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The UID of a player is a unique identifier that helps distinguish players from each other in Co-Op Mode. UIDs are used primarily for joining other player's worlds, but UIDs can also be used to add people to the friend list and blacklist people from joining other's worlds as well as identify which server a user is playing on.


A UID consists of 9 to 10 digits. For a 9-digit UID, the first digit (“UID Prefix”) indicates the server the player is located on, and for a 10-digit UID, the first 2 digits. The other 8 digits are a number distributed according to account creation order.

If the player is playing on the internal servers, which has UIDs start with 0, UIDs may be less than 9 digits long as it does not display leading zeros.

Servers UID Prefix Suited Region
(Internal) 0 (miHoYo internal)[1][2]
天空岛 lit. "Celestia" 1, 2 or 3 Mainland China
世界树 lit. "Irminsul" 5 Mainland China (Bilibili or Xiaomi channels)
America 6 North and South America
Europe 7 Europe, and Africa
Asia 8 or 18 Asia and Australia (excluding the Special Administrative Region)
TW, HK, MO 9 Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao

It is not possible to play with players on different servers nor is it possible to sync data across different servers.

Displaying UID[]

The UID is always visible in the bottom right corner of the screen and remains visible until blurred out or removed. The UID is also visible in the Paimon Menu.

In the Co-Op list, the UID is visible by opening a player's profile. The UID is displayed under their nickname.


  • A UID 1644869720 is used specifically in the iPad Air demo at Apple's special event. Subsequent clips in the same demo hide the UID.

Change History[]

Version 4.4
  • Newly registered accounts on the Asia server now have 18 as their UID prefix.

Version 1.0

  • UID was released.