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Valley of Remembrance is a Domain located between Dawn Winery and Dragonspine in Mondstadt. Clearing this domain gives Artifacts. Challenge domains with higher levels to get better rewards.

Ley Line Disorder

The following Ley Line Disorders are applied in this domain:

Level Ley Line Disorder
I - V Physical DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.


Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Icon Mora.png Companionship EXP Artifact Sets
I 25 47 100 1,700 15
Item Traveling Doctor's Silver Lotus.png2-3★ Set Traveling Doctor
Item Tiny Miracle's Flower.png3★ Set Tiny Miracle
II 30 59 100 1,850 15
Item Tiny Miracle's Flower.png3-4★ Set Tiny Miracle
III 35 69 100 2,025 20
IV 40 80 100 2,200 20
Item Tiny Miracle's Flower.png3-4★ Set Tiny Miracle
Item Maiden's Distant Love.png4-5★ Set Maiden Beloved
V 45 90 100 2,525 20


Valley of Remembrance I
Valley of Remembrance II
Valley of Remembrance III
Valley of Remembrance IV
Valley of Remembrance V


  • The level names of this domain are all 'Dance of Steel' which likely refers to the Ley Line Disorder which gives a bonus to Physical damage.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0