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REMEMBER: Most of the entries are put on a certain chronological order with a very rough estimation of the time they happened in the Genshin Impact universe. All the entries have references taken from in-game items like books, weapons' descriptions, etc. as well as characters' stories, voice lines, and much more. The manga is also referenced. When certain entries need a better explanation than just a reference, notes will be provided.

The Three Moons and the Lunar Palace

  • ? - Aria, Sonnet, and Canon are three moons who are sisters. These three sisters dwell in the Lunar Palace, changing places three times a month to ride around the heavens in a silver carriage.[1][2]
  • ? - The Seelie dwell in Teyvat and in the Dark Sea beyond, and are tasked with guiding humanity. They build a large and prosperous civilization and erect large palaces.
  • ? - One of the Seelie's ancestors falls in love with a certain traveler from afar. 30 days after they pledged their union in the Lunar Palace, disaster befalls the world and the two attempt to flee from the catastrophe. The calamity strikes them anyway, and they are punished with eternal separation and a curse that robs them of their memories.[3][4]
    • The heartbroken Seelie wither away in their grief, turning into small spirit-like forms. Cursed to forget their pasts, they pursue the memories they have left by guiding travelers to their old dwelling places, the Seelie courts.[3]
  • ? - The three moon sisters start fighting each other, and all three are slain. Two crumble away, leaving only one corpse that is now the solitary moon.[1]
    • The wolves in Teyvat have a connection to the moon sisters and mourn their fate.[1]
  • ? - A certain wolf-king meets one of the Seelie's remnants who has not yet withered away, and befriends her.[4]

Celestia and the First Civilization

  • ? - By the time human civilization begins to emerge, the earth is covered by raw elements. First unending ice, then flames, rain, and finally thunder. Envoys of the gods make the earth more hospitable for humanity and dwell among them, while humans can communicate with Celestia directly. The white Irminsul trees, connected to the Ley Lines in the earth, hold great importance in the religious rituals of these ancient civilizations.[5][6][7][8]
    • The nature of the world Celestia created is cyclical; humanity thrives and prospers under Celestia's blessings before coming to an end, and then the earth is renewed and the cycle begins once again.[5] But the heavenly envoys remain silent when humanity asks about it, as they are not meant to know.[6][7]
    • To receive answers from Celestia, the people appoint a chief priest who, wearing a crown made of Irminsul branches, heads to the depths of the world to attain enlightenment.[6][7]
    • Every retiring chief priest offers their Irminsul tiara to the earth in the underground chamber. Over time, a mountain of white-branched crowns amasses underneath a withered tree.[5]
  • ? - After humanity is blessed with wisdom, they grow prideful and ambitious. They challenge the gods' authority and seek to enter the gardens of heavens. This angers the heavenly envoys, and the chief priest dons a crown of Irminsul branches and goes to the depths of the world to appease the envoys, and into the ancient capital, seeking the hidden wisdom of the silver tree.[8]

The Kingdom in the Heavens

  • ? - There is a kingdom established in the heavens with a king and two heirs. The first heir is tasked to find the Genesis Pearl from the Kingdom of Darkness, but she is deceived and her memory is changed to make her believe she was the queen of the Kingdom of Darkness. The second heir is sent out for the same task.[9]

The Descension of Gods

  • ? - The Lord of Dust, Guizhong, descends to guide humans during the start of the agricultural period. She established four commandments to guide her people.[10]
  • >6000 years ago - Morax, a god with dominion over Geo, is born.[11] He descends on the region now known as Liyue, where he raises Mt. Tianheng and lowers the tides.[12]
  • ~6000 years ago - A star falls to the west of Dunyu Ruins, creating The Chasm. A fragment of it breaks off and crashes into the rocks in northern Lisha.[13]
  • ? - Guizhong befriends Morax, moves her people north of Mt. Tianheng, and together they establish the Guili Assembly. This civilization spanned the area between Mt. Tianheng and Stone Gate, and it was prosperous and a thriving marketplace.[10][12][14]
  • ? - Guizhong and Cloud Retainer create the Guizhong Ballista to defend the Guili Assembly from external threats.[12][15]
  • ? - Jueyun Karst emerges from deep within the ocean with the water being put in an underground reservoir.[14]
  • ? - Early civilizations in the Lisha region of Liyue are established at Dunyu Ruins, Lingju Pass, and Qingxu Pool.[16]
    • The Qingxu Pool civilization is ruled by an evil god.[16]
  • ? - Havria, the God of Salt, dwells in Liyue, having a territory that includes Sal Terrae among others.[17] She is known for being gentle and kind-hearted, but weak.[18]
  • ? - The village at Wuwang Hill is established.[13]
  • ? - Andrius gains his powers from an ancient god and becomes a god himself.[19] Andrius, known as the King of the North Wind, fills the region now known as Mondstadt with blizzards that turn the land into an inhospitable wasteland.[20][21]
  • ? - Decarabian, God of Storms, creates his capital city, Mondstadt,[22][23] to protect his people from Andrius' storms.[24]
    • Brightcrown Canyon is filled with Decarabian's soldiers, guarding the entrance to the city, while the city is arranged in a circular formation around Decarabian's tower. Residents are assigned their own spots within the city.[25]
    • A clan descendant of the Gunnhildr Clan dwells inside Mondstadt.[26]
  • ? - A group of people seeking refuge from the land of snow and strife find a bountiful and green mountain. They erect a monument on its peak and establish a civilization there, naming it Sal Vindagnyr. Over time they also build a castle.[27][28][29]
  • ? - The princess of Sal Vindagnyr is born under an Irminsul tree. Her mother, the priestess, passes her blessings on to the princess, which include the ability to foresee events in the future.[27]
  • ? - The princess has a dream of Durin spreading poison upon the land. The people fear that this prophecy is a curse upon them.[30]
  • ? - Imunlaukr, an outlander, arrives at Sal Vindagnyr.[28][31]
  • ? - Celestia is now floating above the mountain of Vindagnyr.[32]
  • ? - The Skyfrost Nail, a piece of Celestia, descends from the skies, shrouding the city with clouds and snowstorms.[33]
    • The Skyfrost Nail shatters into three fragments, one of which destroys the Irminsul tree.[34][35]
    • The princess gives Imunlaukr a greatsword made of starsilver as he leaves to find answers for the current situation. She promises to make a fresco for him, hoping to meet again.[28][36]
    • As the princess is working on a fresco, Varuch, her father and priest, goes up the mountain for guidance since the trees are starting to wither, as he hopes that the princess' third painting will be of melting snow. The princess instead tries to take the most complete branch of the now dead Irminsul tree to try to graft it onto another tree and heal the ley lines, but it withers and she dies next to it. She is then buried by Ukko, the scribe, who is the last one alive and dies alone.[27][28][30][31][35][37][38]
  • ? - The Kingdom of Khaenri'ah is established.[38]
  • ? - Imunlaukr returns, finding everyone dead. He stores the greatsword among the frescoes and goes off in search for a land of war and strife since he's decided that Celestia only cares for bloodshed.[28]
  • ? - Springvale is formed around a spring created by melted ice and snow from Sal Vindagnyr.[39]
  • ? - In a village overseen by the Sea God, there is a festival where a bride is given to the god in exchange for a year without storms and tsunamis. After many generations, one such bride is not happy to live with the Sea God underwater. He allows her to come back to the surface and gives her a shell of a sea snail that she can use to call him. He also warns her about the future.[40]
  • ? - Many years pass and the bride has now a daughter and lives with her, but one day, the village people come to take her daughter. On the eve of the festival, she calls the Sea God, but on the coming of the god, he destroys the village and submerges it into water. He then takes with him the bride and her daughter.[40]
  • ? - An ancient tribe living among the mountains fears and worships the Thunderbird, which could summon lightning and storms. They create a festival around it and appoint shamans to offer blood sacrifices to it for protection and to interpret its actions as divine revelations. The Thunderbird doesn't care for them at all, seeing them as no different from animals. However, one day a boy's singing pierces through the thunderstorm and catches the attention of the Thunderbird, who takes a liking to the song and talks to the boy. The boy promises to sing to it again the next time it comes. Unfortunately, some time later the boy gives himself as a sacrifice and is killed for the next blood offering to the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is driven mad by the unkept promise and death of the boy, and rains lighting upon the ancient tribe, killing them all and burning the mountain they lived on.[41]
  • ? - The Beast of Thunder enslaves a group of people with lightning and wreaks havoc on the land. The Thundersoother, whose family was killed in some sort of sacrifice, goes to the cave of the Beast of Thunder. He fights and beheads the Beast of Thunder, and receives a crown for his accomplishment, but spends his final days in solitude.[42]

