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Troublesome Work is the first part of Lisa's Story Quest Tempus Fugit Chapter, Act I: Troublesome Work.


  1. Find Lisa in the Library
  2. Talk to Lisa
  3. Talk to Marjorie about returning the library book
  4. Pick a souvenir for Lisa
    • Best option: Ragged Old Scroll
  5. Talk to Sara about returning the library book
  6. Order a dish Lisa would like
    • Best option: Radish Veggie Soup. To unlock it, ask Sara first about her opinion.
    • Even better option, but requires you to either have Jean or receive her birthday mail: Invigorating Pizza. Details at the bottom of the page.
  7. Sit down and dine with Lisa
  8. Talk to Donna and find out what happened
    • Options from best to worst: Cecilia>Rose>Dandelion>Mist Flower
      • Cecilia: Unlocked after asking for Flora's opinion (06:00 – 19:00)
      • Rose: Unlocked after asking for Donna's opinion
  9. Search for the book's elemental marks


(Talk to Lisa)
Lisa: *yawn* If you're borrowing a book, please register it in the log. The restricted section is currently not lending any books...
Lisa: Oh? It's you, little cutie.
Lisa: It's so good to see you! More refreshing than a strong cup of tea in the afternoon.
Paimon: Clearly you're meant to be working, but you don't seem to have your heart in it at all...
Lisa: I mean, other than Jean, who really works that earnestly anyways?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Others work hard too!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I do feel sorry for Jean always working so hard...
Lisa: So did you have something you needed?
Lisa: ...Or did you just come to see me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I just wanted to see you!
Lisa: Ooh, a smooth talker. Not what I was expecting.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: Ah... No, I don't think I had anything specific in mind...
Lisa: Nothing specific? You must just be here to see me then...
Lisa: Hehe... Okay, I won't tease you any further.
Paimon: So Miss Librarian, got any books to recommend?
Lisa: Hmm... Recommended books... Sadly, everything I'd personally recommend is all in the restricted section, which we're not currently lending out.
Paimon: What's with her ominous tone?
Lisa: Oh, right. Would you be interested in checking out the Teyvat Travel Guide?
Lisa: I think it would be quite helpful for you as travelers here.
Paimon: Ooh! Sounds like it could be helpful!
Paimon: Do you think we could take a peek?
Lisa: I suppose I can try to find you a copy from the list...
Paimon: Isn't that Lisa's job? What does she mean "I suppose"...?
Lisa: Oh dear... That's unfortunate. Our copy is currently being borrowed. That said, it is now overdue...
Lisa: Come to think of it, quite a few of our books are now overdue. I REALLY wish people would just return their books...
Lisa: ...on time!
Paimon: Whoa! Is Paimon imagining things, or does the air in here suddenly feel a lot more... electrified!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's giving me goosebumps!
Lisa: Ugh... such a pain. I'm going out to bring those unreturned books back.
Lisa: If you'd rather get your hands on that copy of the Teyvat Travel Guide sooner, you'd better come with me.
Paimon: Lisa seems really scary right now, Paimon thinks it would be best if you answer her...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Oh, ah, yes... YES!
Lisa: You really are such a considerate cutie. Let's see, first we can go to...
Lisa: The souvenir shop. It's called "With Wind Comes Glory." So let's meet there shortly.

