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To Treat the Well-Meaning Well is the sixth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.


  1. Find the next person who lost their Vision
  2. Talk to Kurosawa
  3. Go and stop the Treasure Hoarders from looting Kurosawa's house
    • Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
    • Talk to the Treasure Hoarders
  4. Talk to Aoi in the general goods shop and find out what happened
  5. Talk to Kurosawa


  • Although Aoi asks for 2,000 Mora, the amount is not actually deducted from the player's inventory.


(After completing The Meaning of Meaningless Waiting)
Paimon: According to Miss Kamisato, the second one who lost their Vision is a samurai from the Tenryou Commission.

Inazuma City

(Upon approaching the suburbs of Inazuma City)
Paimon: They say the Tenryou Commission is directly controlled by the shogun. They're the ones responsible for maintaining law and order in Inazuma — the ones actually enforcing the Vision Hunt Decree.
Paimon: But why would they take action against one of their own?
Paimon: Paimon doesn't get it... Huh? There seems to be some commotion over there, let's go see what's happening!
Oomori: I'll ask one more time... Do you intend to withhold this month's emergency provisions?
Yuuya: The entire clan is counting on that food. We demand an explanation!
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: How many times do I have to say it... I don't know anything about emergency provisions.
Oomori: You dare deceive us! Those provisions are essential, do you understand? Not some goods to be pocketed by greedy samurai!
Yuuya: You samurai think that you can just do whatever you please!? The Tenryou Commission will hear of this!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Emergency provisions... like emergency food?
Oomori: Huh? And who are you? One of Kurosawa's gang, no doubt?
Paimon: What? We just happened to be passing by.
Paimon: We heard the commotion and came to see what the matter was.
Oomori: I see, you seem to have come just at the right time. Perhaps you can help us settle this matter.
Oomori: This is Kurosawa, he's a samurai and a member of the Shogun's Army. They issue emergency provisions to the area, and he's the one responsible for distribution.
Oomori: In the past we'd simply ask him for provisions and everything would be delivered. Now, he suddenly refuses to give us anything!
Oomori: He's keeping the provisions for himself, I just know it! We'll starve without them!
Yuuya: No one seems to care about us... We used to think Kurosawa was a kind man, but he's shown his true colors. He's the same as all the other samurai.
Yuuya: It's no wonder all the Visions have been confiscated. The Raiden Shogun doesn't need people like him helping her rule the nation.
Paimon: This must be one of the people Ayaka asked us to help. But why would she ever want us to help someone like him?
Paimon: Maybe we should talk to Kurosawa and see what he has to say.
(Talk to Oomori again)
Oomori: A person without a conscience is a person without honor!
(Talk to Yuuya again)
Yuuya: The emergency provisions... what [sic] will we do without them?

(Talk to Kurosawa)
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I've never even heard of these emergency provisions!
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I don't know whether it's rumors or whether they're trying to blackmail me, but either way it's ridiculous. If I was hoarding supplies, would I still be the poor man I am today?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: My own family can barely get by as it is... Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got other matters to attend to.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We heard that you lost your Vision recently.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: That's the first bit of truth I've heard all day. The Shogun's Army told me that I was unworthy of my Vision — they said I was slacking off in my work. Apparently I'd even disappointed the Raiden Shogun. That's why they confiscated my Vision.
Paimon: Well that's strange, you were helping enforce the Vision Hunt Decree. Why would you be unworthy of your Vision?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: To be perfectly honest... I don't seem to remember the details.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: All I know is that I would perform certain things every month, but I don't recall what they were.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: And it's not just that... I have this unsettling feeling like... like someone owes me something.
Paimon: Does it have to do with the missing emergency provisions?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I didn't take any! Like I said, if I was taking them for myself, I wouldn't be going through such hard times right now.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: To top it all off, my house was just raided by Treasure Hoarders... which is why I came here in the first place. I was chasing after them when I got held up by these two.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: If you don't believe me, go find the Treasure Hoarders yourself! If there were any emergency provisions to be had, they would've found them.
Paimon: Huh... He seems to be telling the truth.
Paimon: But we'd better confirm. Let's go round up those Treasure Hoarders and see what they have to say.
Paimon: We should be able to follow their tracks. They couldn't have gone too far.
(Talk to Kurosawa again)
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I never thought that one day I'd be relying on Treasure Hoarders to prove my innocence.
(Talk to Oomori again)
Oomori: Enough lies — cough up the provisions!
(Talk to Yuuya again)
Yuuya: *whimpering* How will we ever get by without those provisions...

