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Genshin Impact uses various typefaces and fonts throughout the game and official media. This page serves to aggregate and elaborate on specific typefaces in use throughout multiple facets of the game.

Main Typeface[]

A demonstration of Genshin's font displaying example text, such as "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," numbers, and symbols.

The primary typeface of Genshin Impact, seen as the font which is used to display virtually everything in-game, is a proprietary typeface tweaked by miHoYo which is based on Hanyi WenHei (Chinese: 汉仪文黑 Hànyí Wénhēi) in 85W weight (Extra Bold), or HYWenHei-85W, a font developed by Chinese professional font design company Hanyi Fonts (Beijing Hanyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.), a well-known Chinese font design studio.

By default, the font HYWenHei-85W supports 6763 Simplified Chinese character glyphs from the GB2312-80 character set standard of the People's Republic of China, 6763 Traditional Chinese character glyphs from the GB12345-90 character set standard of the People's Republic of China, as well as 9169 other characters commonly used on the Internet (including Japanese Kana characters); the in-game font contains all of them. Apart from glyphs mentioned above, some Chinese characters glyphs which follow the style of Hanyi WenHei may be designed by miHoYo or may have been contracted by miHoYo; other glyphs which do not but are included in the in-game font are directly from Microsoft YaHei (Chinese: 微软雅黑 Wēiruǎn Yǎhēi) Bold.

The font has either been modified or contracted to be modified by miHoYo, with modifications such as Japanese-style display of Chinese characters when the game language is set to Japanese, halfwidth interpuncts displayed as fullwidth, and many other modifications. Some Japanese Shinjitai Chinese character glyphs not used in Chinese, such as , are absent in HYWenHei-85W but are present in miHoYo's version with the same styling as the rest of the font, suggesting that miHoYo may have contracted Hanyi Fonts to design these proprietary glyphs for them.

Additionally, the Latin and Cyrillic fonts used in the typeface are separate from HYWenHei-85W and may be designed by miHoYo or may have been contracted by miHoYo. HYWenHei-85W natively supports Latin characters, but these are not used by the game and a separate Latin typeface is employed.

Korean characters are not natively supported by HYWenHei-85W, however miHoYo's font includes them. Most of the Korean glyphs are from Nanum Gothic Extrabold; other glyphs that are not included in the original font may have been composed, designed or contracted by miHoYo.