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Character Teaser, Character Demo, Collected Miscellany Update with character, version release, weapon, cameo, and soundtrack details.
HOYO-MiX, HOYO-MiX/Gallery Artist descriptions will keep changing to include relevant details as more HOYO-MiX soundtracks come. Must make sure to not overload with information. Release chronology table is constantly update with Genshin albums only being linked.
Soundtrack#Recurring Themes For keeping record of soundtracks that feature the Genshin Impact Main Theme and recurring battle theme.
Domain#Soundtracks Keep this section update with the soundtracks featured in Domains (excluding event-exclusive Domains). Changes are done on soundtrack pages.
Developer Insight#PlayStation.Blog PS Blogs are usually published for each version release.
NPCs/Change History Update with NPC count when the version ends.

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