Main Stats

Each artifact has one main stat, determined by the artifact's type/slot. Its starting value is determined by the artifact's rarity. See Artifacts/Main Stat Scaling for values per level.

Flower of Life Icon Flower of Life.png
Rarity4 Stars5 Stars
HP645 - 3,571717 - 4,780
Plume of Death Icon Plume of Death.png
Rarity4 Stars5 Stars
ATK42 - 23247 - 311
Sands of Eon Icon Sands of Eon.png
Rarity4 Stars5 Stars
HP%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
ATK%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
DEF%7.9 - 43.5%8.7 - 58.3%
Elemental Mastery25 - 13928 - 187
Energy Recharge%7.0 - 38.7%7.8 - 51.8%
Goblet of Eonothem Icon Goblet of Eonothem.png
Rarity4 Stars5 Stars
HP%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
ATK%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
DEF%7.9 - 43.5%8.7 - 58.3%
Elemental Mastery25 - 13928 - 187
Elemental DMG Bonus%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
Physical DMG Bonus%7.9 - 43.5%8.7 - 58.3%
Circlet of Logos Icon Circlet of Logos.png
Rarity4 Stars5 Stars
HP%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
ATK%6.3 - 34.8%7.0 - 46.6%
DEF%7.9 - 43.5%8.7 - 58.3%
Elemental Mastery25 - 13928 - 187
CRIT Rate%4.2 - 23.2%4.7 - 31.1%
CRIT DMG%8.4 - 46.4%9.3 - 62.2%
Healing Bonus%4.8 - 26.8%5.4 - 35.9%

Sub Stats

Along with the main stat, artifacts can have up to 4 sub-stats; the starting number is based on its rarity.

An artifact cannot have duplicate sub-stats, and its sub-stats cannot be the same as the main stat. (E.g., an artifact with an ATK% main stat cannot gain an ATK% sub-stat, but could have a flat ATK sub-stat.)

Rarity Max LV Base # of
Sub Stats
# of Unlocks # of Upgrades
4 Stars +16 2-3 1-2 2-3
5 Stars +20 3-4 0-1 4-5

The initial value of each sub-stat is also randomized according to rarity.

Possible sub-stat values
Rarity4 Stars5 Stars
HP167 / 191 / 215 / 239209 / 239 / 269 / 299
ATK11 / 12 / 14 / 1614 / 16 / 18 / 19
DEF13 / 15 / 17 / 1916 / 19 / 21 / 23
HP%3.3% / 3.7% / 4.2% / 4.7%4.1% / 4.7% / 5.3% / 5.8%
ATK%3.3% / 3.7% / 4.2% / 4.7%4.1% / 4.7% / 5.3% / 5.8%
DEF%4.1% / 4.7% / 5.3% / 5.8%5.1% / 5.8% / 6.6% / 7.3%
Elemental Mastery13 / 15 / 17 / 1916 / 19 / 21 / 23
Energy Recharge%3.6% / 4.1% / 4.7% / 5.2%4.5% / 5.2% / 5.8% / 6.5%
CRIT Rate%2.2% / 2.5% / 2.8% / 3.1%2.7% / 3.1% / 3.5% / 3.9%
CRIT DMG%4.4% / 5% / 5.6% / 6.2%5.4% / 6.2% / 7% / 7.8%

Every 4 enhancement levels, an artifact sub-stat gets added or increased:

  • If the artifact has fewer than 4 sub-stats, it gains a new random sub-stat with a random value from the table above.
  • If the artifact already has 4 sub-stats, a random sub-stat is increased by a random amount from the table above.


Enhancing artifacts require other artifacts to be used as fodder. See Artifacts#Enhancing.


Item Thundersoother's Heart.png Thundersoother's Heart
A flower that blooms even amidst ferocious thunder and lightning. To this day, it still grants courage to travelers in thunderstorms.

A purple flower plucked in a thunderstorm.

Whoever wears it will no longer fear the thunder and lightning.

This flower blossoms only in thunderstorms, and never withers despite the constant rain.
This is the Flower of Thunder. Kneeling before it, the Thundersoother plucked it with reverence.

The Thundersoother wore this flower on his chest at all times as he fearlessly faced the thunder and lightning.
Even when fighting the fierce Beast of Thunder, his resolve never wavered.

To the Thundersoother, wearing this purple flower may have been merely an act of whimsy, but to travelers, the flower was the source of the unfaltering resolve that conquered the thunder.
Item Thundersoother's Plume.png Thundersoother's Plume
The feather of a predatory bird that soars through lightning storms. It was said to have been adopted as an insignia by the legendary hero who pacified thunder and lightning.

An insignia made in the shape of the plume of a falcon that soared through the storms.

Its wearer can almost feel the booming of thunder and the heat of a volcano.

Fearing neither the thunder nor the volcano, the falcon left its plume in the burnt woods.
The Thundersoother fashioned an amethyst insignia in the plume's likeness.
The purple insignia shimmered with light under the gaze of enemies.
On this small object lightning glittered, as if to foreshadow the downfall of the Beast of Thunder.

Like the falcon, the Thundersoother conquered both thunder and flames, and eventually beheaded the Beast of Thunder.
Item Hour of Soothing Thunder.png Hour of Soothing Thunder
A timepiece kept by hero who conquered thunder and lightning. The tiny shard of Electro crystal within flow back and forth with the passing of time.

An hourglass the Thundersoother once used. Flowing within it is not sand, but tiny Electro shards.

The shards shatter and flow down as time passes, then merge together at the bottom of the hourglass.

The one who defeated the Beast of Thunder crafted this hourglass from amethyst.
The passage of time is just like lightning. It bursts through the sky and is gone in a flash.
Even the Thundersoother could not conquer the flash of time.

Within this hourglass, even thunder and lightning have to obey the never-changing law of time.
In the hourglass, the shards shatter and merge countless times while time silently flashes by.

Observing this taught the Thundersoother about the cycle of life and death. Empowered with this knowledge, he was able to defeat the beast.
Item Thundersoother's Goblet.png Thundersoother's Goblet
The wine goblet from which the Thundersoother, who defeated the Beast of Thunder, once drank violet lightning.

A goblet that once belonged to the Thundersoother.

Perhaps its former owner once used it to drink the thunder.

Mighty as he was, the Thundersoother was a mere mortal with human feelings.
Rage and ecstasy would come and go in a flash, just like the pounding thunder.
This goblet witnessed not only the feats of the Thundersoother, but also his sorrow and laughter.

From this goblet was drunk the wine used in the sacrificial slaying of the Thundersoother's family.
From this goblet came the courage that helped the Thundersoother venture forth into the beast's cave.

From this goblet came the sole source of companionship for the Thundersoother, who spent his final days in solitude.
Item Thundersoother's Diadem.png Thundersoother's Diadem
The crown given to the Thundersoother for defeating the Beast of Thunder that had been wreaking havoc upon the land.

A very ancient diadem.

It shines with the light of the pacified lightning.

The ferocious Beast of Thunder once enslaved people with its mighty lightning.
But its lightning existed only in a flash, and like the lightning, its mightiness soon disappeared.

The Thundersoother defeated the beast in a lightning storm.
He claimed this diadem as his trophy.

But the past can never be fully pacified.

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