The Archon War

  • ? - Seven divine seats in Celestia open up, causing the gods to become embroiled in a bitter struggle for supremacy.[10] Many gods fought for the sake of their ideals for a prosperous humanity.[43] During the Archon War, the infighting amongst gods was but one cause of conflict in Teyvat; other creatures and entities also sought to expand their domains, taking advantage of the chaos to encroach on the continent.[44]
  • ? - The Berserker's homeland is consumed by flame during a war between gods and mortals. Seemingly the only survivor and a powerful warrior, the Berserker's iron mask is burned onto his face as his homeland falls and he goes insane from the desire for revenge. He goes on a rampage, fighting humans, monsters, and gods alike over time. At one point he even fights a giant monster for several years before killing it. He eventually dies in battle.[45]
  • ? - The civilizations of Lisha region are submerged underwater.[16]
  • >3700 years ago - As Morax, Guizhong, and the adepti fight to defend the Guili Assembly, it ravages the Guili Plains and creates landslides that transform Dihua Marsh from a fertile islet into a swamp. Guizhong is also slain in the process.[10][12][46]
  • 3700 years ago - After the fall of the Guili Assembly, Morax takes his people south of Mt. Tianheng, where he establishes Liyue Harbor. He creates a contract with the adepti to defend it, among them Ganyu, Mountain Shaper, Moon Carver, Cloud Retainer, Skybracer, and Madame Ping.[15][47] The Liyue Qixing is also established as a government body, and is comprised of the seven foremost businesspeople in Liyue Harbor, with the Millelith Brigade at their command to protect the people and defend against monsters.[12][48]
    • Morax teaches his people how to create houses, using Mora to create a model home. He also establishes minted Mora as Liyue's currency, for convenience.[49][Note 1]
    • After creating Liyue Harbor, Morax decides to wage war against the other gods, seeing it as the only way to restore order and protect humanity, making a contract with the people of Liyue Harbor.[47][50][51]
    • In one battle, Ganyu — who is much more rotund during this time — unintentionally chokes a monster to death when it underestimates her girth and tries to eat her. This incident leads her to maintain a strict diet in order to keep a slim physique.[52]
  • ? - During the Archon War, the fallen star of the Chasm cannot bear with the continuous fighting anymore, so it leaves for the heavens again.[13]
    • Humans build great cities and mighty fortresses in the deep pit left behind, finding refuge and shutting themselves within.[13]
    • Dunyu Valley withstands the tumultuous times and maintains prosperous relations with Liyue Harbor.[13]
  • ? - Morax hears the pleas of Azhdaha, a blind elemental spirit of Geo who dwells underground. He brings it out to the surface and carves it into a dragon, bestowing sight upon it with just a touch. They form a contract, where Azhdaha agrees not to endanger humanity in exchange for living alongside them. Azhdaha then aids Morax in battles against the other gods.[53]
  • ? - The bewitching song of a whale-like sea monster leads all the youths of the village in Wuwang Hill to their doom, and its elders die with no one to carry on the village.[13]
  • ? - A god slashes Mt. Tianheng, creating a crack in the mountain's foundation and threatening to collapse on the village at the base of the mountain. To prevent this, the adeptus Skybracer has a friend cut off his antlers — a gift from Morax himself, made of his divine essence and thus the hardest material in Liyue — and uses them to prop up the mountain. This act causes the mountains to elevate higher than it had been originally. Skybracer then continues to fight until he dies from blood loss, his blood turning into the Bishui River.[54] The people who live at the base of the mountain hold him in high regard for this action, even more so than Morax.[55]
  • ? - Baqiu, a behemoth living in the depths of the ocean, is able to win over the Geo Whale created by Morax, but is then defeated by Stone Birds, also created by Morax.[51][56]
  • ? - Chi, a dragon-like monster, but also referred to as a sea serpent,[57] has its nest on Mt. Qingce. Morax defeats it, turning the Chi's body into rocks, its blood into water, and its scales into terrace fields. The Chi cannot perish and Morax binds the various parts and essences of the Chi to different locations.[58]
  • ? - Osial, Overlord of the Vortex, is defeated by Morax and is buried under the stone spears of Guyun Stone Forest, together with other gods and sea monsters. He also makes a black meteor fall.[59][60][61][62]
  • ? - Havria attempts to peacefully resolve the conflicts that erupts. Realizing it is too late for anyone to stop, she turns her efforts to creating a place of refuge for humans displaced by these wars. However she stands no chance against other gods and chooses to make concession after concession, until she loses all her lands except for Sal Terrae. There, she creates a small city with her followers. The king of her kingdom loves her, but he also seeks for enough military power to defend the little land they are left with. To show that kindness wasn't enough to survive during the war, he kills her with a sword. However, her body after her death makes everything in the city and its inhabitants become like salt, while her own body withers away into a small pile of white salt. The followers who manage to escape the salinification scatter across Liyue after the loss of their god and home. Many go to Liyue Harbor and eventually become Yinyuan Hall of the salt industry, one of the Eight Trades. Some descendants of those people, fearing Havria cursed them for their ancestors' betrayal, risk their lives to enter Sal Terrae and break the sword used to kill her.[17][18][63]
  • >3000 years ago - Andrius declares war on Decarabian, but fails to land even a scratch on Mondstadt,[64] The war between the two Kings of Ice and Wind[65] turns into a stalemate, and Decarabian's people begin to view his rule as one of despotism and tyranny.[26]
  • ? - Gunnhildr's father, the clan's leader, grows disillusioned by Decarabian's despotic control and leads his people out of the city. Outside the city there is only relentless cold and engulfing blizzards, however, and the clan struggles to survive. As they pray for salvation, a wind spirit responds to their prayers. The clan's faith in the wind spirit empowers it, granting it more powers that it uses to create a shelter for them.[26]
  • ? - The first wines are brewed in Mondstadt when a wind spirit takes the form of a fox and ferments some apples under a negligent guard's care. When the guard awoke, he bit into one of those apples and, finding that he enjoyed the flavor, squeezed the sack that contained the apples to create wine.[4]
  • ? - A wine said to make a person forget the painful past is brewed, and is used so the people can have the strength to keep surviving.[66]
  • ? - Inside Mondstadt, people who grow discontent with Decarabian's rule begin planning a resistance. The "Windblume" is used as a code word amongst the resistance, with the Red-Haired Warrior among the first to use this codeword.[67]
    • Decarabian also bans certain chords and tunes to block any communication between the people of the resistance.[68]
    • A Nameless Bard befriends a wind spirit. The boy dreams of seeing birds in flight, green grass, and the world outside the city.[22][24][69]
  • >2600 years ago - Leonard, an adventurer, conquers every domain. With some kind of help from Venerare, the clan leader of the Lawrence Clan, and someone else, he tries to conquer Pilos Peak but fails for the first time in his life. He then designs the very first wind glider.[70][71][Note 2][Note 3]
  • >2600 years ago - Amos, falling in love with Decarabian, follows him. As she sees the way he treats his people, she realizes that he never truly loved her back.[72]
  • 2600 years ago - Decarabian's people rise up in rebellion, led by the Nameless Bard, the wind spirit Barbatos, Amos, and the Red-Haired Warrior.[72] The Gunnhildr Clan, led by its current namesake Gunnhildr, also participates in the battle.[26] Decarabian is defeated in the battle, but Amos[69][72] and the Nameless Bard also perish.[24]
    • The Red-Haired Warrior turns his back on Barbatos and his name is eventually forgotten by the people of Mondstadt, though his deeds are still remembered.[67]
    • Andrius realizes that his blizzards could not nurture life and decides that between his powers and his disillusionment with human society,[73] he does not have the qualifications to become one of the Seven Archons.[74] He chooses to allow his physical body to die while his powers flow into the land of Mondstadt to nourish it,[21] thus making Barbatos the Anemo Archon.[24][26] He uses his newfound powers to create a vessel in the form of the Nameless Bard, so he can play the Nameless Bard's lyre. Despite losing his original physical form, Andrius' spirit remains and his powers are still strong enough that he can manifest a body of ice and wind.[75]
    • Barbatos reshapes Mondstadt using his new powers. He blows away the snow and ice covering the land and terraforms the region of Mondstadt.[24][76][77] Among notable changes to Mondstadt's landscape is the eradication of Pilos Peak, leaving only a small island called Musk Reef.[71] He also throws away a mountain which lands upside down in the Golden Apple Archipelago.[78] He then takes his people from Decarabian's old city and moves to Cider Lake, where they build the modern City of Mondstadt. Prominent clans among them are the Gunnhildr Clan,[79] the Imunlaukr Clan,[80] and the Lawrence Clan, and become the "nobles" of Mondstadt.[81]
    • Under the guidance of Venerare, the people of Mondstadt build a tall statue in the plaza to commemorate the miracle of the Anemo Archon's descent. All the clans' leaders write an oath to defend Mondstadt beneath the statue.[82]
    • The God of Time works alongside Barbatos for Mondstadt's protection, and both are worshipped by the Mondstadters as the "winds of time,"[83][84] with the belief that "Anemo brings stories while Time nurtures them."[79][80][81] However, at some point in time, the worship of the God of Time as well as most records of them disappear and are forgotten.[85]
    • The Windblume Festival is established in memory of those who fought for freedom during Decarabian's reign. The codeword Windblume became conflated with literal flowers,[86] while the festival became one about finding love.[87]
    • Ludi Harpastum is established as a 15-day festival which celebrates the blessings of wine, song, and flight Barbatos bestowed upon the people of Mondstadt.[77]
    • Many of the festivals and customs in Mondstadt were enacted by the aristocracy for the betterment of the common people, guiding their subjects with their conduct and wisdom.[88]
  • ? - Andrius and his wolf pack move to Wolvendom.[4]
  • <2600 years ago - The first Field Tiller ends up in Wolvendom. Andrius, thinking it was challenging him, fights it and makes it flee the scene. The Field Tiller reaches Old Mondstadt. For about one year, it shots missile at anyone who dares approach to tower, until it finally breaks down.[89][90]
  • >2000 years ago - Alatus is born.[91]
  • ? - An evil god discovers his weakness and uses it to enslave him, forcing Alatus to serve as their bloodhound, performing cruel and violent acts. During the Archon War, Morax defeats the evil god and liberates Alatus, bestowing the name "Xiao" onto him for his protection. Xiao then decides to fight alongside Morax in his battle to protect Liyue.[92][93]

