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Treasure Hoarders: Liuliu is a special enemy encountered during the Fleeting Colors in Flight event and the The Millennial Mountains World Quest.

Treasure Hoarders: Liuliu was first introduced in the Lantern Rite event. In the Fleeting Colors in Flight event, another enemy named Treasure Hoarders: Liuliu was introduced, who has a completely different appearance and utilizes completely different attacks. The new Liuliu is an elite Treasure Hoarders: Marksman similar to Raptor who utilizes Pyro attacks.


Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Anemo Geo
-20% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Level Scaling
1 514 76 505
5 1,158 127 525
10 2,024 203 550
15 3,649 321 575
20 5,958 502 600
25 8,339 686 625
30 11,095 820 650
35 14,894 987 675
40 19,921 1,225 700
45 26,762 1,525 725
50 36,705 1,889 750
55 47,627 2,239 775
60 62,013 2,661 800
65 81,528 3,142 825
70 102,565 3,673 850
75 128,338 4,188 875
80 165,456 4,726 900
85 211,387 5,140 925
90 259,702 5,709 950
95 318,001 6,549 975
100 388,220 7,387 1,000

Note that HP and ATK values may change in Co-Op, some Quests, and certain Domains. The change usually involves multiplying some of the values by a constant scale factor.

Abilities and Attacks

Version 2.4

  • Crossbow Shot: Shoots a flaming bolt from his crossbow at the player, dealing 75% ATK as Pyro DMG.
  • Triple Crossbow Shot: Imbues his crossbow with fire before firing three bolts at the player in quick succession, dealing 75% ATK as Pyro DMG with each shot.
  • Molotov Backdash: If the player is too close, jumps backwards and swiftly throws a bottle of Pyro potion at the player's location, dealing 70% ATK as AoE Pyro DMG. The shattered potion leaves behind elemental residue of its contents, dealing 30% ATK as AoE Pyro DoT until it dissipates.
  • Emboldenment: As an elite Treasure Hoarder, Liuliu can embolden himself to increase his DEF. This status can be dispelled with Quelling Firecrackers. This ability is only used during the Fleeting Colors in Flight event.


Version 1.3

  • Roundhouse Kick: If the player is within melee range, performs a spinning kick, dealing Physical DMG and causing heavy knockback. Occasionally approaches the player to perform this attack.
  • Dropkick: Performs a dropkick at the player, dealing Physical DMG, either independently or as a follow up to his Roundhouse Kick.
  • Throwing Knife: Aims and throws a small knife at the player, dealing Physical DMG.
  • Molotov Throw: Throws a bottle of Pyro potion at the player's location. The shattered potion leaves behind elemental residue of its contents, dealing AoE Pyro DoT until it dissipates.


Fleeting Colors in Flight Version

Condition Line
Spotting the Traveler Who's there!?
Attacking Right on target.
Activating Buff Enough!
Defeated I'll.. Get outta here.

Lantern Rite Version

Only exclusive as an enemy in the Currents Deep Beneath the Lanterns Event Quest (as ????) and To Mondstadt Story Quest (as Tyler and his unnamed lackey).

Condition Line
Spotting the Traveler He he he!
Attacking You're finished! (Molotov Throw)
Nyuh! (Throwing Knife)
Hragh! (Roundhouse Kick)
Defeated Ergh... I'm out...

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishTreasure Hoarders: Liuliu
Dàobǎotuán - "Liūliū"
Treasure Hoarders - "Liuliu"
Dàobǎotuán - "Liūliū"
Houtoudan - "Tonzura"
Treasure Hoarders - "Dodger"[• 1]
Korean보물 사냥단・「류류」
Bomul Sanyangdan - "Ryuryu"
Treasure Hunters - "Liuliu"
SpanishLadrón de Tesoros - Liuliu
FrenchLiuliu (Pilleur de trésors)Liuliu (Treasure Looter)
RussianПохитители сокровищ: Лю Лю
Pokhititeli sokrovishch: Lyu Lyu
Treasure Abductors: Liuliu
Thaiกองโจรล่าสมบัติ - Liuliu
VietnameseĐạo Bảo Đoàn - Liuliu
GermanSchatzräuber – „Liuliu“Treasure Hoarder - Liuliu
IndonesianTreasure Hoarder - Liuliu
PortugueseLadrões de Tesouro - Liuliu
  1. Japanese: トンズラ Tonzura, lit. "escape" is equivalent in meaning to Chinese liū. His alias is left untranslated in other localizations.

Change History

Released in Version 1.3
Version 2.7
  • Treasure Hoarders - Liuliu's name was updated to Treasure Hoarders: Liuliu

Version 2.4

Version 1.3

  • The Lantern Rite version of Treasure Hoarders - Liuliu was released.