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Thundering Fury is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Midsummer Courtyard.


  • 4-Piece Bonus:
    • The character using the artifact set must trigger the reaction (apply their element second) to trigger the 4-Piece Bonus.
    • An Electro based reaction on self doesn't trigger the four piece cooldown reduction bonus. (However Swirls on self from Jean's Dandelion Breeze that spread an element to trigger an Electro reaction on others will reduce cooldown)
    • The cooldown reduction bonus doesn't occur if the character is off field. e.g. if Fischl uses Nightrider (Oz) and switches to a different party member.
    • However the 4-piece bonus elemental reaction damage increase takes effect regardless of whether the user is active or swapped out.
    • The 4-piece bonus elemental reaction damage increase stacks additively with the bonus from Elemental Mastery. Thus it is equivalent to around 50 units of EM at low elemental mastery, and slightly more at higher elemental mastery levels (as of Version/1.6)


Item Thunderbird's Mercy.png Thunderbird's Mercy

A lightning-infused flower, somehow spared the fate of being trodden underfoot or reduced to ash by the furious purple fire, making it the sole survivor on the day of disaster.

A purple wild flower that survived in the volcanic ash.
It witnessed the total decimation of the ancient tribe.

With an innocent's blood, the shaman summoned the Thunderbird.
They made their offerings, waiting for the Thunderbird to reveal and [sic] the oracles.
However, what descended with the Thunderbird, was the lightning of destruction.

For the transgression against the young lad who sang to it, the sentence was total obliteration.
The Thunderbird showed its true nature, wiping the tribe from the face of the earth.

Item Survivor of Catastrophe.png Survivor of Catastrophe

A lightning-charged feather that still flickers with the wrath of the Thunderbird's cruel retribution.

The lost feather of the Thunderbird enchanted in purple lightning.
It serves as the last witness of the destruction of the tribe.

The ancient tribe held the Thunderbird as its protector.
But it rained down thunder upon the tribe.
On one gloomy night, it shared a pure friendship with the lad.
Once it departed, the lad picked up the feather it dropped.

"I shall sing you another tune,
When you come again with thunder and rain."

Driven to madness by the remorse of a promise unkept,
The Thunderbird left the mountain in cinders.
It was hunted down years after, slain as a monster.

Years passed, the burned land revitalized.
The lightning-feather was left buried in the vegetation.
The story of the Thunderbird and the young lad had all but perished with the tribe.

Item Hourglass of Thunder.png Hourglass of Thunder

The hourglass used to foretell the coming of the Thunderbird by the tribe that worshiped it. It has fallen into eternal silence now that the tribe is no more.

A luxurious hourglass belonging to the ancient tribe that worshiped the Thunderbird.
As the tribe faded away, so did the hourglass.

A luxurious hourglass, made with amethyst and amber gold, that belonged to a shaman.
The hourglass would serve its purpose for the festival held in the Thunderbird's honor.

In the last festival the tribe held, the frenzied Thunderbird blew away the bloodstained altar.
The countdown to the arrival of the protector became the countdown to the tribe's destruction.
The Thunderbird decimated the tribe to avenge the one who sang to it.

Unbeknownst the Thunderbird, the lad himself considered his sacrifice as an offering.
All for the good of the tribe, for the blessing of the Thunderbird.

Item Omen of Thunderstorm.png Omen of Thunderstorm

A ceremonial cup that holds the blood of the innocent. It is brimming with the thundering fury of the prayers that echo within.

A ritual goblet used by the shamans of an ancient tribe.
It held the blood to be offered to the Thunderbird.

In the seasons when the Thunderbird flew amidst the stormy mountains, a young lad sang without fear.
Attracted to his voice, the prideful Thunderbird landed by his side.

"Curious tunes, tiny human. Afraid not of thunder and storms?
"They said I can bring peace to thunder and storms."

The young lad paused and answered.
The Thunderbird cried but kept its silence.
For his was an enchanting song.

It was the first and last meeting between the Thunderbird and the young boy.
For the next she saw of the boy was when his blood filled the golden goblet on the sacrificial altar.

Item Thunder Summoner's Crown.png Thunder Summoner's Crown

A crown once worn by an ancient shaman who worshiped the Thunderbird. The capricious beast remained unmoved by the shaman's devotion.

In the ancient tribe that worshiped the Thunderbird, elder shamans worn [sic] this crown.

The Thunderbird soared through the thunderstorms, raining down purple thunder and rain.
Ancient tribes feared its powers and thanked it for its blessings.
Shamans were chosen to offer blood sacrifices to it for protection and forgiveness.

The Thunderbird was still a monster that cared not for the worship of mankind.
They knew it not, and regarded the unpredictable actions of the Thunderbird as divine revelations.
Yet thunder was its breath, as were the fates of men.
From the sky, men were no different from animals.

Until one day a song pierced through the roaring thunderstorm.
The song ripped through the clouds, and bestowed upon it, light.

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThundering Fury
Rú Léi de Shèngnù
Fury Like Lightning
Rú Léi de Shèngnù
Kaminari no You na Ikari
Fury Like Lightning
Korean번개 같은 분노
Beongae Gateun Bunno
Fury Like Lightning
SpanishFuria del TruenoLightning's Fury
FrenchColère de tonnerreWrath of Thunder
RussianГромогласный рёв ярости
Gromoglasnyy ryov yarosti
Vociferous Roar of Fury
ThaiThundering Fury
VietnameseNhư Sấm Thịnh NộLike Raging Thunder
GermanDonnernder ZornThundering Fury
IndonesianThundering Fury
PortugueseTrovão FuriosoFurious Thunder

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.3
  • Changed the gender pronoun of the Thunderbird from "he" to "she" in the artifact lore description of the Omen of Thunderstorm piece in the Thundering Fury artifact set.

Version 1.0

  • Thundering Fury was released.