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Three Poignant Perfumes is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, Archaic Lord.


  1. Go and buy Silk Flowers
  2. Seek Lan's advice
  3. Seek Qiming's advice
  4. Seek Ying'er's advice
  5. Rendezvous with Ying'er
  6. Fetch some water
  7. Talk to Ying'er
  8. Grind the Silk Flowers to extract the essence
    • Use the Crafting Bench for this.
  9. Give the Silk Flower Essence to Ying'er
  10. Offer the perfumes to the Statue of the Seven



(Talk to Bolai)
Paimon: Hey boss. Do you sell Silk Flowers here?
Bolai: Silk Flowers? We certainly do! Which kind would you like?
Paimon: Which kind...? The, uh... the good kind. The best kind. ...Remind Paimon what kinds there are again?
Bolai: Ugh. You ignorant shoppers, always coming in here with your stupid questions...
Zhongli: Golden House Maiden, Valley Weaver, and Fate's Yearning. One of each to start with, if you don't mind.
Bolai: ...My goodness! This gentleman is quite the connoisseur!
Bolai: You two must be his servants. Please refrain from any further attempts to contribute.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, guess I had it coming...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is what I get for calling Paimon "emergency food."
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait... You don't even recognize me!?
Bolai: I'm sorry? Ah, yes... We've met before, haven't we? Sorry, Traveler, I shouldn't have spoken to you in that tone.
Bolai: Now then... Please peruse at your leisure. Do let me know if you have any further thoughts.
Zhongli: Silk Flowers exhibit different properties based on how their environmental conditions differ from their ancestral habitat... Nevertheless, these are fine specimens. Excellently preserved.
Zhongli: Just look at the abundant foliage here. And these stamens, glamorous as a maiden of the Golden House. This strain is an evergreen, and mostly grows under complex hydrological conditions.
Zhongli: By contrast, this variety thrives in any dark, damp location, often in large clusters. Morphologically, it is distinguished by the profusion of petals and densely packed stamens, though its powerful scent gives it away just as easily.
Zhongli: Lastly, this strain is quite the recluse. Unlike its exuberant cousins, flowers and foliage are minimal, and when in season, it has a subtle yet enduring scent. It was first discovered by the ancients when they scaled the mountains in search of the adepti.
Zhongli: Silk Flowers have all but disappeared from the wild today, due to geographical changes over Liyue's history. Most are now grown by horticulturalists.
Bolai: Wow. A true connoisseur. Most of that was news even to me!
Zhongli: I possess but a smattering of trivial knowledge. My traveler friend is the one to watch — they are on track to set foot in every corner of the world.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's so impressive about that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm still an ignoramus on horticulture...
Paimon: Mr. Zhongli, you're way too humble... So which Silk Flower did you want, anyway?
Zhongli: I'll take them all, boss.
Paimon: ...Again!?
Zhongli: How can I put this... When purchasing opera tickets, it is natural to decide based on which singer has the most melodious voice. The same logic applies when purchasing a pet bird.
Zhongli: But this Silk Flower purchase is not an analogous case. The same logic does not apply.
Zhongli: Perhaps you don't know. Tradition states that we should decoct perfume from different sub-species of Silk Flower when making an offering to a Statue of The Seven. Rex Lapis will then make his own choice between the scents.
Zhongli: Like several other tedious and complicated traditions, this one has become simplified over time.
Zhongli: But this is the only Rite of Parting to take place for one of The Seven in three thousand seven hundred years. As such, I do think we should honor tradition down to the last detail in this case.
Zhongli: Now that's settled, a question... Ahem. Do you have any Mora on you?
Paimon: You forgot to bring money again!? Grr, Zhongli!!!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I see a pattern emerging here.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png By this point, I'd be more surprised if he'd remembered.
Bolai: If I may interject... Did I hear you say that these flowers are to be an offering to the Lord of Geo himself?
Paimon: Yes... in a sense.
Bolai: Gosh. Well, why didn't you say so? I heard the awful news about what happened at this year's Rite of Descension...
Bolai: It would be bad luck to say it out loud. But I've been worried about our dear Lord ever since... I'm worried that everything I've heard is true...
Bolai: Since these flowers will be used to glorify our Lord, they're free of charge. Just don't forget to pass on my regards.
Paimon: Are you serious?
Bolai: Why wouldn't I be? I would be nobody if not for Rex Lapis!
Bolai: If he hadn't written those poems in praise of my wares, they'd only be worth a fraction of what I can sell them for today...
Paimon: Huh... So much folklore here revolves around Liyue's deity making cameo appearances in support of local businesses...
Zhongli: ...Thank you, boss. I think I speak for all of us when I say that your generosity has saved our skins.
Paimon: "Our" skins? You were the one who forgot to bring money!
Bolai: Please. It's the least I could do.
(Discuss the method for making perfume)