The Teyvat of The Seven

  • 2000 years ago - The Archon War comes to an end as the last seat is claimed, thus beginning the rule of the The Seven.[94]
    • The defeated gods refuse to live under The Seven's rule and flee to islands in the Dark Sea, where they become evil gods.[95]
    • Barbatos pays a visit to Morax, the new Geo Archon, for the first time, bringing a bottle of wine. From now on, The Seven often gather in Liyue Harbor, discussing and drinking wine from goblets made by Morax himself.[11][51][96]
    • Ganyu signs a contract to become secretary for the Liyue Qixing.[11]
    • Some adepti retreat to Jueyun Karst and other secluded places, while others ask Morax to transform their bodies into stone.[46]
    • The gods and monsters defeated by Morax lie under the Guyun Stone Forest. Although defeated, their hatred and filth raises under the disguise of demons afflicting the land with plagues, monsters, and other evils. Morax summons the Yakshas, a group of illuminated beasts of dreadful appearance and warlike temperament, to fight against the demons. Of the many yakshas summoned, Bosacius, Indarias, Bonanus, Menogias, and Alatus were the strongest of them all.
      • During one of the battles between adepti and demons, the herb-gatherer Qiqi is caught in the battle and is trapped between life and death as a result. Her desire to live grants her a Vision, which the adepti sees as a divine blessing. To save her life, each give her a portion of their adeptal energies. Although her life is spared, she turns into a zombie, and her mortal vessel can't handle the adeptal power. She goes berserk, forcing Mountain Shaper to trap her in amber.[97]
    • The original Hydro Archon wishes to connect the world with love through water, sending the Lochfolk out in the world of Teyvat.[98]
    • Qingxu Pool and the rest of the Lisha region emerges from the water as the tides withdraw, revealing the ancient buildings erected by the early peoples.[16]
  • ? - The yakshas carry out their duty for some thousand years. However, the hatred emanating from the demons taints their souls, increasing their karmic debt. One by one, the yakshas go mad, die, or disappear. Of the five strongest, Indarias, Bonanus, and Menogias die, while Bosacius grows weary of the world and disappears, with all the other yakshas sharing the same fate. Only Alatus remains.[50][61][99][100][101][102]
  • ? - An unknown doctor takes the frontline in eradicating the karmic disease caused by the corpses of the malevolent gods whom the yakshas had slain. The negative karma becomes a pestilence that spreads across Liyue, using the dead bodies of the infected humans to further its spread. With a devilishly red staff given to him by flames on withered grass, the doctor prevents further spread by cremating corpses which, eventually, causes the epidemic to come to an end. He later on establishes the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and passes down the practice and parlor from generation to generation.[103][104]
  • ? - A martial nomad named Guhua is known throughout Liyue, keeping the peace and scaring bandits and alike.[105]
  • ? - Guhua ascends to become an adeptus in Huaguang Stone Forest.[105]
  • ? - The original Hydro Archon dies and is replaced by the God of Justice, who doesn't want to carry out the original's wishes. The Lochfolk cut ties with the God of Justice and go on their own, trying to spread love as they had been told from the original Hydro Archon.[98]
  • ? - The original Pyro Archon dies and is replaced by Murata, the God of War.[77]
    • Many warriors from different cities hold martial arts tournaments and in which the participants would dedicate their victories to Murata.[77]
  • ? - The original Electro, Dendro, and Cryo Archons also die and are replaced, leaving only Barbatos and Morax as the original Seven.[11][94][96]
  • ? - Dvalin, an elemental dragon, is born from pure Anemo energy in the high heavens.[106]
  • ? - Barbatos befriends Dvalin and the dragon become the first among the Four Winds to be worshipped by humanity.[106]
  • ? - Seeing that his people had enough wisdom and strength to live on their own, Barbatos departs so he would not be able to become a tyrant himself.[107]
  • ? - Ursa the Drake starts terrorizing Mondstadt.[77]
  • ? - The Lawrence Clan becomes the most important clan in Mondstadt and becomes the main rulers of the city. However, they grow corrupt and fall to degeneracy, eventually becoming tyrants who enslave and torment the common people while viewing themselves as overlords and kings.[77][81] The aristocracy used various methods to control the people and keep them ignorant. Anyone who posed a threat to their reign was enslaved and used for labor or entertainment;[88][108] knowledge of the past was suppressed, and cultural and historical relics that would point towards the truth were taken down.[82]
    • The Gunnhildr Clan maintained its honor to protect their people, but were less influential than the Lawrence Clan which ruled Mondstadt.[26]
    • They build a high tower in Mondstadt's plaza to show off their riches and power,[109] and then take down the statue made for the Anemo Archon.[82]
    • The knight order, who refer to themselves as the "starlit knights," serve the aristocracy and uphold its degeneracy, using their strength to oppress the commoners.[110]
    • The royal mages no longer instill goodness and virtue in the nobles, and instead help them keep the people ignorant of the past.[82]
    • The Church suffers a schism, with the higher-ranked clergy backing the nobility, and the saints siding with the people.[68]
    • The aristocracy bans some chords and tunes to avoid for any person to communicate "resistance to the oppressors" to the others.[68]
  • ? - During one Ludi Harpastum, Inès, a wandering singer from a distant land, arrives in Mondstadt. Her singing and beauty makes everyone fascinated and curious about her, as she throws the Harpastum. As she sings, she gives her earnings to the poor and orphaned. The Seneschal of the Church falls for her at first sight, but the self-proclaimed "orthodox" Church advocates for abstinence from such things, otherwise "divine punishment" would come, although the "divine punishment" is all but just a farce to conceal the nobles' avarice and restrict the commoners. He also doesn't like the fact that she is aiding the poor, as that it's the Church's right. As every maiden who throws the Harpastum is to serve at the royal court for three days, he tasks his adopted son, Octave, to bring her to him at the Cathedral. Octave goes to the court chambers at night. As he sees her crying, he, too, falls for her and forgets his task, as the servants come in.[109]
