Tia is an NPC found at Wangshu Inn in Dihua Marsh, Liyue. She can be found on the front porch next to her father, Landa.

Talking to Tia will give you Vera's Melancholy Vol. I.



Tia enjoys playing with the innkeeper's pets, Richie and Wei. Based on her dialogue, she seems to be aware that her father is posing as a traveling merchant, but it's unclear whether she knows he is a Fatui agent.

Quests and Events


Idle Quotes


Tia: Hello. You must be from somewhere very far away.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's your name?
Tia: My name is Tia. Landa's my father.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about your father.
Tia: My father says I should tell all strangers that he is a traveling merchant.
Tia: Well if you were friends with Tia she could tell you!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How does one make friends with you, then?
Tia: Easy, you just need to play with me.
Tia: But right now I'm playing with Richie and Wei!
Icon Dialogue Reward.svg Has traveling been fun?
Tia: Yup! This is my first time outside Mondstadt. Everything here is so cool!
Tia: When I was small, I could only read "Vera's Melancholy." I would imagine I was Vera, experiencing all kinds of amazing adventures!
Tia: I know! I'll give you this copy of "Vera's Melancholy." I might have flipped through it a bit too much...
Tia: But I don't need it anymore, because I'm on a real adventure with Daddy. My experiences will be even more interesting than the novel!
(Gain Vera's Melancholy (I) ×1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Bye-bye.
Tia: Bye-bye!

Event Dialogue

Unreconciled Stars

Tia: Are dreams black, or white? Are they another world? I can never remember what happened in my dreams when I wake up.
Tia: But everyone's saying that if you touch those strange stones, you'll sleep for a long, long time. If I dream for that long, I'll definitely remember my dream, right?
(Dialogue options and responses are the same as normal)


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