Treasure Hoarders

(Upon approaching the Treasure Hoarders)
Ken: We really outdid ourselves this time!
Ken: All those samurai houses packed with goods, haha! We really hit the jackpot. I mean, besides that one house...
Tadao: You haven't seen anything yet, there'll be a lot more where this came from!
Tadao: Today's just the beginning. I'll be leading you all on an epic journey of pillage and plunder that will go down in hoarder history!
Gou: You da man, boss!
Paimon: These seem like the Treasure Hoarders we're after. Let's teach 'em a lesson!
(After defeating the Treasure Hoarders)
Ken: Ugh, there goes all the Mora... We worked hard to steal that, ya know!
Ken: C'mon boss, think of something!
Tadao: Ahem... Not bad, kid... Y—You ever think of joining the Treasure Hoarders? We could use someone like you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Forget it. Tell us all you know about Kurosawa.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not likely. Word has it you looted Kurosawa's house.
Tadao: Kurosawa? Oh... I remember.
Tadao: So he's the one who sent you after us, huh? Tsk, just our luck... I knew we shouldn't have hit that place.
Paimon: So what did you see inside? Was it stuffed with food supplies?
Tadao: Food supplies? You kidding? That place was a complete mess... All we found was a strange—looking box, hopefully with valuables inside.
Tadao: I didn't want anyone else to see it, so I was planning on opening it myself once we got back.
Tadao: But now that you've caught us, how about we make a deal? That little box for our freedom... Whaddya say?
Paimon: You've got a deal. Now show us what's in the box!
Ken: Huh!?
Tadao: What the!?
Gou: Th—There's nothing in here but IOUs!
Paimon: Yeah, a lot of them, too...
Paimon: And they all seem to be made out to the owner of a general goods store, a Miss Aoi... We're talking tons of Mora here!
Paimon: We'd better go talk to this Miss Aoi and get to the bottom of this.
Paimon: As for you guys, you're free to go. Just pray that our paths don't cross again!
Ken: Y—Yes, of course!
Gou: So we redeemed ourselves for some IOUs... does that mean we broke even?
Tadao: Shut it! Let's just get out of here!

Tsukumomono Groceries

(Talk to Aoi)
Aoi: Welcome to Tsukumomono Groceries, we've got everything you need. Can I help you find something?
Aoi: Or perhaps... there's something you want to inquire about?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About these IOUs...
Aoi: Ah, so you're friends of Kurosawa, I take it? Haha. Perhaps you're here to pay off his debts?
Paimon: Whoa, whoa, let's not get ahead of ourselves... We're just here to learn where they all came from.
Paimon: How did Kurosawa end up owing you so much money? Did he buy anything super—expensive here?
Aoi: Let me think...
Aoi: Kurosawa would come regularly to purchase large quantities of foodstuffs. He'd always put the payment on his own account.
Aoi: However, the price of provisions began to skyrocket recently, and his salary was no longer enough to cover the cost. So, he started writing out IOUs to cover whatever he couldn't afford of the usual amount.
Paimon: So that's how he was getting those emergency provisions...
Paimon: But why did he have to purchase a "usual" amount? If the prices increased, couldn't he just buy less?
Aoi: Well if you think about it, the citizens receiving the emergency provisions must have been carefully calculating how much they needed to sustain them each time.
Aoi: Kurosawa thought that it would be quite the disappointment for them if they found they didn't have enough. Especially after such long and careful planning.
Aoi: So he deemed it necessary to take on the debt rather than let the people down.
Paimon: Wow, Kurosawa was purchasing all the emergency provisions at his own expense...
Paimon: ...and no one ever appreciated what he did... They just complained and held him accountable...
Aoi: People's attitudes will always reflect their circumstances. In the face of hardship, nobody cares to think twice.
Aoi: If you ask me, had Kurosawa told everyone the truth about the supplies from the start, then there wouldn't be such a severe backlash now.
Aoi: Of course, I'm sure there would still have been some unrest. What he was doing was truly a thankless deed.
Aoi: As for why he chose to spend his own money on emergency provisions and never tell anyone... I'm still not too clear myself.
Aoi: If you're still curious, why don't you go ask him yourself?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Unfortunately, he doesn't remember.
Aoi: I see... That reminds me... it seems that his Vision was recently confiscated.
Aoi: Most unfortunate... If he doesn't clear the debt on his name, he'll have no choice but to sell that sword that is so dear to him.
Paimon: Sword? What sword?
Aoi: Didn't he tell you? He possesses a very valuable blade... He's carried it for years now.
Aoi: I've asked him about its origins — he told me that it was a gift from his father... that it was too precious to sell.
Aoi: In hindsight, I regret that I never made an offer on it... Everything has its price, at least that's what I think.
Aoi: Why don't you ask him about the sword yourself? Perhaps it'll even provide you with the answers you are looking for.
Aoi: Oh, but before you go, if you would kindly settle today's bill...
Paimon: Eh? But we didn't buy anything!
Aoi: Hehe, information is also a kind of commodity, wouldn't you agree?
Aoi: Don't worry, I won't charge much for information about Kurosawa. Nothing we ever discussed was explicitly confidential anyway. Let me think... 2,000 Mora should be a fair price.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Fair enough.
Paimon: At least we now know where the emergency provisions were coming from, plus we found out that Kurosawa has a priceless sword in his possession.
Paimon: Let's go talk to Kurosawa again and see if he can remember anything...


