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The World of Aranara is the first quest in the World Quest Series Aranyaka: Part II - Dream Nursery.


  1. Talk to Paimon
  2. Return to Vimara Village and talk to Amadhiah
  3. Go to where Vanarana is
  4. Enter Vanarana
  5. Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream at the designated location
    • Equip the Vintage Lyre and play the five notes shown on screen
  6. Go through the "arch"
  7. Complete the trial of the Phantasmal Seed
  8. Collect Phantasmal Seeds
    • Particles collected (0/15)
    • Collecting a Phantasmal Seed will reset the timer to 90 seconds
    • An enemy hit will deduct the timer by 30 seconds
  9. Follow the strange traces
  10. Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream in front of the strange stone
  11. Help the Aranara (0/3)
  12. Go to the place that Arama mentioned
  13. Eliminate the Vanagni threat
  14. Return to Silapna
  15. Play the Rhythm of the Great Dream in front of Silapna
  16. Head to the house and talk to Araja

Gameplay Notes[]


UI Quest Quest Description

Finally, you meet the mysterious Aranara again. According to Arana, you need to visit Vanarana and find Bija to help Rana. Moreover, you have to play the Rhythm of the Great Dream before getting to the world of Aranara. Head back to Vimara Village, and ask Amadhiah if he has any instrument that you can borrow.
(Talk to Paimon)
Paimon: But... Do we really have to sing? What if it attracts a Whopperflower?
Icon Dialogue Talk Well... I think using a musical instrument works too.
Paimon: Hmm, it's worth a try. Let's return to Vimara Village and see if Grandpa Amadhiah has one!
(Talk to Arana again, optional)
Arana: Arana will take care of her. She is a most cherished friend.
Arana: Nara (TravelerTraveler), please go to Vanarana and sing the Rhythm of the Great Dream. Then ask them to help prepare the Bija.
Icon Dialogue Talk I'm not sure I understand you...
Icon Dialogue Talk I—I got it...
Arana: Nara (TravelerTraveler), it looks like you don't understand. It's okay. When the right time comes, Nara (TravelerTraveler) will know what to do.
Arana: Like clouds know they have to release rain, rain knows they need to fall onto ground, and seeds know they need to grow into big trees and have lots of big fruits.
(Talk to Rana again, optional)
Rana: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk (I have to help Rana recover soon...)
Icon Dialogue Talk (Let's leave quietly.)

(Use Nahida's All Schemes to Know on Amadhiah, optional)
Amadhiah: (I'm glad that Rana's made new friends.)
(Talk to Amadhiah)
Paimon: Grandpa Amadhiah...
Amadhiah: Oh, Rana's friends... Unfortunately, Rana should be patrolling the forest today.
Icon Dialogue Talk (I don't think he knows...)
Paimon: (Let's keep it from him...)
Icon Dialogue Talk (We'll keep it a secret then...)
Paimon: Yeah, we know! We're here to ask if you have a musical instrument that you can lend us.
Amadhiah: A musical instrument... Give me a minute, I will go get it.
Amadhiah fetches an old musical instrument from inside.
Paimon: It looks like... a Mondstadt-style instrument! Grandpa Amadhiah, can you lend it to us?
Amadhiah: A very, very long time ago... I met a bard in the forest. She gave me this lyre as a keepsake.
Amadhiah: "Dreams of the garden, memories of the forest... The pomegranate sings, the apples clap..."
Amadhiah: What a beautiful tune...
Amadhiah: I'll lend it to you. Use it to light up the darkness in the forest, and perhaps it'll reach her ears...
Icon Dialogue Talk We'll take good care of it.
Icon Dialogue Talk We'll perform well.
Paimon: Yeah! We'll return it to you, Grandpa Amadhiah! Thanks!
(Obtain Vintage Lyre)
(After talking to Amadhiah)
Paimon: That thing on the river looks like a trace Arana left us... How strange, did the people of Vimara Village not notice it?
Paimon: Anyway, let's go to Vanarana.

Icon Quest Step Step Description

Seek Vanarana following the traces left by Arana, as this is the only way to help Rana.
(Follow the tracks through the village)
Paimon: Arana said we don't have to worry about Rana, but... Paimon is still worried.
Paimon: Speaking of which, besides the incidents involving Iotham and Alphonso, Paimon wonders if the people of Vimara Village are even aware of this...

