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Turning Point is the fifth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests, Chapter I, Act III: A New Star Approaches.


  1. Repel the ancient god together
  2. Protect the Guizhong Ballista
    • East Guizhong Ballista
    • North Guizhong Ballista
    • West Guizhong Ballista
    • This step lasts for 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
    • Xiao, Ganyu and Madame Ping will provide buffs after Osial's first attack, increasing the player's speed, survivability and applying a powerful burst AoE attack respectively.


  • Completing this quest will grant you the Wonders of the World achievement "Derailed."
  • Protect the Guizhong Ballista (Osial) challenge:
    • If any of the Ballistas are destroyed by the Fatui, the challenge will fail. The challenge will complete itself if the timer runs out.
    • Although Fatui Agents appear in the cutscenes, they are not encountered at all while protecting the ballistae.
    • While Osial itself is not directly fought as a boss during Turning Point, it can still directly attack the player character with its Hydro attacks. It will perform the following attacks:
      • At some time, Osial will channel its divine power, hurling a powerful Hydro energy in the whole area which deals massive AoE DMG.
      • Osial can rain down Hydro energy. Circular indicators will appear on the ground as a warning to get out of its reach.
    • The following buffs are gained over the course of the fight as the Traveler is infused with adeptal energy:
      • Madame Ping: Attacks dealt will release powerful intermittent shockwaves, dealing AoE DMG.
      • Ganyu: Survivability increased, HP replenishes per second.
      • Xiao: Movement SPD is greatly increased.
      • Afterwards, all adeptal energies will be combined at once.


(Continued from Heart of Glaze)
Paimon: *panting* Paimon's exhausted...
Paimon: If we hadn't happened to see the Jade Chamber flying over just as we came out of the Golden House, we really wouldn't have known which way to go...
Paimon: Whew, did we make it in time? Is the Overlord of the Vortex still in the sea? It hasn't destroyed Liyue yet, has it?
Xiao: What... are you doing here?
Paimon: Huh... Hold on! It's the adepti! What are you doing on the Jade Chamber? Paimon thought you were arguing with the Qixing... Is the fighting over?
Ningguang: Faced with such a calamity of such magnitude, we have agreed to put our differences aside for now and unit against this common enemy.
Moon Carver: Hmph!
Paimon: Oh, Paimon gets it... So, how do you plan to defend Liyue?
Paimon: Uhh... just seeing this Overlord of the Vortex guy puts a pit in Paimon's tummy, even from all the way out here.
Keqing: It's not just you. We've got new Millelith recruits who can't even stand at attention without shaking. The force of an ancient god's presence seems to be too much for ordinary people to handle.
Keqing: ...Which is why we must stop that monster before it gets any closer to Liyue Harbor!
Paimon: So the Archon War was fought two thousand years ago against enemies like that thing? Now that's scary...
Xiao: ...
Paimon: So will the power of the Qixing, Millelith, and Adepti gathered here be enough to stop that god?
Ningguang: We've already discussed this together, and our conclusion is... not necessarily.
Paimon: What!? But all of you are supposed to be the guardians of Liyue. Can't you think of something?
Cloud Retainer: One certainly could.
Paimon: Eh?
Cloud Retainer: The Qixing did once research the matter of the Guizhong Ballista when it piqued their fancy.
Cloud Retainer: And as fate would have it, one, who did craft the Guizhong Ballista with one's own hands, is here...
Cloud Retainer: For what could you mortals ever learn of adepti mechanisms? Yet it would take one but a little tinkering to turn this ballista into an engine of war beyond your wildest thoughts.
Ningguang: Heh, I suppose this is one blessing from the adepti that we should be thankful for.
Ningguang: So be it. We shall use the upgraded Guizhong Ballista to fight off that god. All the adepti here can lend their strength to man it.
Ningguang: We haven't a moment to spare. Our battle begins now!

(A cinematic begins)
(Ningguang summons a platform and three Guizhong Ballistas)
(Cloud Retainer, Moon Carver, and Mountain Shaper each man one Ballista and attack Osial)
Paimon: The Fatui!
Paimon: They're attacking the Guizhong Ballista!

