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Unique Rock Pillars are puzzles found in The Chasm in Liyue. Attack the Unique Rock Pillars with Blunt Attacks to create resonant quakes to hit and break the Unique Rocks and reveal treasure or new paths.

When Resonant Quakes hit other Unique Rock Pillars or Geo Constructs, additional quakes will be created at the locations of these constructs. Some Rock Pillars and all player-created Geo Constructs will get destroyed when hit with a quake. Resonant Quakes also deal True Geo DMG to enemies and other objects. This DMG is unaffected by DEF or Geo RES.

The player can extend the reach of Resonant Quakes or cause more waves to be created by placing down Geo Constructs in range of Resonant Quakes.


Tutorial Unique Rock Pillars.pngLegend has it that these are scars left over from an ancient battle. When hit by explosions or blunt force trauma, they can cause a "resonant quake" with other similar rock pillars and certain Geo Constructs.


The DMG dealt by Resonant Quakes is calculated as . This DMG is considered True DMG and is unaffected by DEF, RES, or DMG Reduction. Element Level Multipliers for each level can be found in Level Scaling/Reaction#Level Multiplier.

Level Damage
1 360
5 475
10 717
15 1128
20 1692
25 2276
30 2862
35 3551
40 4355
45 5377
50 6795
55 8370
60 10300
65 12765
70 15123
75 17449
80 19873
85 22399
90 25259
95 29646
100 35170


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishUnique Rock Pillar
Qíguài de Yánzhù
Strange Rock Pillar
Qíguài de Yánzhù
Kawatta Iwabashira[!]
Strange Rock Pillar
Korean이상한 바위 기둥
Isang-han Bawi Gidung
Strange Rock Pillar
SpanishPilar de piedra extrañoStrange Stone Pillar
FrenchPilier rocheux étrangeStrange Rock Pillar
RussianСтранная каменная колонна
Strannaya kamennaya kolonna
"Sao hin pralat"
VietnameseTrụ Nham Kỳ LạStrange Rock Pillar
GermanKomische SteinsäuleStrange Stone Pillar
IndonesianPilar Batu UnikUnique Rock Pillar
PortuguesePilar de Pedra Estranho

Change History

Released in Version 2.6