About the windmills...

Paimon: Mondstadt has so many windmills, doesn't it?
(Traveler): Well, the city is built above water, so it probably relies on the windmills to draw the water upwards.
Paimon: That's correct! The winds blow through Mondstadt all year, so this supply of water is very stable.
Paimon: Also, windmills are what they call "visible winds" — and wind chimes are the "audible winds".
Paimon: Paimon guesses they can be thought of as mascots and prayers to the Anemo Archon for protection.
(Traveler): Ah, mascots. So, like you then Paimon?
Paimon: No! Not at all! They're made of wood, and you can't eat them in an emergency either, cause all you'd do is grind your teeth down!
(Traveler): Hm...
(Traveler): ...I don't know what to say to that.

About the tavern owner...

(Traveler): I've heard that if you give tavern owners a considerable tip, they'll be willing to share some information on the down low.
Paimon: You mean the Angel's Share? But Master Diluc seems like a very rich man.
Paimon: How big a tip is "considerable," anyway?
(Traveler): Uh... Maybe I might have heard wrong.
(Traveler): Or maybe I might have heard this rumor in another world...
Paimon: You sure have been to many worlds, haven't you?

About Cider Lake...

Paimon: Cider Lake never freezes, no matter what time of the year it is.
Paimon: The best apple ciders in Mondstadt can only be made using the fresh water from this lake.
Paimon: It really does taste great! Paimon could drink two big bottles in a second!
(Traveler): Wow.
Paimon: Tee-hee!
(Traveler): With your size, I can't believe that you can drink that much liquid...
(Traveler): ...And not explode like an Anemo Slime.
Paimon: Oh — Paimon's got a special stomach just for tasty drinks!
(Traveler): A special stomach? ...I have so many questions about how this world works.

About the Library's restricted section...

(Traveler): About those books in the "restricted section" that Lisa mentioned...
(Traveler): Have you ever wondered what sort of books might be kept in there?
(Traveler): Perhaps...
(Traveler): ...It contains books not suitable for children.
Paimon: Huh? But "The Boar Princess" isn't in the restricted section!
Paimon: What could be even more unsuitable for children than that? ...Hmm, Paimon's curious...

About effort and reward...

Paimon: Paimon finds that hard work hardly works here in Mondstadt.
(Traveler): Why do you say that?
Paimon: Just look at Huffman from the Knights of Favonius. He does his best at his duties every day...
Paimon: But the ever-relaxed Captain Kaeya is his boss.
(Traveler): Hmm, but isn't Jean, who works the hardest, the Acting Grand Master?
Paimon: W-Well, how about this, then...
Paimon: Venti's the god of Mondstadt, and he's the laziest of them all!

About the Goth Grand Hotel...

(Traveler): Sure would be nice to spend a night at the Goth Grand Hotel...
Paimon: Paimon thinks so too!
Paimon: The rooms are sure to be big and clean.
(Traveler): Still, I've heard Mr. Goth say that they've had all kinds of strange problems ever since the Fatui moved in.
(Traveler): The Electro Cicins that their mages brought in attracted a lot of dust with static electricity, which ended up killing a lot of those Cicins.
(Traveler): Then, someone mixed up the mist grass pollen and the pepper...
(Traveler): And the Agents ended up brawling amongst themselves, each insisting that the other owed them money for wine.
Paimon: ...Hang in there, Goth Grand Hotel...

About the way the wind blows...

(Traveler): Everyone says that Mondstadt is the land of the wind.
(Traveler): But I wonder which direction the seasonal winds come from.
Paimon: Why don't we ask Venti?
(Traveler): He'll probably just dodge the question with a "hehe" or something...
Paimon: True. The Anemo Archon is just a Tone-Deaf Bard. What does he know about the wind?

About alchemy...

(Traveler): So alchemy is practiced out on the streets here in Mondstadt, huh.
Paimon: Is that so strange?
(Traveler): In many of the worlds I've been to in the past, alchemy has always been a secretive art.
(Traveler): Watching alchemy being practiced as a part of daily life is like being in a world where people all have three stomachs...
Paimon: Ha, Paimon thinks only having one stomach is weird.
(Traveler): Uh...
(Traveler): Are you serious?
Paimon: Hehe. Why don't you guess?

About Teyvat...

