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A mysterious island enshrouded in fog. No one has set foot here in many long years.

Version 1.6 Special Program

Tsurumi Island (Japanese: つる Tsurumi) is an island of Inazuma, shrouded in a dense Fog. Home to an ancient civilization that has long since vanished, it was where a tribe worshipped Kanna Kapatcir and were subsequently wiped out by it. The land has since somewhat regrown and is now inhabited by hilichurls, rifthounds and automatons.

Initially, the vast majority of the island (except the easternmost two isles by the Statue of The Seven and the southernmost peninsula) is covered in dense Fog. Therefore, players must start the World Quest Series Through the Mists, which requires the completion of the World Quest Series Seirai Stormchasers, to lift the fog and explore the island properly. During the World Quest A Particularly Particular Author, the player can slowly remove the fog from Chirai Shrine, Shirikoro Peak, and part of Autake Plains. Although the fog returns in the remaining three quests, they are dispelled under varying circumstances.

Players who venture too far or for too long into the fog will be teleported away, as the fog has yet to "accept" them. If the principal fog has not been cleared, the player will be teleported to Tsurumi Island's Statue of The Seven. Suppose the main fog has been removed, the player will be transferred to the closest unlocked Teleport Waypoint located outside the fog if they get lost in the lesser ones. After finishing The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna, the fog in the vicinity of Autake Plains vanishes forever.

Teleport Waypoints inside foggy areas cannot be accessed on the map unless the player has cleared their respective fog area. Portable Waypoints placed inside, however, can be accessed even after the fog has covered the island again the next day.


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Fluorescent Fungus Fluorescent Fungus
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The following soundtracks play at Tsurumi Island:

Name Player
Untitled Soundtrack I
Untitled Soundtrack II
Untitled Soundtrack III
Untitled Soundtrack IV
Untitled Soundtrack V
Untitled Soundtrack VI
Untitled Soundtrack VII



  • Tsurumi takes inspiration from the culture of the Ainu, the native to Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands. Places, characters, and other things in Tsurumi are named after words in the Ainu language, represented in-game as the language of the Ishine Script.
    • Notably, the Japanese version of the game does not use the Ainu language's small kana characters to write Ainu words correctly, and opts to use full-size kana instead; such as ピリカ チカッポ カパッチリカムイ Pirika cikappo kapatciri-kamui instead of ピㇼカ チカッポ カパッチㇼカムィ Pirka cikappo kapatcir-kamuy. (Ainu phrase from the description of Inazuma: Eagleplume.)
  • The crane (Japanese: tsuru) — or more specifically, the red-crowned crane (Japanese: 丹頂鶴 tanchou-dzuru/タンチョウ tanchou) — is known as a symbol of longevity in East Asian cultures. In Japanese folklore, it has been fabled to live for a thousand years, and is said to grant favors in return for acts of sacrifice.
    • This may allude to the persisting illusions of the people on Tsurumi Island, despite the original tribe having perished from incurring Kanna Kapatcir's wrath following Ruu's sacrifice thousands of years ago. This idea of longevity can also extend to the lingering regret of the Thunderbird, which gave rise to the Thunder Manifestations of Amakumo Peak and Mt. Kanna.
  • The ancient civilization that used to inhabit Tsurumi Island is likely related to Khaenri'ah and Celestia, as similarly to Seirai Island, the island hosts a massive underground ruin that contains Ruin Sentinels. Most notably, there are murals of Celestia depicted on some of its walls. Sumida theorizes that something may have fallen from Celestia onto the island, which Kama suspects have manipulated the ley lines on the island.
    • As a result, the "people" on the island during the Through the Mist series are simply ghosts reliving the past. However, one of them, Ruu, could hear and see everything around him and develop self-awareness. The spirits of the deceased can also be found on the island.
    • However the incident on Tsurumi is said to have occurred thousands of years ago, which would predate the Khaenri'ah incident.
  • Remarkable Chests can only be found on Tsurumi Island.
  • Tsurumi Island is currently the only non-instanced area in-game that has varied enemy spawns due to its time loop effect, which cycles every three days. Only a few spawns are unaffected by the loop.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Tsurumi Island
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese つる
Crane Watching
Korean 츠루미
Spanish Isla TsurumiTsurumi Island
French Île de TsurumiTsurumi Island
Russian Цуруми
Thai Tsurumi Island
Vietnamese Đảo TsurumiTsurumi Island
German Tsurumi
Indonesian Tsurumi Island
Portuguese Ilha TsurumiTsurumi Island

Change History

Released in Version 2.2