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Time is a measurement of how long something lasts or takes. It is a mechanic that affects various things, including but not limited to:

Time passes 60 times faster than normal in Teyvat at a rate of 1 minute per real world second and is separated into four 6-hour quadrants of times of day. This means that 1 hour in Teyvat occurs in 1 minute, the day cycles between phases every 6 minutes, and one full day passes in 24 minutes.

The minutes and seconds displayed on countdown timers, such as during Time Trial Challenges or when revival food is consumed, are based on server time rather than game time.

The player can quickly advance time via the Time option in the Paimon Menu. The player must select a time at least 30 Teyvat minutes after the current time and cannot advance more than 2 Teyvat days at a time. Time can be advanced in both single player mode and Co-Op Mode by the host for all players in the world.

Pausing Time

In single player mode, time is paused while the Paimon Menu is open and while accessing anything available through the Paimon Menu (Inventory, Events screen, etc.), even if accessed via a keybind or the UI icon while playing, except for Photo Mode.

Some timers will continue to tick while the game is paused. These timers include but are not limited to Gadget cooldowns, the timer in Food Delivery, the timer that keeps track of how long players take to complete a Domain, clocks that track Bounties, and the timer that prevents certain enemies from using certain skills too often.

Other timers remain paused while the game is paused. These timers include but are not limited to Elemental Skill cooldowns, revival and stamina food consumption cooldowns, the depletion of the fullness gauge, and the time limit players have to complete the current objective in a Domain.

Time cannot be paused in Co-Op Mode.

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Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.2
  • Can now skip more than 1 day (max 2 days) in Paimon Menu.
  • Enemy skill cooldowns are now paused while the game is paused. Previously, enemy skill cooldowns continued to run even while the game was paused.

Version 1.0

  • Time mechanics were released.