Paimon: So now that we've got the flowers, how do we make the perfume?
Zhongli: Ideally, with the help of an expert. Unfortunately, none of my acquaintances have personal experience in the art of decoction...
Paimon: Talk about first-world problems...
Zhongli: Hence, I need you to help by asking around in the city. Try the common folk, especially women.
Paimon: So this time we get to go around town looking for nice-smelling ladies to talk to? Paimon likes this job!
Zhongli: I will wait for you near the Statue of The Seven. Meet me there when the perfume is ready.
(After the conversation)
Paimon: Maybe we can find some good candidates at the Adventurers' Guild?
Paimon: Let's ask Lan. She's master of the Liyue branch, right?
(Obtain Golden House Maiden ×1, Valley Weaver ×1, Fate's Yearning ×1)
(Talk to Bolai again)
Bolai: May the rumors be false, and Rex Lapis be well...

(Talk to Lan)
Paimon: Lan! We need to ask you for a favor...
Lan: I stopped accepting commissions along time ago. Sorry, you two, but you'll just have to ask another adventurer.
Paimon: Oh, it's not that kind of favor. It's just a teeny-tiny thing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you know how to make perfume?
Lan: ...Wow. Just wow.
Lan: Do I look like the kind of girl who wears perfume to you? I think you're underestimating the kind of person I am...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You smell great.
Lan: ...Wow. Just wow.
Lan: I am just going to assume that you are either joking or being sarcastic.
Lan: To be fair, I put a lot of effort into my appearance for someone who spends all their time in the great outdoors. But "I smell great"? Don't be ridiculous.
Paimon: Well, Paimon thinks you smell amazing! So come on Lan, what's your secret? If not perfume?
Lan: Now that you mention it... Yes, there is something. What is that scent?
Lan: Oh, it must be from the Qingxin flowers I picked on the way back. I forgot I still had them with me...
Paimon: Aha! The truth is out, Lan's got a soft spot for wildflowers!
Lan: Ahh... No, they were for medicinal use only.
Lan: Anyway, this is a pointless conversation. If you want to know about perfume, try talking to Qiming.
Paimon: The fortune teller, right? Paimon remembers she smells pretty good!
Paimon: Thanks, Lan! See you around~
(Talk to Lan again)
Lan: Oh? Not going to look for Qiming yet?

(Talk to Qiming)
Qiming: Hello. How may I help?
Paimon: We've come to ask you a question...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Do you know how to make perfume?
Qiming: Perfume? I rarely think to use it, let alone about how to make it myself.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You smell great.
Qiming: Ah... I...
Qiming: ...Sorry, you caught me off guard. Most people aren't so direct.
Qiming: I think we need more time to get to know each other...
Paimon: Uh... We just wanted to know what perfume you normally use.
Qiming: Oh... Ahem. Well. I don't actually use any.
Qiming: That said, some of the cosmetics I use are scented. Perhaps that's the cause of this confusion.
Qiming: Since I usually set up my stall by the docks, I avoid perfume like the plague. Because Celestia forbid those lusty sailors catch a whiff and come hunting for the source!
Paimon: That's the worst thing Paimon's heard all day.
Qiming: While we're on the subject, have you never heard anyone mention Ying'er's homemade perfume?
Paimon: Ying'er... Oh, as in Scent of Spring Ying'er?
Qiming: Yes, that's her. Many a rich family's daughter has gotten her to make perfume for them. Apparently, her homemade product is better than anything you'll find on the market.
Paimon: Great, this is just the intel we need! Finally, we're getting somewhere.
(Talk to Qiming again)
Qiming: If you have the time, come and have your fortune told down by the harbor. I'll give you a special price.

