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Universal Peace is a food item that the player can cook. The recipe for Universal Peace can be obtained from Wanmin Restaurant for 5,000 Mora after reaching Adventure Rank 30.

Depending on the quality, Universal Peace restores 30/32/34% of Max HP and an additional 600/1,250/1,900 HP to the target character. Like most foods, this can not target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.

When Ganyu cooks Universal Peace, there is a chance Prosperous Peace will be created instead.


  • Item Rice.png 4 Rice
  • Item Lotus Head.png 2 Lotus Head
  • Item Carrot.png 2 Carrot
  • Item Berry.png 2 Berry
  • Creates Universal Peace Universal Peace ×1


    • The Chinese name of the dish translates to Four Directions' Peace (Chinese: 四方和平 Sìfāng Hépíng); the Mandarin phrase "four directions" is a synonym for "everywhere." It likely refers to eight treasure rice (Chinese: 八宝饭 bābǎofàn), a Chinese rice pudding usually served in the Lunar New Year to wish good luck and increasing prosperity.

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.2