(At With Wind Comes Glory)
Lisa: Traveler, you're here! Let's begin, shall we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Marjorie, regarding the book you borrowed–
Lisa: Hello Marjorie, any exciting new items in stock?
Lisa: Why so surprised? Today is such a special day, it's only natural that I'd want a souvenir to remember it by.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Today is just an ordinary day...
Lisa: So it is... In that case, I declare this the "Day of"... the "Day of My Life I Wish I Could Get Back Because I Spent My First Ever Outing With Traveler Taking Them on an Annoying Errand."
Paimon: Don't you think that's a bit long?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What about the overdue library book?
Lisa: Since we came all this way, why don't we put our official business to one side for a moment?
Lisa: All work and no play makes life terribly mundane.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...So this is a date now?
Lisa: Ooh. Is that how you see it?
Lisa: I suppose there's nothing wrong with that... At your age, these kinds of fleeting fantasies are normal.
Marjorie: Haha... Well, if it's a souvenir you're after, you're in the right place. I'm sure you'll find something that strikes your fancy, Lisa.
Marjorie: Or could let your new friend pick something out for you... make it more of an occasion?
Paimon: Yes, yes! Let Traveler pick!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Alright then.
Marjorie: Take a look around, there's sure to be something she'll love. (Choose a gift for Lisa.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Bloomers
Marjorie: This pair? Soft, puffy, and very comfortable. Certain to make a little girl – well, in this case, a woman – look quite adorable.
Marjorie: After all, they're the same kind worn by toy dolls. They're practically a badge of cuteness.
Lisa: Bloomers? I'm sure to attract some strange looks if I dress up like a small child in public. Do you have some strange... hobby you're not telling me about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Ragged Old Scroll
Marjorie: This is a historical relic retrieved from some ruins by one of the Adventurers' Guild.
Marjorie: Sure, there's a bit of wear and tear, but this thing in the painting must be well over a thousand years old... though it doesn't make much sense to me.
Lisa: My goodness... This is one of the three lost scrolls that make up the "Northern Border Wind Investigation"... What is it doing here!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ??? (Voodoo Doll) (unlocked after asking information about "Bloomers" or "Ragged Old Scroll")
Marjorie: This is the toy doll I was talking about earlier – doesn't she look lovely in those shorts?
Marjorie: Hmm... It does look a little bit terrifying, doesn't it? I wonder if you could find some other use for it...
Lisa: Voodoo doll? Have you lost your mind? What could I have possibly done to deserve this?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What does Marjorie think? (unlocked after asking information about "Voodoo Doll")
Marjorie: Me? You're asking me? Erm... I feel like Lisa is the well-educated type.
Marjorie: Ah, that's right – I heard she enjoys items of historical interest.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ??? (Rusty Sword) (unlocked after asking for Marjorie's opinion)
Marjorie: This is a new arrival. It took three Adventurers to carry this big boy back from the ruins where they found it.
Marjorie: It comes with a lot of history as well as a lot of weight.
Lisa: Hmm... You do have strange tastes. If this is your way of saying that you want to be my knight in shining armor, I'd rather you just say the words instead.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Maybe later.
(Right before deciding on a gift)
Paimon: You sure you wanna pick the <item>? Can't change again once you've made your mind up!
(If you choose Bloomers)
Lisa: *sigh* Well, if you insist... I will just use them as an extra pair of pajamas.
(If you choose Ragged Old Scroll)
Lisa: My my, you clearly know a treasure when you see it. This is a work of unparalleled significance for the research of ancient people's understanding of the elements. I will gladly accept it.
(If you choose Voodoo Doll)
Lisa: It is said that the gift of a voodoo doll is certain to curse its recipient. Although, magic of this level certainly wouldn't have any effect on me.
Lisa: But you're probably innocent to such things. Since you're just a traveler, I will pretend that none of this ever happened.
(If you choose Rusty Sword)
Lisa: I suppose it's not completely useless... I'll let Razor borrow it when it's time for his enhancement training.
Lisa: Goodness, is that the time? Marjorie, one last thing – about "The Legend of Vennessa"–
Marjorie: Oh, so you're a fan of the gallant Lady Vennessa too? Why didn't you say so? I have all sorts of items I could recommend...
Marjorie: For example, this lion's tooth pendant with Vennessa's name carved into it. It was once a medal awarded to a knight by the great lady herself!
Lisa: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: The library book you borrowed.
Marjorie: Oh my goodness! I do apologize, I got so excited when you mentioned Vennessa.
Marjorie: I didn't know that book was overdue. Even though I take it with me everywhere...
Marjorie: I can't believe I didn't put two and two together as soon as I saw you here, haha... Here you go.
Lisa: *sigh* Well, since you look up to Lady Vennessa so very much... Please be more punctual next time.
Marjorie: Yes, Lisa. I will be, Lisa.
Lisa: Let's go and find the next overdue book.

