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Travels of the Moonlight Venturer is a One-Time Domain located in Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula at Luhua Pool.


  1. Cross the bridge and fight 5 Treasure Hoarders. There is an Exquisite Chest here.
  2. Activate the mechanism and cross the 2 bridges.
  3. Fight 3 Treasure Hoarders. There is a Common Chest here.
  4. Activate the mechanism and glide upwards using the wind current.
  5. Fight 3 Treasure Hoarders. There is another Common Chest here.
  6. Jump across vanishing platforms to reach a permanent mid-point platform.
    • Move to the edge and wait until the last second before jumping to the next platform.
  7. (Optional) Glide over to another permanent platform to the left. There is an Exquisite Chest here.
  8. (Optional) Use the pressure plate to activate the vanishing platforms to return to the mid-point platform.
  9. Jump across vanishing platforms to reach the final area.
  10. Fight 4 Treasure Hoarders.
  11. Go up the stairs and fight 5 Treasure Hoarders, followed by 1 Fatui Pyro Agent and 4 Treasure Hoarders. There is a Precious Chest here.


First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 50,000 Mora

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishTravels of the Moonlit Venturer
Shuǐ Yuè Xiáxíng Jì
The Journey of Water and Moon
Shuǐ Yuè Xiáxíng Jì
SpanishTravesía del caballero bajo la luna
FrenchChroniques du Héros de la lune aqueuseChronicles of the Aqueous Moon Hero
RussianПутешествия лунного рыцаря
Puteshestviya lunnogo rytsarya
VietnameseDu Ký Thủy Nguyệt
GermanVom Helden im MondlichtOf the Hero in Moonlight
IndonesianPerjalanan Pengembara Sinar BulanThe Journey of the Moonlight Traveler
PortugueseViagens do Aventureiro Iluminado pela Lua

Change History

Released in Version 1.0