(After cinematic ends)
Millelith Soldier: The three adepti are manning the Guizhong Ballistas. Do not let the Fatui disturb their work!
Keqing: All able Millelith, with me!
Paimon: Let's go help too!
Cloud Retainer: We adepti have not faced a god in several millenia.
Cloud Retainer: Hmph. Let one see what you are made of then. What strength remains within you, one wishes to witness!
(Osial begins to attack)
Paimon: What is that!?
Xiao: That is Osial's divine power. I am... very familiar with it.
Xiao: Be careful not to get hit.
(More Fatui appear)
Millelith Soldier: The Fatui... their attacks are unrelenting!
Ningguang: Ha. How daring. Snezhnaya's diplomats will answer for this afterward. Every last one.
(Osial attacks again)
Paimon: The ancient god's attacking again!
Paimon: There are so many Fatui, too! We can't hold—
Madame Ping: Hahaha, were you about to say, "we can't hold them," children?
Paimon: Huh?
Madame Ping: Don't lose heart. Here, take this.
Thanks to Madame Ping's adeptal energies, your attacks against the enemy will release intermittent shockwaves!
Paimon: This is... adeptal energy!?
Paimon: (Traveler), that light from your body... It's like that time in Jueyun Karst...
Paimon: Wow, it's Madame Ping's Shockwave! This granny's really strong!
Ganyu: With the blood of the Qilin, I guard you against evil.
Ganyu's adeptal power has boosted your survival capability!
Ganyu: Cast your fear of injury by the wayside and fight with all your might. I too did this during the Archon War.
Paimon: Huh... So this is what Ganyu's like in a fight...
Xiao: My name means "swiftness."
Imbued with Xiao's powers of swiftness, your Movement Speed is greatly increased!
Xiao: Take my power, and run as I do.
Paimon: We're— going— too— faaaaast—!
By their blessings combined, you wield all three powers at once!
Madame Ping: Child, you are strong in body and spirit. Perhaps you can withstand three forms of adeptal energy at once...
Ganyu: This will hurt a little... Please bear with us!
Xiao: Once you've adapted, try to use them in battle.
Ganyu: Exercise caution! I fear that the god's power has reached its peak...
Keqing: In other words, if we hold here, there's nothing worse to come, right?
Keqing: The Fatui's numbers are thinning!
Millelith Soldier: Fight on, comrades! Once we've finished this lot off, the adepti will be able to deal with the god in peace!

(A cinematic begins)
Moon Carver: The interlopers are no more
Moon Carver: Now we may commit ourselves fully!
(The three Ballistas attack Osial together)
Paimon: Ah! It's working!
Paimon: We just need to keep this up!
(Osial launches more attacks, breaking the Ballistas and shattering the platform)
(The adepti catch those who fall and return to the Jade Chamber landing)
Xiao: Be careful now
Cloud Retainer: The Guizhong Ballista is destroyed...
Cloud Retainer: Without its covering fire, retaliation shall be difficult
Ganyu: But the Jade Chamber is our last line of defense!
Ganyu: We can't give another inch... no matter what...
Ningguang: I have... another idea
Ganyu: What do you mean, Lady Ningguang?
Ningguang: I'll sacrifice the Jade Chamber
Cloud Retainer: What is the meaning of this?
Xiao: ...I understand
Ningguang: Traveler, lend me a hand
Ningguang: Farewell, old friend...
Ningguang: ...Goodbye for now
Ningguang: Let us meet again in the future
(The Traveler plunges a sword into the Jade Chamber and it plummets into Osial)

