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A member of decentralized criminal organization that has footprints all over the continent and even deep within unknown domains.
They say that some Treasure Hoarder Potioneers used to be charlatans who would wander villages, towns, and cities, hawking their special blends of elixirs, holy waters, and the like. These cure-alls certainly seem to serve better in combat than they ever did in chicanery.

Treasure Hoarder Hydro Potioneers illegally tamper with the Hydro element for their own experiments. They are ranged fighters, throwing their experimental concoctions from afar. The shattered potions leave behind elemental residue of its contents and can cause elemental reactions when grouped together. Like the Treasure Hoarder Scouts, Potioneers will perform a swift roundhouse kick to those that get too close to them. The attacks are fairly easy to dodge as they will usually yell before throwing their potions.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0