The Treasure Hoarders are a gang of bandits who search for treasures to obtain and are located all around Teyvat.


A ragtag group of bandits whose traces can be found all across the lands, even in deepest depths of uncharted domains.
Although their main purpose is hunting treasure, they are also known to get rough with unfortunate bystanders who happen to be nearby.
It's said that the group's founder, Reed Miller, defined the Treasure Hoarders as "an organization of mutual cooperation."

Treasure Hoarders are a gang of bandits that can be found across numerous locations in Teyvat, primarily in Liyue. Renown for their Ravenwing motif, all members have their own reason of joining the criminal organization, but it is usually attributed either illegal activities or a lack of stable income. Not all members get along though, as some of them are more looked down upon than others. To protect their identities from law enforcement, most members wear a face mask. The few that don't are usually either of high importance or are used to draw unsuspecting victims into their traps.

As common enemies, Treasure Hoarders are typically found in Liyue, although there is a small pocket of them in the north-central area of Dragonspine.




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During multiple World Quests in Liyue, including Share Not Your Treasures and Trails in Tianqiu, the player can find notes left behind by Treasure Hoarders which reference a female Hoarder they refer to as "Boss." In many cases, this Boss will leave trails leading to supposed treasure to trick the player into falling into an ambush of Treasure Hoarders. This character's identity is unknown, but they likely hold a high position among the Treasure Hoarders, perhaps comparable to the position of Freckle Huang. She is also known as "Big Sis" or "Big Sis of the South."[6]


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  • As stated above they are the only human enemies that will escape by throwing smokebombs rather than fade away (like Fatui Skirmishers and Millelith Troops) if defeated normally. However there are some exceptions
    • If ragdolled or drowned, they strangely still disappear in a puff of smoke.
    • If defeated while in a Frozen state or petrified by Zhongli's Planet Befall, they will shatter like most other enemies.
    • As of Version 1.4, they now occasionally ragdoll from attacks that don't inflict knockdown (including from bow attacks).
  • Currently only the basic variants of the Treasure Hoarders appear in the game (the Marksman's 3rd variant can only be fought in Amber's story as Raptor and as an NPC named Li Ding).
  • As seen above the gallery, there is an icon for an unknown Treasure Hoarder type (one of them is a female), but currently they cannot be found in the game as enemies.
  • In "Character Demo - "Childe: A Letter to Snezhnaya,"" a female Treasure Hoarder can be seen alongside a Scout.
    • This variant was never seen anywhere in-game.
  • In the "Living Beings > Enemies and Monsters" section of the Archive, Treasure Hoarders are listed under a category called "Other Human Factions." This is odd, as the Hoarders are currently the only enemies listed here.



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