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Thunder Dwellings are objects that can be charged using Electrograna. They have appeared during the Thunder Sojourn event as well as in the "Fang of Watatsumi" quest.

When fully charged they an deal Electro DMG to opponents.


Tutorial Lightning Round 1.png During the Thunder Sojourn event, Travelers can activate mechanisms to enter the Lightning Round challenge. After starting the challenge, Travelers will need to defeat all opponents within the time limit.
Tutorial Lightning Round 2.png During the Lightning Round challenge, you will encounter the special Thunder Dwelling. Characters in proximity to the Thunder Dwelling who are carrying Electrograna, are affected by Electro, or use an Electro attack on it will charge the dwelling's energy.
Tutorial Lightning Round 3.png Once the Thunder Dwelling is fully charged, it will release a Thunder Shock, dealing Electro DMG to all characters and opponents present on the battlefield. If the Thunder Shock hits an opponent, it will cause them to take more DMG for a period of time. The Thunder Dwelling will be unable to recharge for a brief period after unleashing its Thunder Shock.
Tutorial Lightning Round 4.png An Electrogranum can absorb the DMG dealt by a Thunder Shock hit.



Change History

Released in Version 2.0