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Thunder Spheres are objects found in the skies of Inazuma. When within range of a Thunder Sphere while carrying an Electrogranum or affected by Electro, the player can move swiftly in the direction of it. After being used, the Thunder Sphere will be temporarily inactive as it recharges itself.

Passing through a Thunder Sphere will affect the player with Electro, allowing for continuous movement.

Some Thunder Spheres will only appear for certain Time Trial Challenges and Commissions or if the player begins carrying an Electrogranum.



Tutorial Adventure Thunder Sphere.png This strange entity is known as a Thunder Sphere. It is a common sight in Inazuma. Characters who wield Electro power or who are looked after by Inazuma can use it to move around at lightning speed.
Characters carrying an Electrogranum or affected by Electro in proximity to a Thunder Sphere can move towards it at great speed.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0