. Fixed the issue where Noelle's Talent description for Breastplate displays %% in its Healing Triggering Chance.
  5. Fixed the issue of non-standardization of Namecards and Achievements categories by adjusting all of them to use colons (:) instead of dashes (-) in their names.
  6. Fixed the description of most places including Weapons, Artifacts, Talents and Tutorials descriptions to read "opponent(s)" rather than "enem(ies)". However, there are still some descriptions even within those areas that state "enem(ies)".
  7. Fixed the error of funeral director Hu Tao being referred to as Master Hu instead of Director Hu in various instances.
  8. Fixed the error of Eclipse Dynasty being referred to as Blacksun Dynasty in various instances.
  9. Fixed the error of the person Gold being referred to as him instead of having an unspecified gender in various instances.
  10. Fixed the error of Seelie Courts being referred to as Seelie Gardens.
  11. Fixed the issue where details of materials needed for forging in the forge list couldn't be viewed with a controller.
  12. Fixed the issue where the Crafting Bench says Cook instead of Craft.
  13. Fixed the issue where if you scroll down the craft list in Mondstadt and exit Timaeus snaps his head to looking straight ahead and then to you within a second like his head snapped by smoothening the transition.
  14. Fixed the Wolf of the North Challenge to respawn its spawn marker instead of it being unavailable to redo until weekly reset.
  15. Fixed the Pressure Plate East of Stone Gate's Waypoint to always spawn instead of it randomly despawning.
  16. Fixed some landscape gaps at the Thousand Winds Temple and the Golden House exteriors that allowed players to clip into unintended areas.
  17. Fixed the issue where at the two huge statues below the Mt. Tianheng waypoint you could see a ring of grass in the sky where the Jade Chamber was after completing the story.
  18. Fixed the issue where newer characters like Zhongli and Xinyan were missing from the Character Archive.
  19. Fixed the description of Achievements that stated "cook "special" dishes" to "cook suspicious-tasting dishes" to avoid confusion with the specific Special Dishes that each character can cook.
  20. Fixed Control Type such that after logging in, if a controller was plugged in, it is immediately usable without opening settings to rechange from a defaulted keyboard to controller.
Unofficial List of Bugs
  1. There are still some Talent descriptions that state "enem(ies)" rather than "opponent(s)".
  2. Searching for a special character, such as "(" on the Tutorials section in the archive and selecting the returned "Tile Text" false debug entry whether by cursor movement or exiting and entering the Tutorial section results in the game softlocking with no way to exit until the game is restarted which brings it back to normal.
  3. Healing Bonus and Healing Effectiveness are being used interchangeably on the character base stat screen and artifacts.
  4. Switching characters and/or using Elemental Bursts that shift one's position greatly such as Fischl's Midnight Phantasmagoria while standing on Stormterror's neck still sometimes results in clipping through and respawning away from the neck.
  5. The Hydro Mimic Squirrel in Oceanid's boss arena reads "Hydro Mimic Ferret" when scanned with Elemental Sight when it is clearly a squirrel and not a ferret.
  6. Geo Constructs like Geo Traveler's still can't be placed on Oceanid's boss arena.
  7. In some instances, the Defense Mechanisms on Skyfrost Nail can spawn embedded into the ground with only the top of them showing, making them easy pickings as they can't move.
  8. The light indicator of selected character sometimes does not appear in Party Setup while using a controller.
  9. World Quests accepted from the Reputation NPC don't display their rewards on the quests in progress screen.
  10. On the first claiming of an Expedition reward for every Katheryne conversation, the cursor goes back to the 4h mark even if it was a 20h expedition instead of being 20h mark.
  11. Claiming any reward from the Battle Pass with a controller resets the cursor to Lv.1 instead of remaining at the reward level claimed.
  12. The Adventurer Handbook mistranslated Common Enemies to Easy Enemies in English while every other language says Common.
  13. The location navigation of common enemies located via the Adventurer Handbook can't be cancelled once that enemy's navigation hints goes into cooldown. The only workaround is to then select navigation to a permanent boss such as a Hypostasis and then cancel navigation on the map which strangely works fine for them.
