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The Treasure Hoarder Diary is an interactable located east of Mt. Aocang at an old Treasure Hoarder camp.

At that same camp, you can dig up an Exquisite Chest.



"Haha! This must be my lucky day, stumbling right into treasure just like that. Who would have thought that these squat little trees with the red leaves would have so much treasure buried beneath them?"

"But something's really weird about all this. Not a soul lives here, and I've never heard of anyone living here either. So, who buried this? And why are the trees with treasure buried under them so short, when all the other trees have grown normally?"

"Well, whatever. Guess who's striking it rich this time? That's right, me, and no monster is going to stop me. I'll bring a cart, and slowly dig the goods out from under those short, red-leaved trees..."


Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Treasure Hoarder Diary
Dàobǎotuán Rìzhì
Dàobǎotuán Rìzhì
Japanese 宝盗団日誌
Korean 보물 사냥단의 일지
Spanish Diario de un Ladrón de Tesoros
French Journal d'un Pilleur
Russian Дневник Похитителей сокровищ
Dnevnik Pokhititeley sokrovishch
Thai บันทึกกองโจรล่าสมบัติ
Banthuek Kong Chon La Sombat
Vietnamese Nhật Ký Đạo Bảo Đoàn
German Schatzräubertagebuch
Indonesian Buku Harian Treasure Hoarder
Portuguese Diário do Ladrão de Tesouro

Change History

Released in Version 1.0