(Traveler): Teyvat's day and night both seem particularly short.
(Traveler): The skies here are full of stars, but they aren't the same as the ones back home.
(Traveler): I wonder if the fates of people from Teyvat are also related to their constellation?
Paimon: Oh? Do you know how to read the stars, too? That's amazing! Not a lot of people outside of Sumeru can do it.
Paimon: Paimon's curious! Come on, do a reading for me, quick!
(Traveler): Hmm...
(Traveler): The night sky pictured on Paimon's cape... flows with the light of many stars, and also of the deep ocean...
(Traveler): The movement of these stars... tells me that... in, say, seven day from now...
Paimon: In seven days what?
(Traveler): Something good, or something bad, might occur...
Paimon: Heh, your prediction sounds as rock solid as a Geo Slime... And about as brainy, too.

About the God of Freedom...

(Traveler): On the way back to Mondstadt after we rescued Dvalin...
(Traveler): That was the first time we truly saw one of the Seven Archons. So that's the sort of god he is...
Paimon: Hmm? Haven't we known Venti for quite a while now?
(Traveler): I'm referring to his... aspect as the Anemo Archon, Barbatos.
(Traveler): He was hiding his true divinity behind the facade of a bard.
(Traveler): "Can freedom mandated by the god of freedom be considered freedom at all?"
(Traveler): I'm still considering the answer to that question he asked Dvalin...

About Mondstadt's terrain...

Paimon: Mondstadt is full of wide plains and rolling hills.
Paimon: People say that when Barbatos made this land, he used the storm to flatten the cliffs and valleys...
(Traveler): Still, it looks like he missed a few spots.
Paimon: Like Starsnatch Cliff?
(Traveler): Exactly
(Traveler): It looks like a nozzle that wasn't smoothed out in the modeling stage.
Paimon: What's a nozzle?

About couplets...

Paimon: Paimon's heard that couplets are a traditional art form in Liyue. If you can write a line that works as a second half to one that someone else has written, you'll be well paid!
Paimon: But linking the couplet is hard, so it's not easy money.
Paimon: Not only does the rhythm need to match, but the meaning has to as well.
(Traveler): Hmm, care to give an example?
Paimon: Uh... "Windrise's winds never churn."
(Traveler): ...Um, "But the Sea of Clouds' clouds always return."
Paimon: Huh.
Paimon: Let's not waste time here. We've got some money to make!

About "Don't play with food, or with money..."

Paimon: There's a saying of Rex Lapis' that's common used here in Liyue. Paimon thinks its rough meaning is... "Don't play with your money."
Paimon: It's because the first More were minted from his golden form and given to humans in trust.
(Traveler): Kaeya sure seems to enjoy playing with his money...
Paimon: And that's why you shouldn't learn from him.
(Traveler): I remember that someone once told me not to play with my food.
Paimon: Yup, yup. You've got to respect your food.
Paimon: ...Wh-What are you looking at Paimon for?

About Heart's Desire...

Paimon: Walk in seven clockwise circles, then walk in seven anticlockwise circles, then open your eyes...
(Traveler): Are you sleepwalking?
Paimon: Nope! Paimon is just trying to see if that antique shop from "Heart's Desire" actually exists!
(Traveler): Well, assuming that a shop in a story does exist, what would you like to buy, Paimon?
Paimon: A Slime Creator?
(Traveler): Does such a thing even exist?

About the Guhua Clan...

(Traveler):Lately, some Guhua Clan disciples have been retelling an ancient story.
Paimon: The Guhua Clan, huh? Paimon bets It's a heroic story!
(Traveler):Several male disciples decided to partake of a contest of arms to see who would marry their female junior, and she approved.
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon's heard of this one. In Liyue, they call this story "a joust for a spouse!"
(Traveler):But the night before the contest, she stole the oldest disciple's favorite sword.
Paimon: Ah, so she wanted him to lose... Poor guy...
(Traveler):I know, right? Forced to use a sword he wasn't used to, the eldest disciple suffered a crushing defeat.
(Traveler):Unable to accept this result, he fell to his knees and wept.
Paimon: Oh no... He must have really loved her, right?
(Traveler):In the end, he was forced to... marry her in front of everyone. Hahaha.
Paimon: Wait... so the loser had to marry her?!

About Dihua Marsh...

