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Thunder Sakura Boughs can be found on the various islands of Inazuma. Use them to summon a wondrous spirit called an Electrogranum, which will be an inevitable travel companion in Inazuma~

Thunder Sakura Boughs are found in Inazuma. They can be used to summon Electrograna.

Some Thunder Sakura Boughs are inactive and cannot be used to summon Electrograna until something else is done, such as defeating a nearby enemy or solving a nearby puzzle. These Thunder Sakura Boughs are surrounded by a faint purple-pink mist and will not have an Electrogranum in them.

Using a Thunder Sakura Bough may sometimes reveal Thunder Spheres, which the player can use to travel swiftly through the air with their Electrogranum.


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThunder Sakura Bough
Léiyīng Zhītiáo
Thunder Sakura Branch
Léiyīng Zhītiáo
Raiou no Eda[!]
Thunder Sakura Bough
Korean번개의 벚나무 가지
Beongae-ui Beonnamu Gaji
Lightning Cherry Blossom Tree Branch
SpanishRama de Cerezo del Trueno
FrenchBranche de cerisier tonnerreBranch of Thunder Cherry Tree
RussianВетвь Громовой сакуры
Vetv' Gromovoy sakury
ThaiThunder Sakura Bough
VietnameseCành Lôi Anh Đào
GermanZweig der Donner-SakuraBranch of the Thunder Sakura
IndonesianThunder Sakura Bough
PortugueseGalho da Sakura do Trovão

Change History

Released in Version 2.0