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Three Wishes is the fourth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.


  1. Go to Komore Teahouse
  2. Enter Komore Teahouse
  3. Go to the Statue of the Omnipresent God
  4. Go to the Kamisato Estate



Komore Teahouse

Paimon: According to the letter, this should be the place.
Kozue: Sorry, we don't serve the general public. I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
Paimon: Wait! We're not the general public...
Kozue: Well then... you must be a couple of wandering outlanders that snuck into the nation... judging by your attire.
Paimon: Are our clothes really so— oh! Uh... What Paimon means to say is—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Here's our Invitation Letter.
Kozue: Hmm, the Yashiro Commission's seal... this must be from Mr. Thoma. It seems there's more to you than meets the eye.
Kozue: In which case, welcome to the Komore Teahouse, a safe haven for the Yashiro Commission.
Paimon: Well, that sounds more like it.
(Talk to Kozue again)
Kozue: It's been quite some time since I've seen anyone show up with a new Invitation Letter. I wish you two luck.

Paimon: Well, now that we're here, where's Thoma?
Paimon: *sigh* Paimon doesn't see him anywhere, do you think he forgot his promise to meet us?
???: Who forgot their promise? I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me!
(A dog squats on the counter, and it is at this moment that you hear Thoma's voice...)
Paimon: Wh—Wh—What!? Is that dog talking to us!?
???: Hahaha, relax, no need to look so surprised. I take it this is the first time you've seen me in this form?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you're a... dog?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Where did the human—looking Thoma go?
Thoma: Huh, so you didn't see anything like this when you were in Liyue Harbor?
Paimon: Ah, now that you mention it, this does suddenly seem less out of the ordinary...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But it still doesn't really add up...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I know a dog when I see one.
Thoma: Hahaha. Alright, alright, I've had my fun.
(Thoma walks out from behind the counter...)
Paimon: Hey! You're this close to getting an ugly nickname, mister!
Thoma: Hehe, well, I've had some time to kill, given that I've been waiting here for you for so long... as was the case in Ritou...
Thoma: So I came up with this little fun greeting for when you arrived.
Thoma: But, in all seriousness, I would like to apologize about that little "test" you went through earlier. Though it was quite necessary...
Thoma: It helped us determine whether or not to bring you before Miss Kamisato, and whether you had the courage to face the lightning alongside us.
Paimon: Hmph. Don't think that Paimon's gonna forgive you just because you're getting all serious now!
Thoma: Haha... Sorry, did I overdo it? My apologies.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, how did we do in our "test"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "The courage to face the lightning"...?
Thoma: Let me just say this, you've often found yourself skirting "the rules" from the very beginning, haven't you?
Thoma: Naturally, this is due to your unwavering and resolute determination.
Thoma: A long time ago, we had a friend who was much the same... but when the lightning struck...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You mean Kazuha's friend...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You mean he died in a duel before the throne...
Thoma: Ah, so you've heard of his story, hmm...
Thoma: His light still burns all the more brightly...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So will we be allowed to meet the Shirasagi Himegimi?
Thoma: Yes, of course. I will bring you to the Kamisato residence, where the Yashiro Commission is located.
Thoma: But before that, there is one other place I was hoping you both would accompany me to.
Paimon: Oh? Where?
Thoma: I would like you to come with me to the Statue of the Omnipresent God. It's still under construction now, but you can already see it from practically anywhere on Narukami Island.