Paimon: Did you know the reeds in Dihua Marsh are common materials used in making paper?
Paimon: The solid reed cores are used to make pens, while the hollow part is used to make flutes. It's all very sophisticated.
Paimon: Over the years, many heroes and swordsmen have also chosen Dihua Marsh as the location of their duels.
Paimon: The more reeds, the more elegant the place. But in places where the reeds are the thickest, the water can be quite deep...
Paimon: So there are lots of unlucky duelists who fall in and drown while the duel is on...
(Traveler): And what's my takeaway from all of this supposed to be?
Paimon: Don't get into a fight in Dihua Marsh!

About the Gentelman Bird...

Paimon: I've heard that in Liyue, people call the crane the "gentleman bird."
(Traveler): And do you know why that is?
Paimon: Hmm... Paimon's not quite sure...
(Traveler): Well then, let me tell you the story of the lucky crane repaying its debts.
(Traveler): A long, long time ago, there was a kind-hearted scholar who saved a lucky crane that had fallen into a trap.
(Traveler): Later, on a cold winter's night, a beautiful maiden came to his door, asking to lodge with him.
(Traveler): The maiden shouldered a greatsword on her back, and taught all that she knew of swordsmanship to the scholar, supervising him as he studied day and night.
Paimon: Whoa...
(Traveler): Once he had finished his training, he went out into the wilds with the maiden to do good and fight for justice.
(Traveler): Ten years later, the lucky crane took the form of a gentleman, and finally came to return the favor, but discovered the couple had already lived out a fortuitous life...
(Traveler): And that is the story known as "The Gentleman's 10-Year Debt."
Paimon: Eh?

About Jueyun Karst...

(Traveler): Rumor has it that Jueyun Karst is the adobe of the adepti.
Paimon: Wow - the adobe of the adepti!
(Traveler): Perhaps we'll meet the adepti on those cloud-piercing mountain peaks.
Paimon: Wow - meeting adepti!
(Traveler): But I wonder, how would one normally communicate with the adepti?
Paimon: Wow - communicating with adepti!
(Traveler): Hmm. My emergency rations seem to be going bad. Best to consume them quickly...
Paimon: *cough* Ahem. Well... Paimon thinks that shouting from the mountaintop should work.
(Traveler): That seems more like a way for getting the attention of a hilichurl, rather than an adeptus.

About divine predictions in Liyue...

Paimon: Come to think of it, while Rex Lapis enjoys visiting his people in private, he only descends officially once every year.
Paimon: None of the other gods do this. Does Rex Lapis have any deeper intentions?
(Traveler): I have my guesses...
(Traveler): You see, those annual divine predictions have already captured the hearts of the people of Liyue too much.
(Traveler): Round and around they analyze and scrutinize every single word, finding limitless "hidden meanings" within them...
(Traveler): What do you think would happen to Liyue if such divine predictions were available every day?
Paimon: Ah!
Paimon: Paimon gets it now. Paimon would be offering Rex Lapis' favorite snack to him every single day!
If you could just get Mora straight from Morax's hands, who would ever need to do a day of honest work?
(Traveler): You made... some logical leaps, but that's basically how it is.

About Benny's Adventure Team...

Paimon: If you want to adventure together with Benny's Adventure Team, you have to come prepared.
Paimon: Domains are very dangerous, so you should always take care to double- and triple-check your supplies in advance.
Paimon: Paimon's heard that the Adventurers' Guild has compiled a list of 463 different ways of dying in these domains...
Paimon: If Bennett got you killed by accident, Paimon and Bennett would never forgive ourselves!
(Traveler): ...Why am I the only one dying here?
Paimon: Well, that's because according to the numbers, Paimon can avoid 322 causes of death just by floating!
(Traveler): I suddenly don't feel like exploring these domains...

About Bennett...

(Traveler): I've heard that Albert, being the leader of Barbara's fan club...
(Traveler): ...Sometimes gets some bumps and bruises on purpose so that he can go to the Cathedral to see her.
Paimon: Paimon feel like the Knights of Favonius should keep a closer watch on weirdos like that.
(Traveler): But it seems that a month later, Albert discovered that Bennett was managing to see Barbara far more than he was.
(Traveler): On second thought, Bennett does have the natural advantage when it comes to getting injured.
Paimon: What is this, a "let's bother Barbara" contest?

About being sisters...

