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Ushi (Japanese: 丑雄 Ushio) is an auxiliary member of the Arataki Gang.

He assists Arataki Itto when he uses his Elemental Skill, Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst!.



Ushi seems to be loyal to Itto, obeying his orders upon being summoned. He also has some degree of higher intelligence, as he is able to verbally communicate his thoughts to other people through Itto.

Ushi is known to be used for exorcising youkai and evil spirits, but ever since he met Itto, he has refused to leave the oni's side.


Ushi is a young Akaushi bull with a chunky body type and stubby legs. Additionally, he also dons a pair of golden horns atop his head, and attached to the tip of his tail is a shape resembling the shard created from the Crystallize elemental reaction. He has yellow eyes; thick, furrowed eyebrows; and a white snout for his facial features. His coat is brown, with golden markings on his hooves; cheeks, albeit lighter in color; and across his body.

Ushi carries a small dark navy blue and red roof on his back, with golden faces resembling that of an oni. The roof is tied to Ushi with a rope in purple and white accents, similar to Itto's ropes on his outfit.

Quests and Events

Archon Quests


  • Ushi's design is inspired by the akabeko (Japanese: 赤べこ "red cow"), a traditional papier-mâché toy and souvenir of the Aizu region in Japan.
    • The first akabeko toys date back to 1590, during a smallpox outbreak in Japan. Children who owned akabeko seemed not to catch the illness, leading to an increased demand for the toys in order to ward off the "smallpox demon" believed to be responsible for the outbreak. Akabeko are still used as charms to ward off illness, and Ushi's ability to exorcise youkai and evil spirits[2] likely alludes to this.
    • There are two versions of the legend of the akabeko, both related to the construction of a Buddhist temple. In about 807 CE, while a monk was supervising the building of a temple in Yanaizu, Fukushima, he noticed a large, sturdy red cow, called "akabeko," among the cattle used to haul lumber.
      • In the first version, the akabeko's flesh turned to stone when it gave its spirit to a Buddha after the temple was completed. Ushi's own status as a Geo Construct may be a nod to this aspect of the myth.
      • In the second version, the akabeko refused to leave the temple even after it had been finished, and it eventually became a permanent fixture of the temple itself. Ushi has similarly refused to leave Itto's side since meeting him.[3]
  • Akaushi cattle are a real breed of cattle in Japan, commonly bred for their red Wagyu meat.
  • When summoned or exiting the battlefield, Ushi will make a noise similar to a cow's "moo" sound.
  • Itto's nickname for him is "Beefcake."
  • Ushi shares his voice actor in all voice-over languages with Itto's Chinese voice actor.


  • Ushi (Japanese: 丑雄) translates to "ox."


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
阿丑[• 1][• 2]
Ā Chǒu
阿丑[• 1][• 2]
Ā Chǒu
Japanese丑雄[• 3][• 2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 Chinese: Ā, "Ah" is a Chinese prefix for names to express familiarity.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Chinese & Japanese: The character (Chinese: Chǒu; Japanese: Ushi) refers to the ox in the context of the Chinese zodiac, not the strict definition referring to adult castrated male cattle. In Simplified Chinese, it may be misinterpreted as the word for ugly (Simplified Chinese: ; Traditional Chinese: chǒu).
  3. Japanese: O, while literally meaning "male," is a common suffix in masculine Japanese names.

Change History

Released in Version 2.3


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