Statue of the Omnipresent God

Paimon: This area sure feels gloomy. People probably don't come here often, do they?
Paimon: Huh, are Paimon's eyes playing tricks, or are there things embedded in the statue...?
Thoma: Visions.
Paimon: Visions! You mean all the Visions that are collected from the Vision Hunt Decree are put into this statue!?
Thoma: So you've already heard of the Vision Hunt Decree.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why did the shogun issue the Vision Hunt Decree?
Thoma: Before I try to explain, I should perhaps remind you first that Mondstadt is the City of Freedom, and Liyue is the City of Contracts...
Thoma: As for Inazuma... It's known as the Nation of Eternity.
Thoma: The Raiden Shogun is both the nation's most powerful ruler, and its deity.
Thoma: The "eternity" in question... is her endless and unchanging will to rule over Inazuma.
Thoma: As such, she relies on the Tri—Commission to regulate the nation's affairs, and the Sakoku Decree to limit the people's movement.
Thoma: The shogun wishes to keep Inazuma in stasis, allowing the stream of time to flow from one end to the other without disturbing it, for all time.
Paimon: Seems like every god has their own will...
Thoma: Of course, this is my own limited understanding. As for the reason behind the recent Vision Hunt Decree...
Thoma: Perhaps the shogun believes that Visions grant people the power to change, and that her eternity doesn't allow for such instability to exist.
Thoma: Whatever the case, the fact is that the Raiden Shogun has dispatched the Tenryou Commission to scour the nation for Visions, embedding each one in this statue...
Thoma: ... and this Statue of the Omnipresent God can be seen as Inazuma's symbol of eternity.
Paimon: But if that's the case, wouldn't you say that the Raiden Shogun is being... I don't know, selfish?
Thoma: Haha, only outlanders such as yourselves would ever dare speak out so directly against the Raiden Shogun.
Thoma: And yet... I agree. The Vision Hunt Decree is something that simply should not exist, and Miss Kamisato has been committed to fighting it since the day it was announced.
Paimon: Huh? (Traveler), are you okay? You look like your mind is elsewhere.
(As you touch the statue, many voices and sounds rush into your ears...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What was that... sound just now?
Thoma: Sound? What sound? I didn't hear anything... did something happen?
Paimon: Yeah, you touched the statue, and then... and then what?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I could hear the sound of... people's aspirations.
Thoma: "Aspirations"?
Thoma: Hmm... That would seem to confirm the saying.
Thoma: Have you heard it before? That when a person's ambition reaches a certain strength, the gods look upon them with favor.
Thoma: That is where Visions come from... In other words, a person's Vision represents their ambition.
Thoma: So, if what you just said is true...
Thoma: ...then the ambitions of these people are stronger than I imagined.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So a Vision symbolizes ambition, and not power...
Thoma: Alright. Time for the next stop on our tour of Narukami Island: the Kamisato residence.
Paimon: Whew, finally!

Kamisato Estate

Paimon: So this is the kind of place where the big shots of Inazuma live, huh? Paimon kinda expected it to be... snazzier.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's hard to top the Jade Chamber.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's hard to top the Dawn Winery.
Thoma: Welcome, at last, to the Kamisato residence, honored guests. Miss Kamisato is delighted to finally meet you.
Paimon: Is this the Shirasagi Himegimi you keep going on about? So, uh, where's she at?
Kamisato Ayaka: Ahem...
Paimon: Oh... uh, behind the screen?
Thoma: Yes, haha, as the daughter of the Yashiro Commission, this is how Miss Kamisato is accustomed to receiving guests.
Thoma: Consider it a time—honored tradition within the Yashiro Commission. Forgive me if this is an unwelcome surprise.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think I understand.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (This is slightly anticlimactic...)
Paimon: Makes sense, she's a super—important person after all.
Kamisato Ayaka: Please forgive my lack of courtesy for receiving you in this fashion... especially following such a long and wearisome journey over the sea.
Kamisato Ayaka: I have awaited your arrival with great anticipation, and Thoma assures me that you do indeed possess the power to change the tide of the times.
Kamisato Ayaka: At present in Inazuma, in the name of the Vision Hunt Decree, the people's aspirations are being senselessly trampled underfoot.
Kamisato Ayaka: Though the Yashiro Commission serves the shogun, it is the people with whom we share close bonds, given the contact we are required to have with them in the performance of our duties.
Kamisato Ayaka: A commission's power rises and falls with the trust of their people. Thus, we cannot remain indifferent to this situation without also remaining indifferent to our own fate.
Kamisato Ayaka: Traveler, lend us your power, and we can—
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm just here to meet the Raiden Shogun.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I did not come to start a rebellion.
Kamisato Ayaka: Oh...
Thoma: See, milady, it's just like I said... this will take us nowhere...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm going to leave now.
Kamisato Ayaka: No, please... wait! Please... Don't go...
Kamisato Ayaka: *sigh*
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What?
Kamisato Ayaka: I will introduce you to the Raiden Shogun, on one condition... You must fulfill three small wishes on my behalf.
Paimon: What are your wishes?
Kamisato Ayaka: They pertain to three whose Visions were taken from them... Perhaps once you've met them, you will understand...
Paimon: A warrior who guards a village, a former samurai who helped carry out the Vision Hunt Decree, and a swordmaster determined to become the best in the world... Does Paimon got that right?
Kamisato Ayaka: Correct. Please do all you can to help them. I will await your return here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I will do as you wish.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is a tall order...
Kamisato Ayaka: Hehe... Then, you have my gratitude.
Thoma: I'm sure you'll do great.
(Talk to Thoma again)
Thoma: Miss Kamisato's left, it seems. No cutting corners, now, okay?

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThree Wishes
Sānge Xīnyuàn
Three Wishes
Sānge Xīnyuàn
Mittsu no Negai
Three Wishes
Korean세 개의 소원
Se Gae-ui Sowon
Three Wishes
SpanishLos tres deseos
FrenchTrois souhaitsThree Wishes
RussianТри желания
Tri zhelaniya
Three Wishes
Three Desires
VietnameseBa Tâm Nguyện
GermanDrei WünscheThree Wishes
IndonesianTiga PermintaanThree Wishes
PortugueseTrês SonhosThree Dreams

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