(Follow the tracks out of the village)
Paimon: Ah! So Arana is the secret of the children in Vimara Village?
Paimon: Paimon wonders how much Arana knows about their disappearance. Is Arana linked to this?
Paimon: Hmm... Let's use this opportunity to organize the clues we have!
Paimon: Sudabeh was the first to go missing. She went into the forest to gather herbs for Grandpa Amadhiah.
Paimon: Next, Kavus went into the forest to meet a friend and discuss Sudabeh's situation, but he went missing too.
Paimon: That friend he was meeting should be Arana.
Paimon: Eh? Doesn't that mean it was Arana who took the children!?
Paimon: Arana punched them all the way into the village with one punch, and because Arana's punch was so strong, the impact made them suffer from amnesia...
Paimon: Paimon doesn't think that's what happened...
(Follow the tracks into Yazadaha Pool)
Paimon: When we were telling Iotham that story, Paimon thinks Iotham mentioned...
Paimon: Even if they get lost, Arana will help them and protect them. Hmm...
Paimon: Paimon knew it! It was Arana who helped the children and sent them back to the village...
Paimon: Paimon wonders if Iotham meeting the Fatui really happened by chance...
Paimon: It would be horrible if the Fatui were behind all of this!
Paimon: Luckily, we were with Rana, and we were able to get to Iotham in time...
(Follow the tracks onto land)
Paimon: We may have interacted quite a bit with hilichurls during our travels, but Paimon has never seen a race like the Aranara!
Paimon: Everything will be fine! Right, (TravelerTraveler)?
Paimon: Paimon thinks the children of Vimara Village have known the Aranara for a long time. They seem to use some strange phrases like Valuka and Marana...
Paimon: They probably learned it from the Aranara. "Nara" sounds like it means "human".
(Follow the tracks to the entrance of Vanarana)
Paimon: We need a Bija to help Rana recover.
Paimon: (TravelerTraveler), we're helping Rana and the children of Vimara Village, right?
(Follow the tracks into Vanarana)
Paimon: Paimon thinks the Vanarana Arana told us about should be nearby.
(Follow the tracks deeper into Vanarana)
Paimon: Huh? Those round "structures" all around us... Are they houses? They look just like the one before...
Paimon: And there are so many of them too. It's almost like a village.
(Approach the strange arch)
Paimon: This place is like a village...
Paimon: (TravelerTraveler), do you remember the small stone houses we saw while camping with Rana?
Icon Dialogue Talk I don't.
Paimon: Those small round houses we saw.
Icon Dialogue Talk Small and round...
Paimon: They're all over this place. It's like a kingdom for little people...
Paimon: If this is the "Vanarana" that Arana told us about, it should be the home of the Aranara...
Icon Dialogue Talk But there's no one here.
Paimon: Hmm... Are they hiding from us?
Icon Dialogue Talk Maybe Arana's tune will do the trick...
Paimon: Oh, right! Just like she said...
Icon Dialogue Talk I can sense gazes...
Paimon: Huh? Paimon doesn't sense anything! But you've always had a keen eye, (TravelerTraveler)...
Paimon: So, maybe we should do as Arana said and sing the tune she taught you...
Paimon: Was it the Rhythm of the Great Dream? Paimon thinks so... "Enter our dreams, our world."
Icon Dialogue Talk *cough* I'll start now...
Paimon: Hmm... What if singing attracts a Whopperflower? Let's just play the musical instrument instead!
Icon Dialogue Talk Let's play the instrument then...
Paimon: Oh! Paimon can't wait, for both (TravelerTraveler)'s performance and the world of Aranara.
Icon Quest Step Step Description

You arrive at what appears to be Vanarana, but no other Aranara are seen. There is a strange wooden "arch", though. Maybe that's the key to entering "the World of Aranara"?
(Play the Rhythm of there Great Dream to awaken the "arch")
(Go through the "arch")
Paimon: Eh? It looks like something's coming out... seems like Elemental Energy...
Mysterious Voice: ...Gather the seeds of fantasia in the garden of dreams. Human, let dreams return to your heart...
Paimon: Huh? Who was that? Anyway, we need to gather these things, right?

Icon Quest Step Step Description

Without other clues, you might try collecting the mysterious particles according to the stone tablet.
(Complete the challenge)
Paimon: Whoa! There's treasure!
Paimon: Hmm... Those strange traces have appeared again...

