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Tiny Miracle is an Artifact Set available at 3-star and 4-star rarities which can be obtained from Valley of Remembrance and Momiji-Dyed Court.


Item Tiny Miracle's Flower.png Tiny Miracle's Flower

A flower that grew from a rock, breaking through the stone as it strove to reach the light.

A little blue flower that sprouted between the cracks of an old tombstone.
The carvings on the tombstone are a legacy of death, yet what sprouted from its cracks was the miracle of life.

Item Tiny Miracle's Feather.png Tiny Miracle's Feather

A feather from a bird of prey that flies almost too fast for the human eye to detect.

Plucked from a falcon that was as fast as the wind. The mere existence of such a bird is a miracle.

It was gifted with clear vision and sharp claws.

With its broad wings, its gliding speed was unparalleled.

Item Tiny Miracle's Hourglass.png Tiny Miracle's Hourglass

Just an ordinary everyday hourglass. Turn it upside down and sure enough, the dry sand starts trickling down like water.

It is often said that one may achieve victory by striving, but receive a miracle only by waiting.

But is it not a miracle that fine sand was once a hard rock?

Is it not too a miracle that we met each other?

Item Tiny Miracle's Goblet.png Tiny Miracle's Goblet

A cup commonly used for fortunetelling. It can also hold water, of course.

A clear goblet glittering with starlight.

In the past it was used to tell fortunes,

For the water it held was believed to reflect the Starry Sea.

Item Tiny Miracle's Earrings.png Tiny Miracle's Earrings

A cheap accessory that is actually made from ancient meteoric ore.

An inexpensive pair of earrings made from metal that shines like the stars.

What the sellers don't know is that the shine of these earrings comes from the fallen stars of ancient times.

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Tiny Miracle
Japanese 奇跡
Korean 기적
Spanish Milagro
French MiracleMiracle
Russian Маленькое чудо
Malen'koye chudo
Small Miracle
Thai Tiny Miracle
Vietnamese Kỳ Tích
German WunderMiracle
Indonesian Tiny Miracle
Portuguese Pequeno MilagreSmall Miracle

Change History

Released in Version 1.0