(Talk to Ying'er)
Ying'er: Well hello... You found me at last. I've been waiting for you.
Paimon: What? How did you know we were coming?
Ying'er: Oh, I heard a rumor about a couple who were snooping around town looking for a sweet-smelling lady...
Ying'er: Actually, I was starting to worry you wouldn't find me. This is the ultimate test of my appeal, after all...
Paimon: "Snooping around"? Why are you making it out like we're bad people?
Ying'er: What can I say? People love to talk... Maybe you ought to be more discreet in the future if you don't want word to get around.
Ying'er: Relax... I know what you're here. You want to get your hands on my homemade perfume, don't you? What kind would you like?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A bespoke triple-Silk-flower variety...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Whichever one you're wearing.
Ying'er: Heh... I'm not wearing any, darling.
Ying'er: Could it be that you've been bewitched by my natural scent? If so, I'm afraid it's one of a kind...
Paimon: Whatever this is, you need to snap out of it right now! (Traveler), Hand her the Silk Flowers!
Ying'er: Three in one go... My goodness.
Ying'er: You have extreme tastes for someone your age. Maybe the rumors I heard were true after all. You're on the prowl and need some sweet-smelling ammunition, is that it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's for Rex Lapis.
Ying'er: Tsk... Is that the best you could come up with? Even if you were genuinely offering perfume to a deity, that doesn't explain why you'd need three kinds. Sorry, you story just doesn't hold water!
Paimon: Zhongli was right... People don't remember this tradition anymore.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You got a problem with that?
Ying'er: Ay yai yai, who let this tiger out of the cage!? Well, with your looks, who can blame you? If you've got it, flaunt it.
Ying'er: As one of my favorite poems goes, "Oh, cherry tree, begrudge not thy blossoms as they are deflowered in the spring, for come winter, even thy sturdiest wood shall wither."
Paimon: That went over Paimon's head a little...
Ying'er: In short, I'm happy to help. Traveler, you can be my assistant. But you'd better make sure I'm the only person on your mind while you're hanging around with me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Okay...
Ying'er: So... Where is a good place for making sweet, sweet perfume?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Dadaupa Gorge!
Ying'er: Where is that? Mondstadt? We're only making some perfume, there's not need to go to such ridiculous lengths.
Ying'er: Somewhere closer to home will do. Let's go for the kitchen at the Wanmin Restaurant.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How about the kitchen at Xiangling's place...
Ying'er: You mean Wanmin Restaurant? Good choice! Let's go.

(Talk to Ying'er at Wanmin Restaurant)
Ying'er: I've had a word with Chef Mao. We can start work now.
Ying'er: Are you ready to please me?
Paimon: ...What did you say?
Ying'er: I meant make me proud. As my assistant. Obviously.
Ying'er: While I'm setting up, you can go and fetch some water.
(Talk to Ying'er again before getting water)
Ying'er: Have you fetched the water? ...No?
Ying'er: Have a look behind Wanmin Restaurant. Chef Mao is a professional chef, he must keep a store of pure water.
(Talk to Ying'er after getting some water)
Ying'er: This water will do nicely.
Ying'er: Now, I need you to extract the Silk Flower essence using a crafting bench.
Ying'er: Perfume-making uses an altogether different technique from alchemy. Here, let me teach you. Very carefully, take hold of the mortar and pestle... Gently does it...
Ying'er: You need to keep your wrist firm so your hand doesn't slip...
Ying'er: Now, use your strong hand to stir it with a persistent rhythm... Keep going until the juices start to come out...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Okay, okay, I get it...
Ying'er: Ooh... You're a natural! Like a fish to water.
Ying'er: Now, take these and try it out on your own using a nearby crafting bench.
Ying'er: Don't forget to do all three. They look visually identical during the essence extraction process, but I will put them into separate containers when the perfume is ready.
(Talk to Ying'er again before crafting all three)
Ying'er: Well, aren't you going to try it out? Has the crafting bench broken?
Ying'er: Or would you prefer some... hands-on guidance for your first time...?