  14. Dark Iron Sword is still missing from the Archive.
  15. Keqing's "About Xingqiu" line is missing for the English dub.
  16. The button for Blur Distance and Blur Radiance adjustment in Take Photo shows Left Bumper and Right Trigger when it should be Left Trigger and Right Trigger.
  17. Sometimes the mouse cursor does not appear when holding Left Alt until after the Character Wheel is brought up by pressing Tab.
  18. Sometimes the map cursor does not appear when the map is accessed with a controller.
  19. There is no button to view the total time to resin refill timer on the map with a controller.
  20. If the shortcut key to hover over the Spiral Abyss position (left dpad) is pressed on the map, pressing the access button brings up the pin window instead of Spiral Abyss details. If a pin is then made at that position, the map will temporarily lose all pins and display 0/99 until the map is exited and returned to upon which the pins will be back as if nothing wrong happened. However, deleting two pins at the Spiral Abyss position will also trigger the 0/99 temporary bug, requiring one to exit and reenter the map window to clear them two at a time.
  21. Co-Op mode sometimes displays no rooms to join if the player had set join request settings to Reject Join Requests.
  22. There is some speculation that bringing up the pause menu screen still lets some events tick in the background (such as lightning strikes during a thunderstorm) resulting in FPS drops if left on the pause screen for a long time in some areas.
  23. Sometimes changing Control Type in Settings to Controller is not possible on the settings screen despite plugging in a controller until the game is restarted.
  24. Detaching a controller does not automatically switch Control Type in Settings to Keyboard resulting in being unable to interact with the game until then.

Post-patch Optimization & Fixes

2020-12-24, 3:15
  1. Fixes an issue whereby Travelers are unable to collect the Strange Tooth quest item during the World Quest "The Festering Fang" in certain situations.
  2. Fixes an issue where the PC client's Korean-language loading interface has incorrect text.
  3. Fixes a mistake in the description for Albedo's Elemental Skill "Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma" in German and Indonesian (the actual effects of the skill in-game work as intended).
  4. Fixes a mistake in the 2-Piece Set effect description for the Ocean Conqueror artifact set in Traditional Chinese (the actual effects of the set in-game work as intended).
2020-12-25, 3:15
  1. Fixes an issue wherein an error will sometimes occur while doing the objective "Thaw all the shards out again" during the "In the Mountains" quest, causing the "shards" to disappear and thus preventing interaction with them.
2020-12-27, 3:15
  1. Fixes an issue whereby some Travelers were unable to collect Glimmering Essence after completing "Testing Grounds" in the second chapter of the event "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon". Travelers affected by the above issue can continue playing normally once they have restarted the game after the challenge has been reset at 2020/12/28 04:00.
2020-12-31, 3:45
  1. Fixes an issue whereby accepting the World Quest "The Great Mountain Survey II" after the World Quest "Thief-Catcher" has been accepted may prevent the objective "Deliver the letter to Cyrus" from being completed.
  2. Fixes an issue with World Quest "In the Mountains" whereby an error may occur during the objectives "Thaw all the shards out" and "Investigate the strange ice, " causing the shards to disappear and thus preventing interaction with them.
  3. Fixes an issue with the Commission "Fresh Flora" which may prevent the commission from being completed.
  4. Fixes an issue whereby if the Cryo Cicins summoned by a Fatui Cryo Cicin Mage are defeated while Frozen or Petrified, the Cryo Cicin Mage no longer summons Cryo Cicins and continuously uses her shield skill.
  5. Fixes an issue whereby if the Electro Cicins summoned by a Fatui Electro Cicin Mage are defeated while Frozen or Petrified, the Electro Cicin Mage no longer summons Electro Cicins.
  6. Fixes an issue whereby when the character Tartaglia is added to or removed from the party in the open world, the Passive Talent "Master of Weaponry" may not function as expected.
  7. Fixes an issue whereby if the character Ningguang teleports while holding a Star Jade, subsequent Charged Attacks will not consume Stamina.
