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Interact with the Ruin Tablet in Minlin to receive the quest. (See Notes for its location on the World Map.)

  1. Look for clues to opening the stone tablet (0/3)

Light Actuator Locations

  1. Inside the Hilichurl Camp, north of the Ruin Tablet.
    • Defeat the Stonehide Lawachurl and the other Hilichurls to access the hut containing a Precious Chest and the Light Actuator.
    • It is possible to skip the fight by jumping through a window in the back of the hut. You will likely sustain damage though, and the chest won't unlock.
  2. On a stone platform, east-southeast of the Ruin Tablet.
    • When you go near it, the Light Actuator and the Precious Chest will be locked by a barrier. Defeat the Hydro Abyss Mage and the Hilichurls to unlock it.
  3. Inside a ruined tower, south of the Ruin Tablet.
    • Climb the tallest peak to the west of the ruins, then glide onto the roof of the tower.
    • Glide down into the room from the hole on the roof. The gates will unlock, allowing access to the Light Actuator. To unlock the Exquisite Chest, you must activate the 2 Geo Lanterns.
    • Break one of the glowing rocks on the ground to acquire a star.
    • Bring the star up to the Geo Lantern on the 2nd floor. The Ruin Guard will activate if you go near it.
    • Go to the back of the tower on the 2nd floor.
    • Break the glowing rock inside the room with a Common Chest to acquire another star.
    • Use Venti or the Wind Catcher gadget to generate an air current and glide up to the eastern platform on the 3rd floor. Alternatively, create a Geo construct before acquiring the star, then climb up to the eastern platform. The Traveler needs 3 or 4 diagonal "dash" climbs (PC: hold W and D keys, press spacebar) to reach the platform.
    • Bring the star up to the Geo Lantern on the 3rd floor.


  • Upon starting this quest, the player cannot enter Co-Op Mode until it is complete, even if the quest is not the player's current navigating quest.
  • After completing the quest, get the 3 Precious Chests in the ruins south of the Ruin Tablet.

Ruin Tablet

Ruin Tablet: "My name is Bosacius, one of the Yakshas. I followed my Lord to fight against and contend with pestilence. Yet though we Yakshas had great might, we were bound by our duties, and stained by them..."
Ruin Tablet: "...Liyue is now at peace, but of our number, none but Alatus and I remain. And for my part, I wish to depart, to be done with this world."
Ruin Tablet: "...My wealth I leave here, sealed by my arts. If you are fated to do so, take them as you please..."


(After reading the Ruins Tablet)
Paimon: This was left behind by one of the Yakshas.
Paimon: From the sounds of it they were at war constantly, and lost so many of their friends...
Paimon: ...Paimon hopes they're able to achieve their wish of having a happy life in his world...

Change History

Released in Version 1.0