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The Traveler's Backstory and Origins

  • Had a relatively normal(?) childhood.
    • (Traveler): Well, as a child, I was taught not to play with my food.[1]
    • (Traveler): Amber often runs errands for Lisa. Older siblings asking their younger siblings to do things for them so that they can slack off is a rather common practice...
      (Traveler): But my (sister/brother) and I are the same age, so we had to decide these things via rock-paper-scissors.[2]
    • [(Traveler):] I had an imaginary friend too when I was a kid.[3]
  • Things they've seen in their travels:
    • (Traveler): In many of the worlds I've been to in the past, alchemy has always been a secretive art.
      (Traveler): Watching alchemy being practiced as a part of daily life is like being in a world where people have three stomachs...[4]
    • (Traveler): Teyvat's day and night both seem particularly short.
      (Traveler): The skies here are full of stars, but they aren't the same as the ones seen from my home.[5]
  • Addressed by a mysterious individual named K·K. In the Honkai Impact 3rd 2021 anniversary livestream, an individual with the same name was named as one of the MANTISes of the organization Fire MOTH, whose genes were spliced with a Honkai Beast named Brahma.
    • "Don't lose faith in that which you have lost. In this new world, you will never be alone. Where you leave your footprints, and where you have yet to stride — your new world will unfold before you."
      "Welcome to a new world."
      - K·K[6]
    • "The world you once knew is but dust, and the wonders you knew but rubble. Though you should have your own world, and your own people — lamenting what is already lost..."