  8. Fixes an issue with controllers whereby having crafted an item, players are unable to select another item to craft.
  9. Fixes an issue in English whereby the objectives in Elemental Trial are not displayed as expected (timer countdown was unaffected by this issue).
  10. Fixes an issue in Korean whereby the character Qiqi's Charged Attack DMG values are not displayed as expected (the actual effect of the attack in-game works as intended).
  11. Fixes an error in character Albedo's Constellation Lv. 2 "Opening of Phanerozoic" description (the actual effects of the Constellation in-game work as intended). Original description: "Transient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma grant Albedo Fatal Reckoning for 30s: Each stack of Fatal Reckoning increases DMG by 30% of Albedo's DEF. The effect stacks up to 4 times. Unleashing Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide consumes all stacks of Fatal Reckoning, increasing the DMG dealt by the Tectonic Tide and Fatal Blossoms based on the number of stacks consumed. Revised description: "Transient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma grant Albedo Fatal Reckoning for 30s: • Unleashing Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide consumes all stacks of Fatal Reckoning. Each stack of Fatal Reckoning consumed increases the DMG dealt by Fatal Blossoms and Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide's burst DMG by 30% of Albedo's DEF. • This effect stacks up to 4 times.
  12. Fixes errors in the Vietnamese description of "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" event's "Draconic Pilgrimage.
2020-12-31, 8:15
  1. Fixes an issue in Act IV of "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" event whereby hitting the Cryo Regisvine using Scarlet Quartz 10 times and losing the battle without exiting Co-Op Mode or re-logging into the game causes the challenge "Hit the Cryo Regisvine 10 times using Scarlet Quartzes in one Frostborn Miracle challenge round" to become incompletable.
2020-12-31, 10:00
  1. Fixes an issue whereby entering a "Test Run" Trial Stage while the Sheer Cold meter has reached the upper limit may cause characters to lose HP upon leaving the trial stage.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby some characters' HP values did not work as intended.
2021-1-1, 1:00
  1. Fixes an issue with the effect of Zhongli's Passive Talent "Resonant Waves" whereby when the Jade Shield takes damage, it may not Fortify as expected.
2021-1-7, 3:15
  1. Fixes an issue with the Story Quest "Afterword" whereby the quest may not trigger or progress as expected.
  2. Fixes an issue whereby the Ruin Grader found at the top of Starglow Cavern may awaken prematurely (this issue does not affect Travelers' ability to collect the corresponding chest).
  3. Fixes an error on the Details screen for the Standard Wish "Wanderlust Invocation" in the German language (the actual effects of the Wish in-game work as intended).
2021-1-14, 3:15
  1. Fixes an issue whereby drops from slimes are not as expected in the Ruins Treasure challenge at Mt. Aocang.
2021-1-28, 4:25
  1. Fixed an issue whereby dishes that had already reached their Inventory stack limit could still be made and would have a chance to produce specialties.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
Bái'è yǔ hēilóng
The (White) Chalk and the Black Dragon
Bái'è yǔ hēilóng
Japanese 白亜と黒龍
Hakua to Kokuryuu
The (White) Chalk and the Black Dragon
Korean 백악과 흑룡
Baek'akgwa heukryong
The Chalk and Black Dragon
Spanish El Príncipe de la Caliza y el dragónThe Limestone Prince and the Dragon
French Craie et DragonChalk and Dragon
Russian Принц мела и дракон
Prints mela i drakon
The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
Thai ชอล์กขาวและมังกรดำ
Chok Khao Lae Mangkon Dam
White Chalk and the Black Dragon
Vietnamese Vôi Trắng và Rồng ĐenWhite Lime and Black Dragon[• 1]
German Kreide und DrachenChalk and Dragon
Indonesian Kapur Putih dan Naga HitamWhite Chalk and the Black Dragon
Portuguese Giz e DragãoChalk and Dragon
  1. VI: Vôi literally means lime (in limestone), which is a material used to make chalk.