(Traveler): Lisa and Amber feel a bit like sisters.
Paimon: Huh. Why's that?
(Traveler): Amber often runs errands for Lisa. Older siblings asking their younger siblings to do things for them so that they can slack off is a rather common practice...
(Traveler): But my sister and I are the same age, so we had to decide these things via rock-paper-scissors.
Paimon: Whoa. So, doesn't that make you my younger brother?
(Traveler): What do you mean?
Paimon: Well, since Paimon floats, you're the only one who can "run" any errands!
(Traveler): ...Seriously?

About Kaeya's eye patch...

(Traveler): Paimon, have you ever seen what Kaeya looks like under that eye patch?
Paimon: Nope.
(Traveler): So, it would seem he never takes it off...
Paimon: Actually, Paimon already knows why!
(Traveler): Oh?
Paimon: He must be hiding some big secret!
(Traveler): Really, a secret?
Paimon: See, Kaeya heads out for assignment more often than anyone else.
Paimon: So the skin under that eye patch has to be way lighter than the rest of him.
(Traveler): So if he ever takes that eye patch off...
Paimon: He'll definitely become the butt of everyone's jokes. Maybe he'll even get a weird nickname!
Paimon: Like, say, "Pasty Eye!"
(Traveler): Guess he didn't need to take it off to get a weird nickname...

About Kaeya and Diluc...

Paimon: Strange...
(Traveler): What's wrong?
Paimon: Diluc and Kaeya are really alike, so why don't they get along?
(Traveler): How are they alike, again?
Paimon: Kaeya's the sort of guy who fights dirty, even out in the open.
Paimon: Diluc is the sort who does upright things... but in secret.
Paimon: Don't you think they're quite alike?
(Traveler): If only I could see where.

About measuring fighting strength...

(Traveler): If a hilichurl could beat, say, three wild boars...
(Traveler): How many hilichurls would make the difference between Master Jean and Master Diluc?
Paimon: If you've heard the way everyone talks in Mondstadt, you'd know that Master Jean is the strongest.
(Traveler): I'd say that if Diluc strikes first, Master Jean wouldn't be able to counter.
Paimon: She'll find a way.
(Traveler): There's no way.
Paimon: Master Jean's Elemental Burst is really strong, you know.
(Traveler): Yes, but that "field" would also make Diluc stronger.
Paimon: Paimon doesn't think Master Jean would even need her Vision to take on Master Diluc.
(Traveler): Diluc would only need a beginner's greatsword to...
Paimon: Uh...
(Traveler): Ugh...
(Traveler): We're so lame.
(Traveler): They both fight for Mondstadt, so they wouldn't come to blows.
Paimon: That's why Paimon thinks we need to use hilichurls as a common unit of strength.
Paimon: And by the way, Paimon probably counts for one-fifth of a wild boar.

About Razor...

Paimon: (Traveler), you know what a brush is, right?
(Traveler): Of course! Kinda like pens but with animal hair at one end for calligraphy, right?
Paimon: That's correct! They say that finely-made brushes sell for high prices among Liyue's merchants!
(Traveler): So, would you like to make some, too?
Paimon: Uh-huh! But the wild wolves are too firece, so we should use Razor's fur to make brushes instead!
Paimon: Razor's fur is all downy and soft. It'll definitely make great wolf-fur brushes! We could make lots of Mora like this!
(Traveler): Brushes made like that would conduct electricity. I'm not sure we could use them.
(Traveler): Besides, Razor isn't a wolf, nor are wolf-fur brushes made from actual wolves' fur...
Paimon: Eh? Why are they called wolf-fur brushes, then?
(Traveler): Well, does Cider Lake look like it's full of cider to you?
Paimon: Hmm. You have a point.

About Klee...

Paimon: Klee's a really interesting kid.
Paimon: All the Knights seem to like her, too. You could even say they spoil her.
(Traveler): I wonder who makes the better mascot - Paimon, or Klee?
(Traveler): Oh wait, I forgot. Paimon's not a mascot, Paimon's emergency-
Paimon: Hmph. Paimon knows exactly what you're going to say. That joke stopped being funny a long time ago.

About the "wondermaid"...

Paimon: It's time for Paimon's Little Life Tips!
(Traveler): "Little Life Tips?"
Paimon: In Mondstadt, if there's something you can't fix, or something that you can't get clean, no matter what you do...
Paimon: If you ever run into something you can't handle yourself, you just need to shout this name into the sky:
Paimon: "Noeeeelle!"
Paimon: And everything that's troubling you will be swept away in an instant.
(Traveler): So this is one of the tricks to living in Mondstadt? Pretty impressive...