  • >1010 years ago - Vennessa and her younger sister Lind are born into a nomadic tribe of the southern plains, exiled from its homeland for reasons unknown.[77][108][111]
  • 1010 years ago - After running afoul of Ursa the Drake and being starved by the dragon over the course of several days, she and her people flee to Mondstadt, only to be enslaved by the aristocracy.[77] Because of her great strength, Vennessa was made into a gladiator, bound by chains. The chains themselves could not bind her; as a child of Murata, Mondstadt's ordinary-quality ores and lack of her homeland's divine flame meant its metals were nothing before her strength. What kept her subservient was her responsibility to her people.[112]
  • ? - Eberhart, an illegitimate heir to Landrich's clan, grows up in a noble home with his older half-brothers, Parsifal and Ingbert. Due to his illegitimacy, he is never looked on the same way as his half-brothers which makes him hate them and the aristocracy as a whole, as he also knows how far the aristocracy has fallen from its golden days and seeks to restore the ancient aristocracy's glory. To this end, he uses his cunning to become a key figure in the aristocracy's downfall.[113]
  • ? - Eberhart convinces his half-brother Parsifal to pursue his love of chivalry and play-acting,[114] and so he becomes a Phantom Thief. As such, Parsifal steals a sword from his family and hides himself in the streets. He then starts robbing the rich to give the poor.[115]
    • He also steals a bow from another noble's house, using it to shoot the crowns from the heads of the nobles and to disarm the pursuing soldiers.[116]
    • One day, he steals a silver goblet with a sapphire on it from another noble's house. There, he sees a maiden with blue-sapphire eyes in another window, falling in love with her and giving her the sapphire. Later on, the maiden is accused of stealing the silver goblet with the sapphire and is punished for it, until she runs away with the sapphire.[2][116][117]
    • Many years later, Parsifal is at a mysterious antique shop and asks for a wine that would make him forget about the maiden, but the shopkeeper has already sold that wine to another client. At the same time, the maiden enters the shop with the sapphire in hand, asking in exchange for information about the Phantom Thief.[2]
    • Eberhart forces Parsifal to flee Mondstadt and removing him from the line of succession. Parsifal buries the sword and goes away.[113][115][116]
    • As he flees, he reaches Liyue Harbor. There he meets a crew led by captain Skipper and joins them by signing a contract under the false name of Chief Mate while using a needle-like sword. Together they hunt sea creatures.[118]
    • Skipper, Parsifal, a young maiden at the bow of the ship, and all of his crew travel at sea once more for the sea monster that resides in the maelstrom. They find the monster and fight it, but fail to kill it, with Skipper being the only survivor and being saved by a merchant ship.[119] He then goes back to finish the creature off, dying together with it. The body of the sea monster is then found on the shore.[120]
  • >1000 years ago - Hilichurls appear in Teyvat.[121]
  • >1000 years ago - Azhdaha begins to forget those around him, his memories eroding. Morax attempts to help him fix his deteriorating memory, but the solution doesn't work and he begins to become more aggressive. In order to open up new territory and increase production, the citizens of Liyue go to the mountains to mine. Overexploitation causes the Ley Lines that sustain Azhdaha to quake, further damaging Azhdaha's memories. In response, Azhdaha attacks The Chasm and wages war on Morax.[122]
  • 1000 years ago - The dragon Azhdaha is defeated and sealed under a tree in Nantianmen through the combined efforts of Morax, Mountain Shaper, Moon Carver, and another adeptus.[122][123]
  • 1000 years ago[Note 4] - The prayers and cries of the oppressed awaken Barbatos from his slumber, and descends on Mondstadt under the guise of Venti during the celebrations of Ludi Harpastum. He pranks Barca Lawrence, heir to the Lawrence Clan, by not allowing him to get the Harpastum thrown by the maiden and flees from him and the guards. He meets Vennessa and hides behind her, making her deal with Barca. The day after, she is bought by Barca and sentenced to undergo 12 gladiator matches to win her and her people's freedom.[77][124]
  • ? - Eberhart is able to get his hands on a powerful Gladiator and makes him fight in the arena. He wins every battle and gains his freedom. Eberhart gifts him a spear and convinces him to battle for his and Eberhart's glory as a free man. The Gladiator is convinced and continues to fight in the arena. He then meets his end at Vennessa's hands. The Gladiator looks up to find out that Eberhart has already left the arena.[125][126]
  • ? - As polearms are seen as lowly by the nobles, Eberhart secretly trains to use them in order to overthrow the aristocracy and kill the Vision holder brother Ingbert by surprise. He becomes the disciple of the Blue-Eyed Spear Witch, and learns the fatal loophole in her art, using her love for Parsifal to kill her.[113][127]
  • ? - Landrich organizes an aristocracy-led expedition to Sal Vindagnyr, hoping that the expedition will be a great success and their achievements will quell those hoping to rebel against the aristocracy. The expedition party includes Ingbert, Eberhart, Luther, Nick, and several other promising young aristocrats.[128]
    • Eberhart organizes a plan with Priscilla to kill Ingbert and the others, in which she will warn him by lighting a torch at Stormbearer Point if news reaches the city.[129]
    • The team gets caught in a snowstorm and the unnamed members get separated from the others. Eberhart convinces the others that the unnamed members should be able to find their way back to the South Base Camp, and additionally persuades them to investigate a secret room that supposedly contains frescoes and weapons forged from Starsilver.[130]
    • Not only are they unable to open the locked door of the secret room, but a cave-in kills Nick, burying his supplies with him. Returning to the South Base Camp, they notice the unnamed members have still not returned and Luther hopes they made it back down the mountain to get help. They decide to return to the original plan of exploring the cellar in the southwestern ruins once the storm dies down a bit.[128]
    • Eberhart leads Ingbert and Luther into the cellar and then takes out a polearm, striking Ingbert first and trying to kill them both. While he gravely injures both, Ingbert uses his Vision to launch a counterattack,[129] forcing him to retreat heavily injured. While bleeding out in the cellar, Luther realizes Eberhart's large-scale scheme, writing down an apology to Priscilla before leaving a message for whoever reads the journal to warn Landrich.[114]