(At Good Hunter)
Sara: Welcome to Good Hunter. Table for two?
Paimon: THREE!
Sara: Oh, haha! My apologies... Please sit wherever you like and call me over once you're ready to order.
Paimon: So we're gonna eat first and bring up the book situation later?
Lisa: Why, of course. The stress of work really takes the pleasure out of eating, don't you think?
Paimon: Work is that bad, huh?
(Talk to Sara)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png Regarding Lisa's taste in food...
Sara: What does Lisa like to eat?
Sara: She's been here a few times with Master Jean for afternoon tea before. I think she normally orders something vegetarian.
Sara: A lady tends to eat cautiously on account of her physique, after all! On that note, I should probably be watching my own diet a little more...
(Talk to Lisa)
Lisa: *yawn*... Why don't you order us something, Traveler? I'm ever so curious to know what your tastes are. (Pick a dish that Lisa will like)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Steak
Lisa: Good Hunter's signature dish. If it's what you want, I'll try anything once.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Northern Smoked Chicken
Lisa: This seems like the sort of stable bar food you'd find at the tavern. It has an extremely strong flavor, so drinkers love it because they can actually taste it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Invigorating Pizza (unlock method described at the bottom of the page)
Lisa: *gasp* It's like you read my mind... Do you have some magical powers you're not telling me about, Outlander?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ??? (Radish Veggie Soup) (unlocked after asking for Sara's opinion)
Lisa: I imagine that making a good vegetable soup takes good quality ingredients cooked in the right order at the right heat for the right length of time.
Lisa: At least, those are the principles that apply when one is making potions. But from what I've heard, soup-making was a popular pastime among the witches of the past.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ??? (Satisfying Salad) (unlocked after asking information about "Radish Veggie Soup")
Lisa: Eating salad is like piling on more and more elemental power. Raw, unfettered energy applied indiscriminately, with no elegance or control.
Lisa: It's the first mistake all magic users make when they're learning. But then again... if one genuinely had so much pure elemental power that they could solve any problem they wanted... that would be a different matter entirely.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Wait a moment...
(Right before deciding on a dish)
Paimon: You sure you wanna pick the <dish>? Can't change again once you've made your mind up!
(After deciding on a dish)
Lisa: Finished ordering? Sit here, let's dine together.
You enjoyed a relaxing mealtime...
(If you choose Steak)
Lisa: Mm... beautifully tender and cooked to perfection. No wonder it's their signature dish. It's a shame I can't have more, but a witch must watch her physique.
(If you choose Northern Smoked Chicken)
Lisa: Hmm, such a potent aroma... It's almost suffocating. I never thought someone your age would go for a dish like this...
Lisa: I always had you down as a little cutie... Now I'm not so sure.
(If you choose Radish Veggie Soup)
Lisa: A fine choice! I'm pleasantly surprised.
Lisa: A truly enchanting dish, certainly a good fit for a witch. I am simply brimming with elemental energy after that.
(If you choose Satisfying Salad)
Lisa: The ingredients are fresh the Good Hunter certainly lives up to its reputation in that respect. Salad as a meal is a little bland, though – it always feels like there's something missing.
(If you choose Invigorating Pizza)
Lisa: Wow, Jean must have given you some pointers? Such extraordinary lengths to prepare for a delicious meal... I'd almost say that's cheating.
Lisa: I didn't know you and Jean got on so well. She used to make this for me once in a while too.
Lisa: As it happens, this is exactly what I was craving - the perfect treat after a tiresome day of work. You've outdone yourself.
Paimon: Oof... Paimon's so full...
Lisa: Time is getting on. I suppose I should carry on with this ghastly thing called work.
Lisa: Let's have a little chat with Sara about her library book.
(Talking to Sara)
Sara: Would you like to order something else?
Lisa: No thank you, we're quite satisfied. But I'm afraid I must ask you about "The Boar Princess"–
Sara: The Boar Brisket? I'm sorry, I think we took that off the menu.
Lisa: ...
Paimon: She means the book you borrowed!
Sara: Oh! Of course! I came straight to the restaurant after I borrowed it and completely forgot that I even had it.
Sara: I'm so sorry Lisa, I will bring it to the library myself as soon as I finish work.
Lisa: Mm... Okay then. But make sure you don't forget this time.
Lisa: Right, onto our next stop then, Traveler.