About Beidou...

Paimon: How do you become as popular and cool as Captain Beidou?
(Traveler): With enough experience...?
Paimon: Paimon's already seen lots of things from adventuring together with you!
(Traveler): One also needs to experience tials and setbacks...
Paimon: Paimon almost drowned that one time...
(Traveler): ...Maintain an inspirational disposition...
Paimon: Uh-huh! Paimon's always rooted for you!
(Traveler): One must also have a... mature outlook towards problems.
Paimon: Hey! Are you just trying to say that Paimon can't make it?

About Ningguang...

Paimon: How does a person become as rich, or as rich, or as super rich as Lady Ningguang?
(Traveler): Is that the only impression she gives you? Riches?
Paimon: Well, there's the huge Jade Chamber, too! But isn't that also made of Mora?
(Traveler): Well, you need an excellent mind...
Paimon: Paimon's really good at giving people nicknames!
(Traveler): You need to be very familiar with the workings of the markets...
Paimon: A serving of Fisherman's Toast goes for 1025 Mora, and no discounts even on rainy days.
(Traveler): You also need to be willing to work really hard...
Paimon: So... how do you make friends with a really rich person?
(Traveler): Wait, you're giving up already!?

About Qiqi being a zombie...

Paimon: Umm... Do you think that Qiqi... needs to drink blood?
(Traveler): That's not a zombie, Paimon, that's a vampire.
Paimon: Then, will she transform during a full moon?
(Traveler): Werewolves, Paimon. Not zombies.
Paimon: Huh. As expected of a traveler. You really know a lot!
Paimon: So, what special thing can zombies do?
(Traveler): Exercises?
Paimon: Oh, that makes a lot of sense! So, the ones that do exercises are zombies - got it!

About gliding...

Paimon: Come on, (Traveler), Paimon'll teach you how to fly!
Paimon: Three, two, one!
(Traveler): Ah, Paimon's gone.
(Traveler): Well, whatever. I'm tired. Let's just sit here for a bit...
(Traveler): I'm flying with you in my heart... Mm...

About slimes...

Paimon: What sort of slime do you like the most, (Traveler)?
(Traveler): Pyro Slime, I suppose. You can feel their warmth just by getting close. That's something that you'll need in winter.
Paimon: That's very practical, as expected of a traveler.
(Traveler): What about you, Paimon?
Paimon: Paimon likes them all! They're all very tasty!
(Traveler): Tasty, huh...
Paimon: Turning slimes into bubbly, lovely jubbly meals is the Paimon Special!
(Traveler): W-Well then...
(Traveler): I suppose that's one more thing I can eat before you become emergency rations then, huh Paimon?
Paimon: Paimon would rather not be on that list at all!

About hilichurls...

(Traveler): Do you think that we're too harsh on the hilichurls?
Paimon: Well... sometimes we kinda seem like children who just can't resist kicking the hornet's nest...
(Traveler): I think we're doing more than just kicking it...

About the Sleepers...

(Traveler): The "Sleeper tribe..." The hilichurls sure have interesting tribe names.
Paimon: The Sleeper tribe will take any opportunity they can to take a nap.
Paimon: Paimon's heard that their animal-skin beds are really soft. Would you like to try them?
(Traveler): Not going to try it yourself, Paimon?
Paimon: Paimon can sleep while floating! The air is the softest bed. Pretty sweet, huh?
(Traveler): ...Just a litte.

About the Meaties...

(Traveler): The "Meaty tribe," huh... These hilichurls pick the funniest names.
Paimon: The hilichurls of the Meaty tribe make regular sacrifices. The altars they build are really huge.
(Traveler): What do they pray for?
Paimon: "For meat to eat everyday!" It's an awesome wish, isn't it?
(Traveler): ...I suppose I should have expected that answer.

About the Eclipse tribe...

