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Those Who Yearn for the Gods' Gaze is the second part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals.


  1. Go and investigate the ancient ruins
  2. Investigate the ancient ruins
  3. Defeat the attacking monsters
  4. Chat with Paimon
  5. Return to headquarters and talk to Sangonomiya Kokomi
  6. Look for Teppei
  7. Talk to Teppei


(Go and investigate the ancient ruins)
Paimon: This should be the place. But Sangonomiya was right, it doesn't look like anything suspicious is going on...
Paimon: Could they be hiding? (Traveler), let's see what we can find.
Paimon: These Electro Monuments look a little suspicious...
(Upon lighting up all three Electro Monuments)
Paimon: Yikes! A huge lawachurl! Was it drawn out by the Electro energy?
(Upon defeating the Thunderhelm Lawachurl)
Paimon: Phew... glad that's over.
Paimon: As monsters go, that one was pretty tough. But what's such a huge Thunderhelm Lawachurl doing here in the first place?
Paimon: It doesn't make any sense... Also, the atmosphere here gives Paimon the creeps.
Paimon: Anyway, the good thing is that it's over now. We should probably get going... Huh, Teppei? What are you doing here?
Teppei: *cough* ...Wow, this is a surprise. Didn't know you were the ones investigating here.
Teppei: I just got back from delivering some supplies to the front line. I figured I'd stop by and clear any threats in this area on the way back. *cough*...
Paimon: Are you alright there buddy? You're looking slightly the worse for wear.
Teppei: I'm fine, it's nothing. I must've caught a cold a couple days ago while I was out at sea.
Teppei: On my way past, I heard that someone had just arrived on the island to investigate, so I thought I'd come and take a look.
Teppei: If there'd been some real danger, I might've had the chance to be the hero... Heh, shame it was just you guys. Guess I came here for nothing.
Paimon: Teppei, don't you think there's something strange about this place?
Teppei: Hmm... now that you mention it, there is something a little off about it.
Teppei: It could be that the Tatarigami is more palpable here, I guess. We're not that far away from Orobaxi's remains.
Paimon: Orobaxi? Who's that?
Teppei: A god. Look, there's the corpse over there.
Paimon: Aah! It's a gigantic snake skeleton. It looks terrifying!
Teppei: Orobaxi was the one who brought our ancestors from Enkanomiya up to the surface. That's the origin of the Watatsumi Island you know today.
Teppei: Our ancestors regarded it as a guardian deity, but during the Archon War, Orobaxi invaded Yashiori Island.
Teppei: The Raiden Shogun came out in person and slew Orobaxi with the Musou no Hitotachi. That same slash also formed what later became known as Musoujin Gorge.
Paimon: The Raiden Shogun created Musoujin Gorge in one slash? Wow, that's pretty incredible...
Teppei: Yes. But the Archon War was brutal... *cough* and Yashiori Island was completely destroyed during that battle. They say the shogun lost something very dear to her along the way too.
Teppei: Since Orobaxi's death... *cough* there has always been some animosity between Watatsumi Island and the Shogunate. But our different beliefs have nothing to do with why the resistance was formed. We only rose up to fight against the Vision Hunt Decree.
Teppei: When Orobaxi attacked civilization, the shogun stood up and put a stop to it.
Teppei: But now that the shogun is stripping people of their ambitions with the Vision Hunt Decree, it's time for someone to stand up and stop the shogun... *cough*
Teppei: Alright, I'm heading back. I was just dealing with some of the Shogun's elite samurai, so I think I'm gonna take a quick breather, then it's onto my next assignment.
Teppei: You should report back to Sangonomiya as soon as possible. Don't stay here longer than you need to — being around the Tatarigami too long won't do your health any good...
Teppei: *coughing*...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Take care of yourself.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Watch your back.
Teppei: Hey, don't worry about me. Peak condition...
Paimon: Teppei's sure made some big progress if he's already dealing with Shogunate Samurai. Paimon can hardly believe it.
Paimon: Let's report back to Kokomi, (Traveler).