    • After leaving the cellar, Eberhart takes refuge in an area where a prison used to be and plans to follow the waterway to where his supplies are hidden. Ingbert catches up to him and Eberhart manages to kill him, also gravely injuring Luther but unable to continue as he himself got injured. Eberhart then heads east to reach the sea and finds his boat and supplies untouched. He then leaves for Mondstadt.[129] However, there are no records of Eberhart's return, leaving his ultimate fate a mystery.[131]
  • ? - The Sojourner, a traveler from Fontaine, embarks in search of his true destiny with his harp.[132][133]
  • ? - By chance, the Sojourner meets the Conductor, and together they travel, meeting first the Dawnlight Swordswoman and then Kreuzlied, a member of the ruling Lawrence Clan, now a traitor and outcast. Together they establish the Wanderer's Troupe, also called the Swordsman's Troupe, as they would not only perform music, but also battle with those same musical instruments.[133][134][135]
  • ? - As they arrive in the City of Mondstadt, the Sojourner meets a maiden soon to be offered as a "sacrifice" at Ludi Harpastum. He then goes to the tavern where the rest of the troupe is enjoying drinking and tells them about the maiden. They decide to overthrow the aristocracy to save her and the oppressed people of Mondstadt, but fail to do so.[133][134]
    • The Conductor dies in battle.[133]
    • The Sojourner also dies, trying to protect his friends.[132][134]
    • The Dawnlight Swordswoman is instead enslaved and turned into a gladiator.[136]
    • Kreuzlied is spared due to his privileged history as part of the aristocracy and is simply removed from office.[137]
  • ? - Kreuzlied decides to create a secret organization to overthrow the aristocracy.[137]
  • ? - Ragnvindr, a starlit knight, meets the Dawnlight Swordswoman on the streets, chained and enslaved. His interaction with her changes his view, but only later, when he goes to the arena with his master to watch the final duel of the Dawnlight Swordswoman, he is moved by her swordsmanship and musical ability, naming himself the Dawn Knight in her honor and starting to harbor feelings of revolt against the aristocracy.[136][138]
  • ? - Barbatos forges a contract between the aristocracy and Morax, claiming that the aristocrats have sold all of Mondstadt to the Geo Archon.[107]
  • ? - Vennessa's last battle to free her people is against Ursa the Drake itself, as Lord Lawrence has bartered with the evil dragon to give Mondstadt peace with her and her tribe as an offering. At this moment, Barbatos descends on the battlefield and reveals his true form, giving Vennessa the power to prevail against Ursa and freeing the people from the aristocracy.[77][124]
    • The forged contract made by Barbatos is discovered and the "treachery against the wind" causes the troops to rally against the aristocracy, hastening its end.[107]
    • Ragnvindr,[139] Kreuzlied,[137] and the saints of the Church mobilized by the Nameless Shepherd help Vennessa in her victory.[68]
    • All the nobles and those who helped them are exiled from Mondstadt.[140] Those who stood with the people, such as the Gunnhildr Clan and the saints of the Church, are allowed to remain.[26]
    • Vennessa establishes the Knights of Favonius, with herself as its first Dandelion Knight and Grand Master, and restores the Church as the Church of Favonius to prevent tyrants from taking over Mondstadt again.[111][141][142]
    • Ragnvindr converts the aristocrats' indoor bathhouse into the original Mondstadt Library.[139]
    • The Barbatos Statue, which was originally erected by Venerare but taken down by the late aristocracy, is also restored, though the original inscription on it has been lost.[82]
  • ? - The Four Winds are established, with Andrius as Wolf of the North, Dvalin as Dragon of the East, and Vennessa simultaneously as the Lion of the South and Falcon of the West.[142]
  • ? - Vennessa is chosen by the gods and ascends to Celestia at Windrise, growing a massive oak tree here she stood when she ascended.[77][107][143]
  • ? - The Great Fire of Fall Equinox reduces Mondstadt Library to one-sixth of its former size. However, the contents within the library's restricted section, located behind the poplar doors in the library basement, are left untouched.[139]
  • ? - A certain Knight of Boreas arrives at Mondstadt together with a wolf companion.[144] He joins the Knights of Favonius, but the wolf companion chooses not to follow him into the city, preferring the wilderness. The two continue to fight together whenever the Knight leaves the city to hunt or do battle. When the wolf dies of old age, the Knight buries it in the remote countryside and leaves the Knights of Favonius to become a wanderer, leaving his sword as the gravestone for the wolf.[145]
  • ? - The title of Knight of Boreas is passed down to Ravenwood.[146]
  • ~550 years ago - Arundolyn, from a line of knights, and Rostam, from a family of peasants, grow up together in Mondstadt and become best friends, role-playing as the great heroes of the past.[147][148]
  • ? - Dainsleif is born in Khaenri'ah and becomes a royal guard known as the "Twilight Sword."[90]
  • ~523 years ago - Arundolyn and Rostam join the Knights of Favonius. Arundolyn gets the title of "Lion of Light", while Rostam gets the title of "Wolf Pup", both aspiring to become the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius.[146][147][148][149]
  • ? - Arundolyn becomes the Grand Master, and Rostam his assistant.[146][147][148][149]
    • As Rostam wants to fight evil without the restraints of being a knight, he fights in disguise and continues running the secret organization established by Kreuzlied.[137][150]
    • Rostam teaches the Knights of Favonius his sword style, the Favonius Bladework.[149][150]
      • Arundolyn's fighting style, which wielded a greatsword in one hand and a longsword in the other, requires immense strength that few are able to replicate, and so it soon dies out.[147]
  • ? - Rostam meets a maiden who sings in the plaza, and both fall in love with each other.[150][151]
  • ? - The maiden goes to Sumeru Academia to study.[151][152]
  • ? - Aether and Lumine[Note 5] crash-land in the world of Teyvat, unconscious from the impact. The Traveler's sibling wakes up first and travels Teyvat, searching for the truth of the mysterious world and its secrets.[153]
  • ? - Morax signs a contract with an unknown party, agreeing to not disclose whatever is about to happen in the Cataclysm.[122]
  • ? - The Viridescent Venerer lives in a forest and hunts only to survive.[154][155]