(Traveler): The "Eclipse tribe..." So the hilichurls have normal-sounding tribe names like these, too.
Paimon: The hilichurls of the Eclipse tribe are really mysterious.
Paimon: All the hilichurls of that tribe can draw an eclipse symbol.
Paimon: But rumor has it that only the Dada Samachurl of the Eclipse tribe knows why the Eclipse symbol is so revered within their tribe.
(Traveler): An Eclipse symbol...
Paimon: Hmm? Did you say something, (Traveler)?
(Traveler): Ah. I was asking you what sort of soup you'd like to have tonight.
Paimon: Can't stop thinking about food, huh? Seems like you'd be more at home in the Meaty tribe than the Eclipse tribe. But anyway, Paimon wants boar soup. Thanks!

About riches...

Paimon: Paimon... doesn't feel so good...
(Traveler): What's the matter?
Paimon: Paimon hasn't opened a treasure chest in so long. If this keeps up...
(Traveler): If this keeps up, you'll one day get caught in a hunting trap with a single Mora as bait...
Paimon: Hey! Paimon floats, so that'll never work.

About weight gain...

Paimon: Wow, we've really had a lot of good food recently, haven't we?
Paimon: You know what they say - have food, will travel!
(Traveler): Hmm... Won't you be unable to fly if you get fat?
Paimon: Nope! Paimon never gets fat!
(Traveler): Huh...
Paimon: So paimon demands more food!
(Traveler): Ever eating but never growing... Don't you fail as emergency rations, then?
Paimon: Yeah, yeah... Well, you sure don't seem to have any other candidates... So, looks like you'll have to make do with Paimon.

About cat people and dog people...

Paimon: Which do you like more, cats or dogs?
(Traveler): I prefer Paimon.
Paimon: Aww, that's cheating...
Paimon: Wait, no! Paimon's not a pet!

About the sound of the ocean...

Paimon: People say that if you put a starconch close to your ear, you can hear the whispers of the ocean!
(Traveler): Do you want to give it a go, Paimon?
Paimon: No need, Paimon just heard it!
(Traveler): Oh? And what did the ocean say?
Paimon: The ocean said... that it's time to eat, so let's go! Paimon wants some Fisherman's Toast!

About rock, paper, scissors...

Paimon: We should get something tasty to eat! Uh, but Paimon doesn't wanna have to go get it...
(Traveler): Shall we decide with a game of rock-paper-scissors, then?
Paimon: Ooh, okay!
(Traveler): Alright then. Rock, paper—
Paimon: —Super Paimon Tornado!
(Traveler): ...What?

About relaxing...

Paimon: Phew! Paimon's been so tired recently. Do you have a recommended method of relaxing?
(Traveler): Uhh... Sleeping?
Paimon: Sleeping's boring.
(Traveler): Reading?
Paimon: Paimon'll get dizzy.
(Traveler): *sigh* Okay.. Having a chat with some friends?
Paimon: ...Ugh.
Paimon: But we're talking about things that require thinking.
Paimon: And not thinking is more relaxing!
(Traveler): And thus the "Paimon Paradox," famed in the histories of philosophy in Teyvat, was put forth...

About dietary differences...

(Traveler): Liyue's cuisine is very different from that of Mondstadt.
(Traveler): For example, you can hardly find spicy fried dishes anywhere in Mondstadt.
Paimon: That's why they say that "people are a reflection of their environment," right?
Paimon: Hmm... But why do all of Teyvat's slimes taste the same, then?
(Traveler): That's because you only know one way of cooking them...

About adventure stories...

(Traveler): Paimon, have you ever read "Vera's Melancholy" before?
Paimon: Well, it sure sounds familiar!
(Traveler): That book's pretty popular, and I've heard that the author made a tidy sum off of it...
Paimon: *sigh* Paimon would love to make lots and lots of Mora.
Paimon: Hmm... It's decided, then! Paimon will write an adventure story as well!
(Traveler): A tale of adventure, by Paimon?
Paimon: Correct! It'll be a story in which the brave traveler defeats the dragon, saves the world...
Paimon: And then sits with his reliable companion for ten servings of Sticky Honey Roast!
(Traveler): Ten?
Paimon: Uh-huh! A happy ending attracts the readers, after all!
Paimon: It's decided, then! We'll call it "Paimon's Happiness!"
(Traveler): Wait, what?

About nightmares...

Paimon: Have you ever had super spooky nightmares before, (Traveler)?
(Traveler): Um, I've dreamed of falling through endless darkness...
(Traveler): Without a wind glider.
Paimon: Eek...
(Traveler): I've also dreamed of my sister walking away from me, while I'm unable to catch up to her no matter fast I run.
(Traveler): ...She tells me that I've "come too late."
Paimon: Oh...
Paimon: That's quite different from Paimon's experience.
Paimon: Paimon's scariest dream was being eaten by a super giant slime.

