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Third-Round Knockout is a tavern owned by Degui, located in the Chihu Rock sector of Liyue Harbor, directly across from the alchemy station. Zhiruo is a waitress there, and Iron Tongue Tian works there as a story teller.

During the quest "Zhongli's Treat," you get to share a meal with Zhongli here. During the commission "Wine, With a Taste of Freedom," Degui says business at the tavern is declining and he is looking to add Dandelion Wine to the menu to attract more customers.





  • According to Xu Liushi, a sailor aboard the Alcor, the name "Third-Round Knockout" stems from an incident in which he got drunk after having three bowls of the tavern's specialty, wine-fermented sweet rice balls. Before then, the tavern had no name.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0