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Traveling Doctor is an Artifact Set available at 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star rarities which can be obtained from Valley of Remembrance, Chests, Elite Enemies, Investigation, Xigu Antiques, and Normal Bosses.

Dropped By

6 Normal Bosses drop Traveling Doctor:

Enemy Ruin Serpent Icon.png Lv. 1+ Ruin Serpent

All Lv. 1+ Elite Enemies drop Traveling Doctor.


Item Traveling Doctor's Silver Lotus.png Traveling Doctor's Silver Lotus

A precious medicinal ingredient that has lost all medicinal value after years in storage.

The doctor traveled across the land in search of rare herbs, with the zeal of an adventurer.
On a steep cliff between slippery rocks, she found this silver lotus.
The lotus was never made into medicine, but its scent gave her the strength to go on from that day forward.

Item Traveling Doctor's Owl Feather.png Traveling Doctor's Owl Feather

The durable feather of an owl. Emblematic of nocturnal supremacy, it gave some encouragement to the Traveling Doctor when venturing out to visit patients late at night.

Even the pitch-black night could not stand between the traveling doctor and her patients.
Danger lurks in every corner at night. Those who venture out must be as vigilant as the owl.
But unlike the owl, the endless nights without rest eventually took their toll on the traveling doctor, and she fell ill.

Item Traveling Doctor's Pocket Watch.png Traveling Doctor's Pocket Watch

A precise instrument used for keeping time. For a doctor, every second counts.

When treating a dying patient, every second counts.
The accuracy of this watch had helped the traveling doctor turn the tide numerous times.
But as she lay alone on the sickbed in her final days, all she could do was savor its sound, each tick standing for one of the precious moments of life she had left.
What used to be a tool to save lives now sang a final elegy for its owner.

Item Traveling Doctor's Medicine Pot.png Traveling Doctor's Medicine Pot

This pot used to carry concentrated and extremely potent concoctions. It is now empty, but still gives off a strong smell of medicine.

The medicine has long dried up, but its bitter smell still lingers in this pot.
With that bitter medicine, the traveling doctor saved countless lives.
And when she fell seriously ill, no one was there for her except for the medicine pot on the furnace.

Item Traveling Doctor's Handkerchief.png Traveling Doctor's Handkerchief

Used to tie back the doctor's hair when treating patients. Can also be used as a sling for sprains and broken arms in emergencies.

Back when the traveling doctor roamed from place to place, her days were busy and she hurried between appointments.
Come sun or rain, nothing could keep her from her work.
This handkerchief not only protected her messy hair, it also served as a bandage.
It saw her through all her hardships and became her most loyal partner on her journey.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishTraveling Doctor
Yóu Yī
Traveling Doctor
Yóu Yī
Korean떠돌이 의사
Tteodori Uisa
Wanderer Doctor
SpanishMédica ItineranteTraveling Doctor
FrenchMédecin itinérantTraveling Doctor
ThaiTraveling Doctor
VietnameseThầy ThuốcPhysician
GermanWanderarztTraveling Physician
IndonesianTraveling Doctor
PortugueseO Doutor viajanteThe Traveling Doctor[• 1]
  1. Portuguese: O Doutor is a masculine term.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0