(Talk to Kurosawa)
Paimon: Umm, what are you doing here all by yourself? Where did those other two go?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I presented them with a choice: either they left or I drew my sword. They left.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: It turned out to be a real time—saver, actually. Perhaps I should start using it more often...
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: Did you manage to track down the Treasure Hoarders? Everything I said was true, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Actually...
You recount your encounter with the Treasure Hoarders and conversation with Aoi.
Paimon: That just about sums it up. It turns out that you really were distributing emergency provisions, but they were all purchased at your own expense.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: Strange... Is that really the kind of person I was?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I don't really have any such recollection. Even after all you've told me, I still don't remember anything.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: Why was I purchasing emergency provisions for everyone? And why would I put myself in such a difficult situation... *sigh* I really don't understand.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: But I cannot deny that when I brandished my sword to scare those two away, I could sense that my body was somehow reluctant to do so.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The sword...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Mind if we have a look?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: This sword was once wielded by my father.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I remember once when I was young, I wanted to sneak out with the blade and show it off to the kids next door. My father ended up catching me in the act and scolded me severely.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: What did he say... Huh. I can't seem to remember that either.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: It would seem that I forgot many important things when my Vision was taken from me. So many memories, gone forever, no matter how hard I try to remember.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: All I can remember now is my father telling me that this blade bore his life's creed. Before he passed away, he placed the sword in my hands...
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: ...and said to me, "With this sword, you should—"
Paimon: Hey... If you look carefully, there seems to be some words engraved on the hilt.
Paimon: Can you recognize the words?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The words are: "Virtue and Justice."
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: "Virtue and Justice"?
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: Somehow, those two words seem to explain everything now...
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: Taking on seemingly endless debts to make others happy. I guess that must have been my greatest ambition after all...
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: But what use are virtue and justice? I purchased the provisions for those in need, and look how things ended up.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: The Tenryou Commission seized my Vision, and the very people I was so desperately trying to help, refuse to understand me.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: And the irony of all of it is... I somehow still felt sorry when threatening them with my blade.
Kurosawa Kyounosuke: I'm incapable of being a good person... yet I'm equally unable to be bad. I—I don't know what to do with myself...
Paimon: Yet another troubled soul...
Paimon: When we get the chance, let's speak to Thoma about Kurosawa's debt. The Yashiro Commission would surely help cover his expenses.
Paimon: In any case, we must never let him sell off that sword.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Losing a Vision...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png no trifling matter.
Paimon: Yeah, seems like losing all ambition is a terrible experience.
Paimon: Fortunately for us, you don't have a Vision.
Paimon: Let's go find the next poor soul.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishTo Treat the Well-Meaning Well
Yuàn Rényì zhī Rén Bèi Rényì Yǐ Dài
May the Righteous be Treated with Righteousness
Yuàn Rényì zhī Rén Bèi Rényì Yǐ Dài
Jingi wo Toosu Hito ni wa Zen'i wo Motte Sessuru Beki
May the Righteous Be Treated With Good Will
Korean의로운 자가 의롭게 대해지는 세상이 되길
Uiro'un Ja-ga Uiropge Daehaejineun Sesang-i Doegil
May the World become a World Where the Righteous are treated Righteously
SpanishPagando la bondad con bondad
FrenchQue les bien intentionnés soient bien traitésMay the Well-Meaning Ones Be Treated Well
RussianК благосклонным относятся с благосклонностью
K blagosklonnym otnosyatsya s blagosklonnost'yu
The Favorable Are Treated with Favor
May Righteous People be Treated Righteously
VietnameseMong Thiện Giả Thiện Báo
GermanDen Gutmeinenden gut behandelnTo Treat the Well-Meaning Well
IndonesianMemperlakukan Niat Baik dengan BaikTreating a Good Intention Well
PortugueseTratar Bem Aqueles Com Boas IntençõesTo Treat Well Those with Good Intentions

Change History

Released in Version 2.0