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The Uyuu Restaurant Bulletin Board can be found next to Uyuu Restaurant.


Arataki Itto vs. Kujou Sara

Message: "Tengu of the Kujou Clan, hear me! You'll pay for taking away my Vision! Don't you forget about our duel!"
Message: "I'll be waiting for you! Think long and hard about whom you've offended each time you come through this door!"
Owner's Reply: Dear guest, although I don't know what Madam Kujou Sara has done to you, you are always welcome here to relax.
Message: "Haha, of course! This is Mr. Okazaki's place after all!"

Sir Madarame's Message

Message: "Regarding the damage to the furniture caused by my drunk son a few days ago, I will pay for them in full. May the Kamisato Clan please accept my sincere apology."
Owner's Reply: You are too kind, Sir Madarame. It was nothing.

Beidou's Message

Message: "Finally, the Uyuu Restaurant once again, at last! Mr. Okazaki's as friendly as he ever was, and the wine's still excellent!"
Owner's Reply: Haha, you are exaggerating, dear customer. By the way, it has been a while since I heard the stories of Haishan.
Message: "'Good men don't brag about past valor,' Mr. Okazaki. Stop listening to my brothers when they talk about silly things!"
Owner's Reply: Well, what is an old man to do, when you have never told any of those stories yourself?
Message: "Haha, stop teasing me!"

Ogura Yuu's Message

Message: "I will be stationed at Tatarasuna starting tomorrow. It will be a difficult parting for me."
Message: "I hope that my sister will manage the family business well, but the economy hasn't been doing well lately. It won't be easy for her."
Message: "I wish that the war would be over soon so that I can come home to share the family responsibilities."
Owner's Reply: Lad, don't worry! I am sure that you will complete your responsibilities successfully, and that you will return home soon!

Yae Miko's Message

Message: "The Sakura wine and Sakura Mochi were excellent. Thank you for serving us."
Owner's Reply: I should thank you for coming.
Message: "I must say that the wine tasted a bit different tonight. Was that on purpose?"
Owner's Reply: Thank you for trying the wine! It was indeed specially prepared by myself.

Message for Hiromi

Message: "Go back and be a good public servant then, you idiot! I'll see you around!"
Owner's Reply: Sorry, but my career in public service ended long ago. I can't really go back anymore.
Message: "Sorry, I was not talking about you."
Owner's Reply: ...

Not-So-Spring Flowers

Message: "When shall the spring flowers bloom? The worries in my mind are boundless."
Owner's Reply: The remnants of snow on the tree branches do seem like flowers.

Message from the Tenryou Commission

Message: "Mr. Okazaki, thank you for your guidance and your explanations. It was quite enlightening. I shall certainly continue to support your business going forward."
Owner's Reply: Oh no no. It's quite an honor to receive such flattering words from the Tenryou Commissioner's strong right hand.
Owner's Reply: If anything troubles you in the future, please do not hesitate to talk to me. I will do my best to help.

Dandelion Wine

Message: "Mr. Okazaki, when will the next shipment of Dandelion Wine arrive? Although the Sakoku Decree is very strict, given your status at the Commission, you must have a way, right?"
Owner's Reply: Sorry, there is no such way.
Owner's Reply: P.S: Can this type of question really be asked on a public message board like this...?

Not-So-Secret Surveillance

Message: "The secret surveillance was pretty successful. You completely bluffed them, General Gorou! That said, I didn't drink because I looked too young... (contents deleted)"
Message: "You idiot! Now everyone in Inazuma knows (contents hurriedly scrubbed) is me, General Gorou!"
A Third Person's Message: "Please stop writing! This has to be part of the owner's scheme! He intentionally using the message board to lure you to reveal critical intel, exposing the whereabouts of the surveillance team. That's got to be it!"
Message: "It's okay as long as we have deleted the critical information, such as... (contents hurriedly scrubbed)"
Owner's Reply: In the end, nothing was removed...

Final Visit

Message: "This will be our last visit. Thank you for having us, Mr. Okazaki. I hope we did not give you too much trouble."
Owner's Reply: No need to thank me. I am always happy to look after young people.
Message: "We will be taking some big risks. We may not return again."
Owner's Reply: Although you're doing this for your friends, allow me to remind you... that you still have much to live for.
Message: "A lifetime of honor is nothing before a cup of fine wine."
Owner's Reply: Stop pretending! you still have another two years before you can drink legally.


Message: "Hah! Hiromi's still as much of an idiot as ever!"
Message: "But seriously, though, the war's over, ain't it? When's this Sakoku Decree going to be abolished, eh?"
Message: "C'mon, old man Okazaki, you've got ways and means, don'cha? Come on, give me the scoop..."
Message: "What am I gonna do with that Sakoku scoop, you might ask? Well, I'll come right back to Ritou to settle down, and I'll run a legit business, of course!"
Owner's Reply: Please be patient, dear customer. I believe that the days will get better.
Owner's Reply: Ah, by the way. Hiromi left a letter and a gift again. I will safeguard them for you for the time being.
Message: "Thanks, Mr. Okazaki. Seriously, this idiot..."


Message: "The food stalls here on Narukami Island really are good. Man, if only my home had such fine taverns."
Another Person's Message: "I know, right? Mr. Okazaki is such a friendly man. Don't see that much on Narukami at all."
Message: "Oh, come on, don't say that. I mean, as a general (material redacted), I've met a lot of friendly people."
Message: "Come on, do you really have to redact that nowadays!?"
Owner's Reply: It does seem that we've been playing host to all manner of strange new customers since the ceasefire was signed...


Message: "Sorry, old man Okazaki. I had to eat my words and come back."
Owner's Reply: Ah, come now, see what I told you? And look at you — you've grown quite a bit since you left, haven't you?
Message: "The things that last are less than few, I look upon tombs to comfort find."
Owner's Reply: "But today spring has come anew, and in its light, we leave the ice behind."
Message: "That last bit feels forced."
Owner's Reply: Oh, come now, don't make life difficult for an old man just because you're a person of letters.


(Added after finishing Radiant Sakura)
Message: "Hey, old man Okazaki! The Sakoku Decree's history now, so could we get some Dandelion Wine sometime soon?"
Owner's Reply: I've spoken to the other party. We only need to wait for the shipment to come in.
Owner's Reply: Don't worry, I remember all your requests.


(Added after finishing Radiant Sakura)
Message: "So, uh, you haven't handed those things over yet, right?"
Message: "I was thinking of throwing them away... When I realize that she could come back any moment now, I feel like those things are a bit... unsuitable..."
Owner's Reply: In that case, allow me to hold on to it. If you wish to take them, you can.
Owner's Reply: Just be sure to regret nothing.
Message: "I'll... I'll think about it some more..."