Lisa: This is our final call for the day.
Donna: Welcome...! Uh... c–couples are our specialty! Let me know what you'd like and I'll wrap them up nicely for you.
Lisa: Ah yes... Now which book was it that has the line, "a date without flowers is a date without romance"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Would you by any chance care for some flowers, milady?
Lisa: Why, it just so happens that I would, my kindest cutie.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: No idea which book. Never even heard the line before.
Paimon: Ugh, Traveler. Take. The. Hint.
Lisa: Hehe, never mind, your ignorance is somehow rather adorable.
Paimon: Since you're here, and Lisa is here, and this is a flower shop... You might as well get a bunch of flowers, right? It only makes sense.
Donna: Some flowers for Miss Lisa? What would you like? (Pick a kind that Lisa will like)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Dandelion
Donna: Dandelions are one of our classics, and a personal favorite of Miss Flora, the shop owner.
Donna: I know what you're thinking: Most flower shops don't sell dandelions, they're a nuisance to care for... Perhaps Miss Flora likes the sense of floating away to a faraway land that the dandelion evokes?
Donna: Come to think of it, Miss Flora herself gives people the same impression.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: Mist Flower
Donna: Mist Flowers? Over there in the corner... but don't touch them with your bare hands. You'll get frostbite.
Donna: You want them? You're sure? What an unusual choice...
Donna: It's just that Lisa seems to use Electro quite a lot. Things could get a little bit dangerous...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What does Donna think? (unlocked after asking information about "Dandelion")
Donna: You want my help? I don't know if I have the best taste in flowers... Why don't you go ask Miss Flora, the shop owner?
Donna: I couldn't help but notice the flower on Miss Lisa's hat though – I think it's a Rose.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ??? (Rose) (unlocked after asking for Donna's opinion)
Donna: These roses were bought from a traveling merchant a few days ago.
Donna: Miss Flora thought maybe someone would like them... This is the only bunch.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ??? (Cecilia) (unlocked after asking for Flora's opinion)
Donna: Ah, the Cecilia. Did Miss Flora recommend it to you?
Donna: This flower is a lot of effort to care for. I hope that I've been doing it right, otherwise they won't last long.
Donna: But part of the Cecilia's charm is how precious and fragile each one is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll be back shortly.
(Talk to Flora)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png: What kind of flowers does Lisa like?
Flora: You want to know what flowers to get for Miss Lisa?
Flora: We're not particularly close, but she strikes me as a classy lady!
Flora: Hmm... Yep, it can only be the Cecilia!
(Right before deciding on a flower)
Paimon: You sure you wanna pick the <flower>? Can't change again once you've made your mind up!
(If you choose Dandelion)
Lisa: Dandelions? They actually sell dandelions?
Lisa: They have a refreshing scent, similar to the one Jean wears. Thank you.
(If you choose Cecilia)
Lisa: Ohh la-la, such fine taste.
Lisa: This rare flower is only found in Mondstadt's very highest mountains.
Lisa: If only you had picked them for me with your own hands... They would have had twice the sentimental value.
(If you choose Rose)
Lisa: I can see you put a lot of thought into this, have you ever heard of the Witch of Purple Rose before?
Lisa: I thought that after returning to Mondstadt I wouldn't have the chance to see fresh roses again.
Lisa: This seems like a good sign.
(If you choose Mist Flower)
Lisa: Huh? These flowers are saturated with Cryo energy. They could be very dangerous for me.
Lisa: Don't you know what happens when Cryo meets Electro? *Tut-tut* You certainly haven't been doing your homework.
Lisa: Meet me at the library after work and I will give you some training on elemental reactions. If you still find it hard to memorize... Maybe I'll have you give you a little taste of what it feels like to superconduct.
Lisa: Okay, time to get back to business. Donna, do you know why we're here?
Donna: Back to business? My business is selling flowers!
Lisa: *sigh* Once again, we see a total lack of respect for literature...
Lisa: The Pale Princess and the Six Pygmies. Ring a bell?
Donna: Oh! Ahh, yes, well, what happened was... was...
Donna: Oh no, what am I gonna do?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: Donna seems frantic.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: What happened?
Donna: I... I lost the book.
Lisa: ...
Donna: A while back, I realized it was almost due and I was getting ready to bring it back to the library.
Donna: But I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked for days – but nothing.
Donna: It's like somebody stole it... It should have been there, on my bedside table. Right where I left it.
Paimon: Uh-oh... Bet Lisa does some crazy things when she gets mad!
Lisa: I heard that!
Paimon: Eek!
Lisa: Well, if it really was stolen, Donna's done nothing wrong.
Lisa: The blame lies with the book thief.
Lisa: And their punishment will be three– No, ten times worse than stealing my book.
Paimon: Like Paimon said! Totally crazy!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg: How do we find the lost book though?
Lisa: Oh, don't worry about that. As long as I remain librarian, not a single book will go missing for good.
Lisa: I put a unique elemental marker on each book. Our thief will have left a nice set of clues for us to follow.
Paimon: When did Lisa start taking her job so seriously!? Paimon always thought she was a total slacker.
Lisa: Hey sweetie, I've heard your elemental sensitivity is very strong... Why not see what you can do?
Paimon: Elemental sensitivity? Oh! Paimon's got it!
Paimon: Traveler, use your Elemental Sight to look for clues!

(Investigating the elemental mark)
Lisa: Looking at the elemental traces, it does seem likely that the book was stolen.
Paimon: So Donna didn't do anything wrong after all.
Lisa: It's not from the restricted section, so it's hardly a book worth stealing.
Lisa: Whoever wanted this book so badly had a strange fixation indeed.
Paimon: Hmm... so what do we do now?
Lisa: The elemental traces are very faint, but I can tell that the thief took it beyond the city walls.
Lisa: You must see it too, right, Traveler?
Lisa: Let's follow the trail and have a little look where our thief was headed, shall we?


Unlocking the secret Invigorating Pizza dialogue option

  1. Obtain Invigorating Pizza either via Jean's Birthday Mail or through the following method:
    1. Get lucky and have Jean
    2. Don't do the quest before AR18
    3. When you reach AR18, complete the quest Hurdle to unlock Stormterror's Lair and collect the Mushroom Pizza Recipe there
    4. Make Pizzas with Jean until you get her signature dish Invigorating Pizza
  2. Start Lisa's quest
  3. Choose 'Steak' first and then 'No' in order to unlock the secret dialogue option

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