(Return to Ying'er after making Fate's Yearning Essential Oil ×1, Golden House Maiden Essential Oil ×1, and Valley Weaver Essential Oil ×1)
Ying'er: Wow, this is some exquisite Silk Flower Essence. Onto the next stage, the most important one of all...
Ying'er: The essence is placed into water and simmered over low heat until most of the water has boiled off.
Ying'er: You must take care to control the heat during this process. If the temperature goes too high, it will affect the scent.
Ying'er: So please, focus on controlling the heat. This is the final step.
Ying'er: Don't waste a drop of that essence, now. We want all of it in there.
With a little guidance, you help Ying'er make some perfume.
Ying'er: All three perfumes are ready. And you, my friend, were a wonderful assistant.
Ying'er: A testament to the lengths you will go for romance... It's so rare to see nowadays.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I told you, it's not like that...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I was thinking of you the whole time.
Ying'er: Wow, you actually remembered my throwaway comment...
Ying'er: Y'know, you're cuter than people give you credit for. If I didn't have my guard up, I can see how easily one could be taken in...
Ying'er: Anyway... Shall I give you a brief overview of each scent? It might just help you match the right scent to the right occasion...
Paimon: Paimon wants to hear this!
Ying'er: This first one is sweet as candy, straight out of a fairy tale... Younger women will love it.
Ying'er: The second one is for those with refined tastes... The first choice for daughters of high society.
Ying'er: Finally, the third one has a soft by lingering scent, like a mist that captures the last light of dusk. Mature women adore this one.
Ying'er: All clear? Don't get them mixed up now, you'll ruin the mood...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I... I think I got it...
Ying'er: Good. Be sure to come visit if you ever need help with anything, okay?
Ying'er: I'll leave you with some parting words:
Ying'er: One who tries to sail three boats simultaneously should be careful not to go overboard.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Ying'er: Heh. Come and hang out with me at Scent of Spring sometime, okay?
(After the conversation)
Paimon: Let's take these three perfumes over to the Statue of the Seven. Mr. Zhongli's probably been waiting for a while.

(Talk to Zhongli)
Paimon: We've brought the perfumes, Mr. Zhongli!
Paimon: Did we take too long? You were just staring up at the statue...
Zhongli: Oh, you're back. Don't worry, I haven't waited long.
Zhongli: Compared to the watch that Rex Lapis' statues have kept over Liyue, this was but a brief moment.
Paimon: Haha, well, how can a person compete with a statue?
Zhongli: That is true. Well, have you brought the perfumes?
Paimon: Three sets and not one less!
Zhongli: Thank you both. Let us offer them up.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Offer Golden House Maiden
Paimon: This is the first kind of perfume. Ms. Ying'er said that it's sweet as a dream, and it's liked by younger ladies.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Offer Valley Weaver
Paimon: This is the second kind. It's got an elegant smell, and the daughters of high society love it!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Offer Fate's Yearning
Paimon: The third kind has a gentle but lingering fragrance, something something like the dusk mist, and it's a favorite of mature ladies.
(Statue glows)
Paimon: Oh... what was that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Looks like Rex Lapis really likes this one.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I guess the final answer is number three.
Paimon: That's the one older ladies like, right?
Paimon: Does that mean that Rex Lapis is actually an older lady?
Zhongli: Haha, perhaps, perhaps.
Zhongli: Rex Lapis has taken on countless forms. Perhaps that really was one of them.
Paimon: What a shame, we only got to see the giant dragon form, and...
Paimon: Let's hope the Qixing can catch the real killer.
Zhongli: We can leave that to the authorities. Let us focus on the fond farewell for Rex Lapis.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (What ulterior motives do Childe and the Qixing have...)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Well, we do need to see the Exuvia...)
Paimon: So, we've finished another step in our preparations. What's next?
Zhongli: Next, I would like the two of you to help me borrow the Cleansing Bell.
Paimon: Cleansing Bell?
Zhongli: At present, a friend of mine named Madame Ping is the guardian of the Cleansing Bell. She lives near Yujing Terrace. If you ask her, she will know what to do.
Paimon: Sure, but... aren't you going to come with us?
Zhongli: Ah, I have certain reasons why I cannot be there in person. Please do this for me.
Paimon: Man, why's he got to be so secretive this time?
(Talk to Zhongli again)
Zhongli: I apologize, but I won't be able to come with you this time.
Zhongli: Once you've acquired the Cleansing Bell, meet me at Yujing Terrace.


  • For this quest, Lan will be found to the right of the Adventurers' Guild bulletin board, closer to Katheryne. Normally, she is on the other side.
  • Completing Act I, Part II of Xingqiu's Story Quest Fabulae Textile Chapter adds a dialogue option when speaking to Bolai for Silk Flowers.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThree Poignant Perfumes
Chuán Xiāng
Chuán Xiāng
Korean퍼지는 향기
Peojineun Hyanggi
Spreading Scents
SpanishFragancias ritualesRitual Fragrances
FrenchBaumes en tout genreBalms of All Kinds
RussianТри божественных аромата
Tri bozhestvennykh aromata
Three Types of Poignant Perfumes
VietnameseDâng Hương
GermanDuft für den GottFragrance for the God
IndonesianTiga Parfum HarumThree Fragrant Perfumes
PortugueseFragrância DivinaDivine Fragance

Change History

Released in Version 1.0