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Third-Round Knockout is a tavern owned by Degui, located in the Chihu Rock sector of Liyue Harbor, directly across from the alchemy station. Zhiruo is a waitress there, while Iron Tongue Tian works there as a story teller.

During the quest "Zhongli's Treat," you get to share a meal with Zhongli here. During the commission "Wine, With a Taste of Freedom," Degui says business at the tavern is declining and he is looking to add Dandelion Wine to the menu to attract more customers.





  • According to Xu Liushi, a sailor aboard the Alcor, the name "Third-Round Knockout" stems from an incident in which he got drunk after having three bowls of the tavern's specialty, wine-fermented sweet rice balls. Before then, the tavern had no name.
  • The tavern's name in Chinese (三碗不过港/三碗不過港 Sānwǎn Bùguògǎng) is likely a reference to a very famous and iconic story in The Water Margin (水浒传/水滸傳), one of China's "Four Great Classical Novels". In that story, Wu Song, a fugitive who was traveling back to his hometown to find his older brother, took a rest at a tavern called "After Three Bowls, Do Not Cross the Ridge" (三碗不过岗/三碗不過崗 Sānwǎn bùguò gǎng), because the wine there was very strong. He took this as a challenge and drank eighteen bowls of wine. When Wu Song was about to leave, the owner warned him there's a tiger on the ridge, he didn't believe it however. He then encountered the tiger for real, fought it and killed it with his bare hands. The story is known as "Wu Song beats a tiger (武松打虎 Wǔ Sōng dǎ hǔ)".

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThird-Round Knockout
Sānwǎn Bùguògǎng
After Three Bowls, Do Not Cross the Harbor
Sānwǎn Bùguògǎng
Drunk After Three Bowlfuls
Korean대포 주점
Se Daepo Jujeom
Three Cannon Bar
SpanishLos Tres Cuencos
FrenchTrois Bolées du PortThree Bowlfuls of the Harbor
RussianТри чашки в порту
Tri chashki v portu
ThaiThird-Round Knockout
VietnameseBa Cốc Say Mèm
GermanDreibecherrauschThree Cup Intoxication
IndonesianThird-Round Knockout
PortugueseNocaute da Terceira Rodada

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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