The Cataclysm and The Fall of Khaenri'ah

  • 500 years ago - The Eclipse Dynasty of the Kingdom of Khaenri'ah falls, spreading disaster to the whole land.[106][144][156]
    • Dainsleif is unable to protect the people of Khaenri'ah and is cursed with immortality, wandering aimlessly, and forced to watch the people he was meant to protect turn into monsters of the Abyss.[90]
    • The sibling wakes up the Traveler and together they try to leave, but they are stopped by the Unknown God. They are both captured and fall unconscious.[153][157]
    • The residents of Dunyu seal the city and depart for other lands.[13]
  • ? - A blind, dying boy is found by the Viridescent Venerer, as monsters start coming. She decides to kill the monsters for revenge.[154][155]
  • ? - An iron meteorite falls into the Chasm, bringing forth the monsters of the Abyss.[158]
    • Morax orders the Millelith to rush to the defense of the mines.[158]
    • A nameless yaksha, not bound by Morax's contract, joins in the fight to help defend Liyue as he had committed a sin due to cowardice and dereliction of duty.[158]
    • The nameless yaksha, together with a group of Millelith, goes deeper into the depths of the Chasm and make the abyss creature retreat. The commander and the soldiers die, while the yaksha disappears.[158]
  • ? - The Knights of Favonius, led by Arundolyn and Rostam, go on an expedition to Khaenri'ah to fight the monsters.[148]
    • Rostam mentors the White Knight who loves justice above all else and fights against the monsters of Khaenri'ah. As he fights them, he comes to be known as the Bloodstained Knight, and people start fearing him. He then ventures deeper into Khaenri'ah and dies battling monsters. In the depths of the world, he learns about the ultimate injustice that turned the people of Khaenri'ah into those monsters, therefore joining the Abyss Order.[150][159][160]
  • ? - Rhinedottir creates Durin and other creatures, and sends them to the continent of Teyvat.[161][162][163]
  • ? - Gold, an alchemist, corrupts Durin and the other creatures, ordering them to attack Mondstadt.[144][164][165][166][167]
  • ? - During one of the battles Rostam dies, and Arundolyn falls into depression and abandons his duties, giving up his title as Liontooth Knight and Grand Master.[146][147][148][149][150][151]
    • The maiden comes back to Mondstadt after her studies end. Hearing about the death of her love, the maiden becomes enraged and transforms herself into the Crimson Witch of Flame, destroying all the monsters in her path with fire.[152]
    • With no Liontooth Knight and no one strong enough to take on Durin, the people's cry for help are heard by the Anemo Archon. He sings to the thousands winds and calls upon Dvalin to fight against Durin.[144][168]
    • During the battle between Dvalin and Durin, Barbatos plays his harp and breaks the corruption afflicting Durin, but is immediately given the fatal blow to his throat by Dvalin.[163][169]
    • Durin falls down on Dragonspine, and the power inside Durin seeps into the land, due to its extreme unnatural cold. Durin's blood coagulates as Scarlet Quartz, due to the high concentrations of the mineral in Wyrmrest Valley, wherein Durin's heart beats.[163]
    • Dvalin is poisoned by Durin's blood and goes to Old Mondstadt, falling into a deep slumber.[144][165][166][167][170]
  • <500 years ago - The previous Dendro Archon dies and is replaced by the God of Wisdom.[11]
  • <500 years ago - The Tsaritsa cuts all ties with Barbatos.[171]
  • <500 years ago - The amount and activity of hilichurls in Teyvat drastically increases.[172]
  • <500 years ago - In Liyue, after the events of the Cataclysm, a martial arts renaissance begins as people seek ways to fight the monsters that continue appearing. Yun Hui of the Yun Family, a clan of blacksmiths, joined forces with master craftsman Han Wu to produce a series of weapon models simply named "the prototypes."[173][174][175][176][177]
  • ? - The sibling wakes up after being trapped by the Unknown God. They spend some time traveling with Dainsleif, before parting ways with him due to differing ideals.[178]
  • ? - The sibling assumes leadership of the Abyss Order.[90][179]
  • 400 years ago - Jacob Musk writes "An Investigation into the Cultural Customs of the Wind Kingdom."[144]
  • 400 years ago - A miner in the Chasm unearths the Orichalceous Time-Dials from the time of the cataclysm.[158]
    • A collector of curios wearing black robes buys all the Orichalceous Time-Dials.[158]
  • 400 years ago - A conceited adventurer retrieves the Noble's Pledging Vessel from the depths of The Chasm, which was used to pledge oaths of allegiance to the Lord of Geo during the time of the cataclysm.[158]
  • 300 years ago - Olaf is frozen by a Cryo Regisvine while attempting to hunt a certain breed of boar.[180]
  • <300 years ago - The Spring Fairy, a lochfolk, moves into Springvale from Fontaine. She blesses its spring waters and becomes friends with a boy.[98][181]
  • 200 years ago - The most talented scholar of Sumeru Academia graduates.[182]
  • ? - A Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt is stolen by the Abyss Order for their "Loom of Fate" operation, becoming a Defiled Statue.[89][153][183]
  • 50 years ago - Alice and Mona's master make an agreement on something, which is related to a book in Alice's possession.[184]
  • 40~50 years ago - Amber's grandfather, a renowned mercenary leader from Liyue, falls victim to a disastrous monster attack that leaves him the sole survivor. After being saved by a doctor from the Knights of Favonius, he decides to move to Mondstadt and becomes a member himself. There, he established the Outriders, a division of archer scouts whose members he personally trained. He also starts a family there.[185][186][187]
  • ? - Pierro becomes the first of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.[188][189]
  • ? - Collei is born sickly, and is given to a seer named Barnabas for treatment. Unbeknownst to her parents, however, Barnabas is an agent of the Fatui and turns Collei into a test subject for their Archon Residue experiments.[190][191][192]
  • ? - Seamus Pegg, a famous adventurer, decides to settle down in Mondstadt, joining the Church of Favonius and eventually rising to the position of Cardinal of Daybreak. He also falls in love with Frederica Gunnhildr.[193]
  • ? - Seamus and Frederica have two daughters together, Jean and Barbara. Some years later, the two lovers have a falling out and separate; Jean stays with Frederica, while Barbara goes with Seamus.[193]