(After cinematic ends)
Paimon: Is it... finally over?
Moon Carver: The ominous aura of that monster has indeed begun to fade.
Moon Carver: The effects of the Sigil of Permission last but a short time.
Moon Carver: It will be some time before the Overlord of the Vortex can make any waves again.
Ningguang: We are indebted to you for your assistance. If the adepti hadn't happened to be here, the future of Liyue Harbor would surely have been in great jeopardy...
Cloud Retainer: Hmph, save your flattery. We didn't just "happen" to be here... Surely you won't pretend to have forgotten the reason for which we came?
Madame Ping: Come now, there's no need for such harsh words, Cloud Retainer.
Madame Ping: I've heard that when Ningguang began learning to do business, she had already started setting aside part of her then-limited income in preparation for building the Jade Chamber.
Madame Ping: At first, it was only the size of a small room. But with continued expansion, it has become the palace that lies before you now.
Madame Ping: It is a testament to Ningguang's entire life, both as a businesswoman and as the backbone of the Liyue Qixing.
Madame Ping: Seeing the Jade Chamber destroyed in the defense of Liyue means much to her. To me, such cooperation and sacrifice deserves at least some recognition, don't you agree?
Ningguang: Well, I was really hoping you would say that such sacrifice could at least be used as some leverage in our negotiations.
Madame Ping: ...Heh.
Ningguang: Thank you all for hearing me out. We know very well why the adepti came here today... But please forgive us, we cannot yield to your wishes.
Moon Carver: Oh?
Ningguang: 3,700 years... According to our records, the adepti signed a contract with Rex Lapis to protect Liyue 3,700 years ago.
Ningguang: Even to this very day, Liyue and its lands have stood the test of time, immovable as stone, just as it was thousands of years before. This is truly no small feat.
Ningguang: But that does not mean that Liyue today is the same city as it was all those years ago.
Ningguang: Do not merely cast your protective gaze upon the land. Instead, focus your sights on our city and each of the citizens that dwell within it.
Moon Carver: Are you questioning our means of protecting Liyue?
Mountain Shaper: Hmm...
Ningguang: I mean no offense. I simply hope that our new adepti forebearers would see Liyue in a new light.
Cloud Retainer: Hah, "forebearers" you say. One doubts you would be fit to be part of such a lineage...
Ningguang: This morning, Rex Lapis appeared to me in a dream.
Cloud Retainer: What?
Ningguang: In the dream, I yearned to tell him that we Qixing, though mortal, are equally bound to the contract. Each passing generation of the Qixing leaves many things of value to be inherited by the next generation.
Ningguang: I also thought to tell him how the past generations of Qixing had strove under his rule to survive in our mortal world, establishing a network of contracts which has since come to be known as "trade."
Ningguang: But I dared not speak. I could only gaze at him in silence until the moment I awoke.
Paimon: Aw, Ningguang...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We're all on the same side here...
Cloud Retainer: Yet another perspective... What are you trying to say, Outlander?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg When there is discord between the guardians and those they were meant to defend...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Harmony becomes very difficult to restore.
Paimon: Right, that's something that happened in Mondstadt — it's a story about the Four Winds and the people of the Anemo Archon.
Paimon: The Anemo Archon sought to quell the strife between the two sides, because he believed that such conflict would only scar the hearts of both and that nothing good would come of it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This is what we learned in the City of Freedom.
Keqing: Each of the Seven Nations has its own scars from the past.
Mountain Shaper: Though your point is the very height of simplicity...
Mountain Shaper: As adepti, we've become a laughingstock, to be chastised thus by an outlander who has lent us such succor.
Madame Ping: Alright, alright. Didn't Ningguang suggest that we should focus on the city and each of its citizens? I know I already have, so why not see for yourselves?
(Fengyan approaches)
Fengyan: I apologize for appearing in full armor. I'm afraid I cannot show the proper courtesies.
Moon Carver: And who are you?
Fengyan: I am Fengyan, a sergeant of the Millelith. I have come to extend my thanks to the adepti.
Fengyan: I thought this battle would perhaps be my last. But thanks to the aid of the adepti, our forces were not as badly battered as I feared we might be.
Fengyan: Although I am a mere mortal soldier, I promise to hold the line and never betray the grace given to us by the illuminated adepti this day.
Moon Carver: ...
Xiao: ...
(Changchang runs up)
Changchang: Huh? Why does everyone look so down? Didn't we just beat that big monster?
Madame Ping: Hahaha! Weren't you frightened, dear? It was quite the predicament...
Changchang: I wasn't afraid. All the strong Millelith guards were there, and those powerful heroes with their Visions were there... Everyone was there!
Changchang: When danger is near, everyone always protects me. And the rest of the time, they make fun toys, and tasty snacks, and... and loads of things that make the harbor so pretty!
Changchang: Thanks for protecting Liyue Harbor! Please come visit us for the next Lantern Rite!
Xiao: Unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to participate.
Changchang: Huh?
Xiao: Because we are adepti.
Changchang: Oh, okay... It must be hard being an adeptus.
Paimon: Aww...
Madame Ping: You see, this is what Liyue is like today.
Madame Ping: The country of contracts is grateful to the adepti for their protection. But it is no longer necessary for the city to rely on the adepti's power to solve every little niggling matter.
Madame Ping: Although their blood is weak, there is still strength to be found in those we call mortals...
Madame Ping: The time of contracts between gods and Liyue has long since passed. Now is the time of contracts between Liyue and its people.
Mountain Shaper: Hmm, seeing the port around us now, it is hard not to feel a bit out of place... wouldn't you say so, Cloud Retainer?
Cloud Retainer: Your line of inquiry is askew. One did not spearhead this expedition to Liyue Harbor...
Paimon: Hmm... seems like the adepti have had a change of heart.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg They've listened to what the people have said.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And they're trying to understand things from their perspective.
Xiao: Let us return now.
Moon Carver: ...Eager to leave, Conqueror of Demons?
Madame Ping: Hehehe...
Mountain Shaper: Yes, one understands what the Conqueror of Demons means. The city of Liyue has changed much after our long separation.
Mountain Shaper: One fears that by the time one finally grasps the new contracts of Liyue, you humans would have once again changed the place beyond recognition.
Mountain Shaper: Fair enough. Away we shall, and return whence we came...
Moon Carver: Hmph...
Moon Carver: Since we adepti have consensus, then one shall persist no further.
Moon Carver: But how will we ensure that the Liyue Qixing will not simply exploit their power once we depart? In my view, that is still a thing to be guarded against...
Ningguang: *chuckles*
Madame Ping: Alright, Moon Carver. You needn't worry. It seems to me that this right of supervision is best left to the people of Liyue.
Paimon: Whew... Looks like the conflict between humans and adepti was avoided. All's well that ends well, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can say that again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The adepti were quite reasonable in the end...
Paimon: Oh, right! It's nice that we've got peace and all, but we're forgetting one thing!
Paimon: Childe wanted to unleash the god so he could lure Rex Lapis out!
Paimon: But we were able to handle the Overlord of the Vortex on our own... So Rex Lapis never showed up!
Paimon: Oh, and speaking of that — don't we still need to get to the bottom of that archon's "death," too?

Change History

Released in Version 1.1