Time and Wind is a semi-hidden World Quest unlocked after reaching the Nameless Island, found underneath a breakable rock.


Reach and explore the Island to start the quest.

  1. Uncover the secret of the uninhabited island
    1. Find the "Ragged Notebook" item by destroying the breakable rock on the south end of the island and read it.
  2. Observe the shadow on the sundial
    1. Wait until 2:00~5:00 and use Elemental Sight to follow the trail to the first cluster of wind located east of the sundial. Use Anemo on the cluster.
  3. Disperse the cluster of wind (0/3)
    1. Use Anemo on the clusters located at
      • Southern coast
      • Northern coast
      • On top of the largest pillar
  4. Scatter the deposit of wind
    1. It is located in the middle of the island above the stone circle. Use Anemo on the deposit.
    2. Fight the Eye of the Storm
  5. Pursue the Eye of the Storm
    1. Use the wind current to follow it.
  6. Search for the Eye of the Storm
    1. Speak to Henry Morton, who will be standing next to the sundial. (optional)
    2. Search for his Thick Notebook in his camp and read it. (optional)
    3. Wait until dawn (2-5 AM) and use Elemental Sight to discover 3 clusters that need to be dispersed.
      1. Fend off the monsters that spawn after dispersing each cluster.
    4. Use Elemental Sight again to see the deposit of wind and scatter it again.
    5. Fight the Eye of the Storm again.
  7. Talk to Henry Morton


  • Ways to reach the Island:
    • Use a Cryo Elemental Skill to walk to the island (Kaeya, Qiqi, etc.)
    • Use Amber or Venti to fly off Starsnatch Cliff. (They have passive Talents that reduce your party's gliding Stamina consumption by 20%, but their effects do not stack.)
      • Using two Anemo characters in the party will also grant -15% Stamina consumption and +10% movement speed from Elemental Resonance.
      • Use Barbatos Ratatouille to reduce Stamina consumption from gliding.
      • If you run low on Stamina, replenish using a Stamina-restoring food item like Northern Smoked Chicken.
      • With either Amber or Venti and no other bonuses, you can reach the island with full (240) Stamina.
  • While searching for the wind clusters, make sure that the time stays between 2 AM and 5 AM, or they will not be present.
  • There are two hidden achievements involved in the quest. Both achievements are part of the Wonders of the World series and grant 5 primogems.


Idle Quotes

  • "Where is this wind coming from?" (while searching for the Eye of the Storm -Henry Morton)
  • "Ugh! Wh—What a mighty wind!" (while fighting Eye of the Storm -Henry Morton)
  • "Traveler! Come over here!" (after defeating Eye of the Storm -Henry Morton)


(After finding the Ragged Notebook)
Paimon: These seem to be somebody's notes, but what's this scribbled on top? Let's open it and have a closer look.
(Interacting with the sun dial before finding the Ragged Notebook)
Ravaged Carving: "Stories brought on the wind will bloom into legends in due time."
Paimon: What does that even mean? ...Paimon has no idea.
Paimon: Still, this place looks like it hides some secret...
Paimon: Let's check the area out. We might find some clues!
(Observing the sundial after finding the notebook)
Ravaged Carving: "Stories brought on the wind will bloom into legends in due time."
Paimon: This must be the sundial mentioned in the notebook!
Paimon: Paimon doesn't get what's special about it, though...
Paimon: Maybe we should read that notebook a bit more carefully
(After scattering the first wind cluster)
Paimon: Oh, it seems to Paimon that this can be easily scattered by the wind.
(After the time stamp passes)
Paimon: Huh? That strange feeling that was here seems to be gone now.
(After scattering all wind clusters the Eye of the Storm)
Faint Voice: "An ancient tale comes whisked in the wind..."
(After the Eye of the Storm retreats)
Paimon: Did it escape? Whatever it is, it's definitely an elemental life form with a reaction like that.
Paimon: That way leads to the Thousand Winds Temple. C'mon, let's move those legs!
(After summoning the Eye of the Storm again)
Faint Voice: "In time, it will grow and sprout once again..."

Henry Morton: Hmm? Did you have business here, Traveler?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About the Eye of the Storm...
Henry Morton: The Eye of the Storm? I've been in this area this entire time, and I've never seen any such thing, except for that sudden huge wind earlier...
Henry Morton: But I'm sure that it wasn't an Eye of the Storm. I would have recognized that thing anywhere.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Alright then...
Henry Morton: Believe me, I wouldn't be able to forget something like that coming to interrupt my research if I tried.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you up to, here?
Henry Morton: Me? I'm doing a bit of research.
Henry Morton: To be precise, I'm doing research together with a friend of mine.
Henry Morton: He's also a scholar, and we went to Sumeru Arcademia together.
Henry Morton: He became an archaeologist thereafter, traveling the world and doing surveys, while I continued my studies in the Arcademia.
Henry Morton: When he came to Mondstadt, he told me excitedly that he was surveying the Thousand Winds Temple.
Henry Morton: He even said something like "Once I've uncovered the secrets of your homeland, you're the first person I'll tell."
Henry Morton: I didn't hear from him afterwards. I asked someone to send Cyrus a letter, requesting that the Adventurers' Guild help me look for my friend's whereabouts.
Henry Morton: But there was no news of him at all, and so I discontinued my studies and hurried back here.
Henry Morton: But there's nothing here but a sundial, and there are no other clues...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, there's a sundial on that island...
Henry Morton: What? There's another sundial elsewhere that's identical to this one, and it's on an island?
Henry Morton: Oh, yes! Now I remember. I've actually seen that island sometimes, when the weather's clear.
Henry Morton: Wait... You said that you found a notebook next to the sundial? Did that fellow go there?
Henry Morton: Thank you. If I have the chance, I will head to that island to have a look. For now, however, I still have to figure this place out.
Henry Morton: I must continue my research. If you're interested, you can have a look at my research notes. I've left it over there.
Henry Morton: Who knows? Perhaps there's something in there that might help you.

(Talk to Henry Mortion after defeating the Eye of the Storm)
Henry Morton: Where did this thing come from? It wasn't here before!
Henry Morton: How did you summon it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well...
You give Henry Morton a detailed account of how the riddle was solved
Henry Morton: Ah, so that's "time and the wind..."
Henry Morton: So, there's another sundial exactly like this one on the island, am I right?
Henry Morton: And the method to solve its riddle is the same? Then, there must be some link between these two sundials, and the two places they are located in.
Henry Morton: I must find a way to get to that island, and quickly...
Henry Morton: Thank you, Traveler. Once I've made some preparations, I will look for you, and we shall visit that uninhabited island together.
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