  • 12 years ago - Diluc receives his Vision at age 10.[194]
  • >10 years 6 months ago - Kaeya is abandoned by his biological father near the Dawn Winery, telling him that he's the last hope for the people of Khaenri'ah. Crepus finds him and takes him in, raising him alongside Diluc.[195][196]
  • ? - After running away from home in a fit of boredom, a 14-year-old Ajax falls into the Abyss, where he meets a swordswoman called Skirk. She teaches him how to navigate through the Abyss, trains him to fight, and hones his ability to cause chaos around him. After spending three months there, he returns to Teyvat, where only three days have passed since his disappearance.[197][198]
  • ? - The newfound havoc Ajax left in his wake forces his father to hand him over to the Fatui, where his uncanny prowess in battle catches the attention of Pulcinella, the 5th Harbinger. Ajax is officially inducted into the Fatui and works his way up, until he became the youngest-ever Harbinger to join their ranks.[199][200][201]
  • 10 years ago - Frederica prepares strict training regimens for Jean to help her become a great knight of the Gunnhildr Clan.[202]
  • 8 years ago - Diluc becomes the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius at 14 years old, making him the youngest-ever holder of any captaincy within the Order.[194][203]
  • ? - Jean is conferred the title of Dandelion Knight at 15 years old.[143]
  • ? - On the night of Diona's seventh birthday, she is blessed by the Spring Fairy of Springvale with the ability to make delectable beverages, no matter the ingredients.[204]
  • ? - The Wangshu Inn is constructed at Dihua Marsh by the Liyue Qixing, operated by Verr Goldet and Huai'an, in order to provide covert support for Xiao.[93]
  • ? - Hu Tao's grandfather dies when she is 13. She takes over Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as the 77th director. Her grandfather's funeral is the first funeral she oversees. She receives her vision after her visit to Wuwang Hill to see if he has moved on to the afterlife peacefully.[205]
  • ? - Qiqi, still trapped in amber after hundreds of years, is discovered and taken to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor for burial. However, she is still alive thanks to the adeptal energy bestowed upon her and, with the seal having worn off over hundreds of years, manages to escape in the middle of the night. She stumbles upon Baizhu, who decides to employ her at Bubu Pharmacy due to her unique nature.[206]
  • >4 years ago - Amber joins the Outriders.[207]
  • 4 years ago - Amber's grandfather abruptly disappears, leading to rumors that he has defected. She watches as the division crumbles in the absence of its leader. She is then determined to live up to her grandfather's reputation and uncover the mystery behind his disappearance. Shortly after becoming an official Outrider, Amber gains a Vision.[185][207][208]
  • April 30, 4 years ago - On Diluc's 18th birthday, Crepus is gravely injured after using a Delusion to protect Diluc and the convoy they were with from Ursa the Drake, which was lured to them by the Fatui using metal bugs that emit the aroma of Mist Grass. He is then put to rest by Diluc to end his sufferings.[196][209][210]
    • Eroch, an inspector within the Knights of Favonius, orders that the cause of Crepus' death be covered up to maintain the Knights of Favonius' dignity, attributing Ursa's retreat to Diluc while labeling Crepus as a victim of the monster attack. In a fit of rage, Diluc resigns from the Knights of Favonius, hands the Dawn Winery to Adelinde, and abandons his Vision to investigate the truth behind Delusions and his father's death.[211][212]
    • On the night of Crepus' death, Kaeya reveals the truth about his origins and purpose to Diluc. In the ensuing fight, Kaeya gains his Vision.[196]
  • ? - Dottore lures out Ursa the Drake and kills it, forcing Mondstadt to be indebted to the Fatui and giving them leverage in the city's affairs.[192]
  • ? - Amber's grandfather returns to Qingce Village, being all sulky and depressed.[187]
  • ? - Jean is promoted from Captain to Master of Knights.[213]
  • ? - Eroch is found to be a traitor and is purged from the Knights of Favonius along with his co-conspirators by Jean and the Knights. Enduring the Fatui's exerted diplomatic pressure and rooting out Eroch's allies while thwarting the plots of the Abyss Order grants Jean her Vision.[213][214]
  • ? - After two years of study at Sumeru Academia, Lisa returns to Mondstadt and joins the Knights of Favonius. Grand Master Varka tries to promote her to Captain of the 8th Company immediately, but the promotion is opposed by Nymph, the Field Officer of the 8th Company. After a field test between Lisa and Nymph, Lisa decides to take the position of Librarian to avoid the responsibilities of being a captain.[215]
  • May 28, ? years ago - Fischl gains her Vision the moment her 14th birthday is over.[216]
  • ? - Fischl becomes an investigator at the Adventurers' Guild despite her young age thanks to her Vision and her parents' influence.[217]
  • ? - Razor meets Varka, the current Knight of Boreas, as Varka visits Wolvendom.[218] Varka gives him the name "Razor" and teaches him how to use claymores.[219]
  • ? - Razor gains an Electro Vision while attempting to save his wolf pack who tried to save him from an Abyss Mage.[220]
  • ? - Several months later, Razor comes across Lisa, who decides to become his teacher.[220][221]
  • ? - Rhinedottir and Albedo discover an artifact called The Heart of Naberius within the heart of a dungeon in an unknown region. Shortly thereafter, Rhinedottir disappears, leaving Albedo only a note instructing him to uncover the "truth and meaning of this world," a recommendation letter to give to her friend Alice, and a part of the classical text Opus Magnum. After finding Alice, Albedo is sent to the Knights of Favonius, who could supply him with a laboratory with which to conduct his research. There, his prowess in the Art of Khemia, a yet-unseen art in Mondstadt, lands him the position of Chief Alchemist.[222][223][224]
  • 3 years ago - Alice and Klee's father entrust Klee to Albedo and the Knights of Favonius before going away.[225]
  • ? - Diluc discovers that the Fatui are behind the Delusion and the death of his father. In the process of finding out more, the Eleven Fatui Harbingers set up a trap for him and nearly kill him, but he narrowly escapes thanks to a "third-party observer from the north." This observer is part of an underground network which Diluc joins.[214]