(Upon returning to headquarters)
Paimon: Kokomi, we're back— Oh, look, Gorou's here too.
Paimon: What happened? They look so serious...
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Approximately how many people are exhibiting these symptoms?
Gorou: I haven't had the chance to do a full count yet...
Paimon: Kokomi, Gorou... what's going on?
Gorou: Recently, (Traveler), some of our soldiers started showing symptoms of accelerated aging.
Gorou: I called them in for questioning and found out that they'd privately acquired some secret weapons from our sponsor.
Gorou: Most of them are highly ambitious types, vehemently opposed to the Vision Hunt Decree. They've been using these new weapons secretly since getting hold of them.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: So that's why the war has been going unusually well... But risky secret weapons are not the answer. We must put a stop to it immediately.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Gorou, have you managed to acquire one of these weapons?
Gorou: Most of the officers refused to hand them over. Still, I did manage to get one...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Oh dear...
Sangonomiya Kokomi: (Traveler), do you know something about this?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's a Fatui Delusion.
Gorou: So that means our secret sponsor is the Fatui?
(Traveler nods their head)
Sangonomiya Kokomi: But why would the Fatui do this...
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Forget that, there's no time. Right now, we need to inform the whole army to cease using their Delusions immediately.
Sangonomiya Kokomi: All soldiers who have shown symptoms are to be taken for treatment. I just hope we'll be in time to save them.
Paimon: Wait a second... (Traveler), speaking of soldiers with symptoms...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Teppei...
Paimon: No, s—surely he can't have...
Paimon: Uhh, let's go check on him!
(Talk to Sangonomiya Kokomi or Gorou again)
Sangonomiya Kokomi: Gorou, let's go to the resistance camp ourselves. The use of Delusions has to stop right away.
Gorou: Yes, Your Excellency!

(Upon finding Teppei)
Paimon: Teppei!!!
Teppei: Oh... *cough* Hey, guys. What're you doing here?
Teppei: Just a moment, lemme get up... Oof, it's weird, I don't know where all my strength's gone...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Teppei, you have to tell me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's been going on with you?
Teppei: Hmm?
Teppei: Oh right, yeah, I haven't had time to give you the full details. Well, I've made a lot of great contributions to the war effort lately.
Teppei: Fighting the Shogun's Army at sea, taking on Shogunate Samurai all by myself, rescuing my comrades fr—from an ambush... things I never would have dreamed I could do when you first met me.
Teppei: *cough* If only I were stronger still. The stronger I am, the more I can do for the resistance... Wait a sec, where's my secret weapon gone?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about this weapon.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png When did you start using it?
Teppei: *cough* It wasn't long after you were made captain of Swordfish II. I met these mysterious people, said they were with our supporters.
Teppei: They gave it to me and said that as long as I have the will to become stronger, this secret weapon will answer my call.
Teppei: Haha... *cough* It's just like a Vision, isn't it? Of course, I've never used a Vision, so I wouldn't know the difference...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is... a Delusion.
Teppei: Delusion? *cough* Oh god, that doesn't sound very good...
Teppei: So... what's the difference between a Delusion and a Vision?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png A Delusion drains the user's life force.
Teppei: *cough*
Teppei: Gosh... Well, I suppose it's not too surprising that a mysterious weapon of unknown origins would come with its risks.
Teppei: I've been getting more and more tired over the past few days, and I have this... strange sense of dread.
Teppei: At first I'd find I was a little more beat than usual after a battle. Didn't think anything of it. But today, I got back and suddenly my vision was going blurry.
Teppei: This is a real shame... There I was, thinking I was catching up with ya, haha...
Teppei: Guess I didn't receive the favor of the gods, after all...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Teppei: Hey (Traveler), would you do something for me?
Teppei: When our uniforms are ready, grab mine for me... bring it back here, and we can change together...
Teppei: What's that look for? Don't worry, partner. Soon as I've rested up, I'll be right as rain. Right as rain, I tell ya... soon as I've... rested up...
Paimon: Teppei...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Fatui...
Paimon: Hey (Traveler), where are you going? Heyyyy...
(Interact with Teppei after the quest ends)
Paimon: Teppei's breathing is getting weaker and weaker...

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThose Who Yearn for the Gods' Gaze
Kěqiú Shénmíng Zhùshì zhī Rén
Those Who Crave the Gods' Gaze
Kěqiú Shénmíng Zhùshì zhī Rén
Kami no Manazashi wo Katsubou Suru Mono
Those Who Crave the Gods' Gaze
Korean신의 주목을 갈망하는 자
Sin-ui Jumok-eul Galmanghaneun Ja
Those Who Crave the Gods' Attention
SpanishAnhelantes de atención divina
FrenchCeux qui désirent l'attention des dieuxThose Who Want the Gods' Attention
RussianЖаждущие внимания богов
Zhazhdushchiye vnimaniya bogov
Those Who Gaze at the Gods with Yearning
VietnameseNgười Khao Khát Được Thần Linh Chú Ý
GermanDiejenigen, die sich nach den Blicken der Götter sehnenThose, who Yearn for the Gods' Gaze
IndonesianMereka yang Mendambakan Tatapan DewaThose who Yearn God's Gaze
PortugueseAqueles que Anseiam pela Atenção DivinaThose Who Yearn for Divine Attention

Change History

Released in Version 2.1