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"Homu, homu, mimi domu!"

Unusual HilichurlMenace of the Mansion is a unique common enemy. It wears a mask that reads "Wei" (伟), a reference to miHoYo's CEO, Liu Wei: it is mostly a game Easter egg.

Spawning Pattern

Two Unusual Hilichurls spawn per day, in 14 different possible locations, 6 in Mondstadt and 8 in Liyue. They do not spawn in Inazuma nor Dragonspine. Unlike other enemies, the Unusual Hilichurl is passive and will not react to players unless attacked.

There can only be one Unusual Hilichurl in the player's world at any given time. When an Unusual Hilichurl is defeated, it will go into its work briefcase and teleport to one of the 14 possible locations. After defeating the second one, there is a 12-hour cooldown before the Unusual Hilichurl can be fought again.

If the player finds them but leaves them alone, they will remain there for 12 hours before reappearing in another location. If the first one is defeated but not the second one, 12 hours after the first kill the spawn locations and count will reset. If the two Unusual Hilichurls are not found, they will respawn in a different location after some time (exact time is currently unknown; probably 12 hours).

If the player decides to engage in a fight with them but leave the combat, they will despawn.


Drops are limited to 10 successful encounters per day, as they can be farmed in Co-Op Mode.

Item Mora.png 233 Mora
Item Cabbage.png 1-3 Cabbage

Abilities and Attacks

  • Suitcase Smack: When in melee range, smacks the player with its suitcase, dealing Physical DMG and knocking the player back.
  • Rapid Throw: Throws 3 projectiles in the form of Primogems and Cabbages at the player, dealing Physical DMG.
  • Doll Toss: When out of melee range, digs a Homu doll out of its briefcase to throw it at the player, dealing AoE Physical DMG.
  • During the Mimi Tomo event, it could call its comrades to assist it in battle, which included the following enemies:
    • The Unusual Hilichurl's comrades would automatically fall once the Unusual Hilichurl is defeated.



  • The Unusual Hilichurl can be knockbacked and pulled by Vacuum Fields while not using an attack. While using an attack, it cannot be interrupted.
  • The Unusual Hilichurl cannot be rendered immobile by Frozen, Petrification from Zhongli's Planet Befall, or Mona's Stellaris Phantasm.
  • The Unusual Hilichurl is unaffected by taunts.
  • The Unusual Hilichurl can be defeated by drowning.
  • The Unusual Hilichurl can be defeated by fall damage.


Defeating 1/20/50 Unusual Hilichurls will grant players the "...Well, That Was Strange" Achievement, rewarding players with 5/10/20 Primogems.

Unusual Hilichurls defeated in the Mimi Tomo event will count towards completion of the achievement.


Mondstadt Locations

All Mondstadt locations are documented here.

Liyue Locations

All Liyue locations are documented here.



  • Unusual Hilichurl (also known as Wei) is based on Da Wei, a self-insert character of Liu Wei, the director and founder of miHoYo. Da Wei also appeared in other miHoYo games, like Houkai Gakuen 2 and Honkai Impact 3rd.
  • 伟 is the Chinese character for Wei, very similar to the one portrayed on Wei's mask.
    • During the Mimi Tomo event, the hilichurls you talk to refer to the Unusual Hilichurl as 'Wei'.
  • The yellow plushie that Wei pulls out of his suitcase is called Homu, which is a direct reference to Houkai Gakuen 2 and Honkai Impact 3. Homu first appeared in Houkai Gakuen 2 as Bronya's doll.
  • The Cabbages he uses and drops are in reference to HI3's mascot, Ai-chan, whose hairstyle and hair color is similar to the look and color of a cabbage.
  • The number of Mora drops are exactly 233 Mora. "233" is a Chinese internet slang equivalent to "laugh out loud."
  • During the Energy Amplifier Initiation event, Wei can be affected by the Irminsul Fruit Fragment's aura.
  • Archive Description Translation: "Homu, Homu, we dance!"

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Unusual Hilichurl
Qíguài de qiūqiū rén
Strange Hilichurl
Qíguài de qiūqiū rén
Japanese わったヒリチャール丘々人
Kawatta Hirichaaru
Strange Hilichurl
Korean 이상한 츄츄
Isanghan Chyuchyu-jok
Strange Hilichurl
Spanish Hilichurl ExtrañoStrange Hilichurl
French Brutocollinus étrangeStrange Hilichurl
Russian Странный хиличурл
Strannyy khilichurl
Strange Hilichurl
Thai Hilichurl สุดแปลก
Hilichurl sut plaek
Very Unusual Hilichurl
Vietnamese Hilichurl kỳ lạ
German Merkwürdiger HilichurlStrange Hilichurl
Indonesian Unusual Hilichurl
Portuguese Hilichurl EstranhoStrange Hilichurl

Change History

Released in Version 1.1