  • 1 year ago - Baal, the Electro Archon, suddenly institutes the Sakoku Decree to shut Inazuma's borders and the Vision Hunt Decree to seize all Visions within its borders. Furthermore, no new Electro Vision is given anymore.[226][227]
  • 1 year ago - Diluc returns to Mondstadt, taking over as head of the Dawn Winery.[214]
  • <1 year ago - Dottore and the Fatui are invited to Ludi Harpastum. They are invited to a party at Diluc's manor and have a private conversation with Diluc, Kaeya, and Seamus. They demand that young children be given to them under the pretense of strengthening their Fatui in order to protect Mondstadt better. After being told to have some time to think, Dottore gets bored and goes away.[228]
    • Krupp is tricked by Kaeya to go to the underground cellars of Diluc's winery only to be caught by a masked Diluc and asked questions about what the Fatui are doing with kids they take. Dottore arrives and kills Krupp before he can say anything, leaving Diluc alone.[229]
    • As some Fatui diplomats are about to leave on Dottore's orders, Collei arrives at the gates of Mondstadt, but is blocked by a guard, thinking she is infected with some disease. In order to create a diversion, Collei uses the power of her Archon Residue to create a serpent of black fire that kills the diplomats, and the Knights of Favonius are obligated to investigate the situation to maintain relations with the Fatui. Kaeya meets up with Diluc to explain the situation, to which Diluc responds with a surprised reaction, breaking a vase with one of his darts.[194][230]
    • Collei, seeking information about Barnabas, runs into Amber, who decides to help her with whatever she's searching for. They also meet Jean and Lisa having some tea. Dottore mechanically revives Krupp, letting him free to do whatever he wants.[191][231]
    • They give her permission to enter the library as they continue investigating the Black Fire Incident, and discover that the power that slew the diplomats is similar in nature to the Delusion used by Crepus several years earlier. Amber, who had encountered Dottore as he departed from Mondstadt, grows suspicious after noticing that both he and the Delusion smelled of Mist Pollen.[232][233]
    • She decides to try and track him down, and manages to find a Fatui device inside a hilichurl camp. However, she is then attacked by Krupp, but Jean soon arrives and helps her.[234][235]
    • Together with Jean they take down Krupp for good and return to Mondstadt with evidence against the Fatui.[209][236]
    • Realizing that the Fatui are hoping to instigate a swarm of monster attacks during the festival so they can take the credit for defeating them and saving Mondstadt, the Knights of Favonius decide to track down the Fatui devices and destroy them. Among documents found about Crepus' death there is something written in an ancient language, so Lisa contacts her teacher at Sumeru Academia to see if anyone can translate and be able to help Collei.[237]
    • Amber takes advantage of the situation to let Collei experience Ludi Harpastum's festivities.[238][239][240][241]
    • Their fun is interrupted by Kaeya, who lures Collei away and attacks her to draw out her powers, confirming that she was behind the Black Fire Incident. Kaeya is distracted by an attack from Amber, and she and Collei run away.[190][242]
    • Amber accepts Collei's past as she realizes that she's trying to right her wrongs. They go and meet with Cyno, who was sent from Sumeru Academia in response to Lisa's message. They prepare to seal Collei's Archon Residue for the following day. Upon realizing that Collei herself is innocent, Kaeya decides to enlist Diluc's help in creating an alibi for the girl.[192][243][244][245]
    • Diluc breaks out, leaving behind his mask and Delusion for an uninterested Dottore. The Harbinger also grows irritated by Barnabas' failure and has his guards get rid of him.[246]
    • Kaeya returns Diluc's Vision after he breaks out of prison, hiding it inside a "strange vase" given as a present to him for the one Diluc broke before.[246]
    • Collei leaves Mondstadt with Cyno to go to Sumeru and learn new things.[246]
  • 6 months ago - Grand Master Varka, together with Seamus Pegg, takes the elites of the Knights of Favonius and the cavalry on an expedition away from Mondstadt, appointing Jean as Acting Grand Master in his absence.[247][248][249]
  • 6 months ago - A thief steals an artifact from a certain eastern temple in Mondstadt, a vial supposedly containing Barbatos' breath.[250]
  • <6 months ago - After word gets out about Barbatos' breath being stolen, counterfeits flood the black market. Diluc and the Fatui go on a purchasing war in their attempts to each secure the genuine artifact.[250]
  • ? - The Traveler wakes up, finding the current state of Teyvat unfamiliar and continues to wander alone for some time.[157]
  • 2 months ago - The Traveler meets Paimon after saving her from drowning by fishing her out. She suggests to look for the Seven Archons to see if they have clues about their sibling's whereabouts.[157]

The Beginning


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  1. While Rex Incognito mentions that people once used jade plaques as currency, the unnamed nobleman — a disguised Morax — reveals at the end of the book series that he made up the story about the jade plaques, likely with the intent of seeing whether it would be taken as fact generations later.
  2. Although Mona only says that Leonard used to live 2000 years ago, due to the fact that Leonard knew and was even helped by Venerare, it means that he lived in the same period of time as her, which is around a bit more than 2600 years ago.
  3. Another reason is that Pilos Peak will be destroyed as soon as Barbatos becomes the Anemo Archon, as he will terraform the region of Mondstadt.
  4. As we do not know what happened to Eberhart after Dragonspine, we can only put his related lore about his gladiator before that. Since the gladiator is killed by Vennessa, her becoming a gladiator and fighting him has to happen before.
  5. To avoid a few confusions due to the fact that some videos will be used as references, Aether will be the Traveler, and Lumine will be the Traveler's Sibling in this timeline.


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