About Seelie...

(Traveler): Where do those treasure-chasing Seelie come from, I wonder?
Paimon: Maybe they grow out of the ground - or maybe they fall from trees?
Paimon: Well, Paimon doesn't know where they come from, but where there are Seelie, treasure's not far away!
(Traveler): Still... why do I feel a certain sadness every time they touch those treasures?
Paimon: Hmm?
(Traveler): No, it's probably just my imagination.
Paimon: Well... if you don't want the treasure, Paimon can hang onto it for you, free of charge!

About someone unforgettable...

Paimon: Has anyone left a big impression on you during our recent travels?
Paimon: For Paimon, that's Sara.
(Traveler): Timmie.
Paimon: Eh? Why him?
(Traveler): His face comes to mind every time I've eaten a Sweet Madame recently... Really makes it hard to chow down.

About language...

Paimon: You learn new things so quickly.
Paimon: You've already got such a good grasp of Teyvat's language.
(Traveler): You're a good teacher, Paimon.
Paimon: Hehehe...
(Traveler): Who knows, maybe the quality of your nasty nicknames will improve, someday.

About Paimon's species...

(Traveler): What monster made the deepest impression on you?
Paimon: Monsters, huh... Probably... Ruin Guards.
(Traveler): Does a Ruin Guard really count as a monster? It's more like a machine...
Paimon: Paimon thinks that you can call anything that causes us trouble and needs to be defeated a "monster."
Paimon: Just like how we can call anything that can be hunted "prey."
(Traveler): Is that so... Well then, I think I'm finally able to classify you now Paimon.
Paimon: Eh? What do you mean?
(Traveler): You can be hooked and reeled in... therefore, you're a fish!
Paimon: Hmph!

About storing weapons...

Paimon: Hey, do that again! You know, that thing!
(Traveler): Which one?
Paimon: The one where you make you weapon disappear with a swish, and then, fwoosh - you make it appear behind your back again!
(Traveler): Oh, that. Haven't you seen that a ton already?
Paimon: But Paimon hasn't figured out how you do it yet. Can you explain it?
(Traveler): Well, can you explain how you suddenly appear in front of me, and then disappear just as suddenly?
Paimon: Uh... well... Paimon seems to have always been able to do this. But Paimon doesn't know how...
(Traveler): Precisely. I believe that the art of putting my weapon away follows the same principle.
(Traveler): Maybe it's this similarity that makes us such good friends?

About chests...

Paimon: (Traveler), what do you think of treasure chests?
(Traveler): I believe that they were left behind by great travelers who once passed this way.
(Traveler): Every time I open one and look at its contents, I can feel a certain kinship with those who came before...
Paimon: And that's how you get adventure experience!

About eyes...

Paimon: Look into Paimon's eyes!
(Traveler): Something the matter?
Paimon: Kaeya said that peoples' eyes will betray them.
Paimon: He can tell if someone is telling the truth or not just by looking into their eyes.
(Traveler): Huh...
Paimon: Paimon loves Fisherman's Toast!
(Traveler): That should be the truth. Haha, well, that's also because you love everything that can be eaten.
Paimon: Hehe.
(Traveler): Speaking of looking into people's eyes... I remember one gaze that left a particularly deep impression on me.
Paimon: Whose gaze was that?
(Traveler): A Ruin Guard's. Really made me want to poke its eye out...

About imitating others...

Paimon: Ugh, Paimon's so bored... So tired...
(Traveler): Well, since we're bored either way, wanna imitate the other Knights for fun?
Paimon: Eh? Isn't that a bit disrespectful?
(Traveler): Haha, I see you already have the knightly virtue of modesty and politeness. Very impressive.
Paimon: Hey! You've started already, haven't you?

About the luck of the draw...

Paimon: *gurgle*
(Traveler): Hmm? Are there pigeons around?
Paimon: No, Paimon's just hungry.
Paimon: Hmm... What Paimon needs right now is a traveler who can whip up some delicious Sticky Honey Roast.
Paimon: So, who's going to be the lucky traveler? Hmm?

About the God of Contracts...
About the "idol"...
About Fischl...
About pets...
About saving money...

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