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Unagi Chazuke is a food that the player can cook. The recipe for Unagi Chazuke is obtainable from Shimura Kanbei for 4500 Mora in Inazuma.

Depending on the quality, Unagi Chazuke increases the party's Healing Bonus by 15%/17%/20% for 300 seconds. Like most foods, this has no effect for other players in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Unagi Meat.png 4 Unagi Meat
  • Item Rice.png 3 Rice
  • Item Seagrass.png 3 Seagrass
  • Item Salt.png 1 Salt
  • Creates Unagi Chazuke Unagi Chazuke ×1

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Unagi Chazuke
    mánròuchá pàofàn
    Eel Meat Tea Soaking Rice
    Japanese うな茶漬け
    Korean 뱀장어 살코기 오차즈케
    Baemjang'eo Salkogi Ochajeuke
    Eel Meat Ochazuke
    Spanish Arroz con anguila bañado en té
    French Chazuke à l'anguilleEel Chazuke
    Russian Унаги тядзукэ
    Unagi tyadzuke
    Unagi Chazuke
    Thai Unagi Chazuke
    Vietnamese Cơm Trà Xanh Thịt Lươn
    German Unagi-Chazuke
    Indonesian Unagi Chazuke
    Portuguese Carne Fresca ChazukeFresh Meat Chazuke

    Change History

    Released in Version 2.3