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A mysterious island enshrouded in fog. No one has set foot here in many long years.

Version 1.6 Special Program

Tsurumi Island (Japanese: つる Tsurumi) is an island of Inazuma, shrouded in a dense Fog. Home to an ancient civilization that has long since vanished, it was where a tribe worshipped Kanna Kapatcir and were subsequently wiped out by it. The land has since somewhat regrown and is now inhabited by hilichurls, rifthounds and automatons.

Initially, the vast majority of the island is covered in dense fog. Players must start the World Quest Series Through the Mists, which requires the completion of the World Quest Series Seirai Stormchasers, to explore the island. During the World Quest A Particularly Particular Author, the player can slowly remove the fog from Chirai Shrine, Shirikoro Peak, and part of Autake Plains, though the fog returns in the remaining three quests, although they are dispelled under varying circumstances.

Players who venture too far or for too long into the fog will be teleported away, as the fog has yet to "accept" them. If the main fog has not yet been cleared, then the player will be teleported to Tsurumi Island's Statue of The Seven. If the main fog has been cleared and only some fog patches remain, then the player will be teleported to the nearest unlocked Teleport Waypoint outside of the fog. After completing The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna, the fog that remains near Autake Plains permanently disappears.

Teleport Waypoints inside foggy areas cannot be accessed to on the map unless the player has passed through the gate. Portable Waypoints placed inside, however, can be accessed even after the fog has covered the island again the next day.


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  • Tsurumi takes inspiration from the culture of the Ainu, the indigenous people native to Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands. Many place names are based off of Ainu naming conventions, and the Ainu language is prevalent in descriptions.
    • Notably, the game does not use Ainu small kana to write the Ainu language; which is the proper way to write the language; opting to use full-size kana instead, such as ピリカ チカッポ カパッチリカムイ Pirika cikappo kapatciri-kamui instead of ピㇼカ チカッポ カパッチㇼカムィ Pirka cikappo kapatcir-kamuy.
  • The ancient civilization that used to inhabit Tsurumi Island is likely to related to Khaenri'ah and Celestia, as similarly to Seirai Island, the island hosts a large underground ruin that contains Ruin Sentinels. Most notably, there are murals of Celestia depicted on some of its walls. Sumida theorizes that something may have fallen from Celestia onto the island, which Kama suspects have manipulated the ley lines on the island.
    • As a result, the "people" on the island during the Through the Mist series are simply ghosts reliving the past, although one of them, Ruu, was able to hear and see everything around him and develop self-awareness. The spirits of some of the deceased can also be found on the island.
  • As of Version 2.2, Remarkable Chests can only be found on Tsurumi Island.

Change History

Released in Version 2.2