Icon Quest Step Step Description

After completing the trial, new traces appeared. Maybe that will show the way forward.
(Follow the traces to the strange stone)
Paimon: Uh... The traces vanish here, but there's a strange symbol...
Paimon: (TravelerTraveler), let's give that tune another try!
(After playing the song and entering "their world")
Paimon: Oh, an Aranara...
???: Eek! Don't capture me, I'll give Nara "tracer"...
Paimon: What's a "tracer"? Anyway, we won't capture you! Don't be afraid!
Paimon: This is Paimon, and (‍hehe/sheshe‍) is (TravelerTraveler). We're good Nara! What's your name?
???: Oh... You're good Nara, great. Hmm, it was Arana who taught you that tune, right?
Arama: I'm Arama. Arana may trust both of you, but everyone here is very scared seeing Nara in Vanarana.
Icon Dialogue Talk Aren't you afraid as well?
Arama: I was afraid. But the Golden Nara has been to many places. The tiny dandelions and spores with you are all saying that you are a very, very good Nara.
Paimon: Whoa, Aranara can communicate with plants, even spores?
Icon Dialogue Talk Spores aren't plants...
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler) understands, Paimon is wrong. If you say that loudly in the forest, plants will be sad, and spores will be angry and might even turn into Fungi.
Icon Dialogue Talk That's convenient!
Arama: How strange. Spores are not plants. If you say that loudly in the forest, plants will be sad, and spores will be angry and might even turn into Fungi.
Paimon: Ugh! Let's not fuss over the details, shall we?
Paimon: Anyway, is this Vanarana? It feels so similar to the place where we found the treasure, but it is slightly different. It does have a huge rock house, but...
Icon Dialogue Talk Feeling a little disappointed?
Icon Dialogue Talk Is this Vanarana?
Paimon: Hmm... It feels so similar to the place where we found the treasure, but it is slightly different. It does have a huge rock house, but...
Icon Dialogue Talk Feeling a little disappointed?
Paimon: It isn't what Paimon expected! Paimon thought Vanarana would be a lively Aranara village where everyone would be dancing Aranara dances, eating Aranara food, completing Aranara commissions...
Icon Dialogue Talk And an Aranara Katheryne?
Icon Dialogue Talk And an Aranara souvenir shop?
Icon Dialogue Talk And an Aranara outrider...
Paimon: ...Paimon's thoughts didn't run that wild!
Arama: ?
Arama: Everyone's in Vanarana, but because everyone's afraid, we still can't let both of you inside, even if Nara (TravelerTraveler) is golden.
Icon Dialogue Talk Golden...?
Paimon: What about silver? Is silver bad?
Arama: Silver, just like the moon. Very good, very good.
Paimon: Hee-hee... So here isn't Vanarana?
Icon Dialogue Talk Golden? Is it rare?
Paimon: What about silver? Is silver rare?
Arama: Silver, just like the moon. Very good, very good.
Paimon: Hee-hee... So here isn't Vanarana?
Icon Dialogue Talk Isn't here Vanarana?
Arama: This isn't Vanarana. Ah, actually... This is Vanarana, but not the real Vanarana.
Icon Dialogue Talk So is it Vanarana or not...
Arama: If you help Aranara, everyone won't be afraid, and you can enter the real Vanarana. Come with me, help Aranara and get the "tracer."
Paimon: Paimon gets it now! You mean "treasure"! Sure, we'll help you!
(After talking to Arama)
Arama: So it's called "treasure"... I'll remember that. Thank you. Anyway, let's go.
Paimon: Hearing that makes Paimon wonder if that treasure really exists...

Icon Quest Step Step Description

Another Aranara appears and claims to be Arama. The place you are in "is Vanarana, but not the real Vanarana." Communicating with Aranara is indeed difficult, but two things are clear — one, help Aranara, and you can go to the real Vanarana; two, help Aranara, and you can get treasure. At least Paimon understands the latter.
(Approach the Phantasmal Gate area)
Arama: So many bad, bad Fungi... Because of Marana, all Fungi are very angry. It's impossible to communicate with them. Nara (TravelerTraveler), can you defeat the Fungi?
Paimon: Hmph! It's just Fungi! It's a piece of cake for (TravelerTraveler)!
(Approach the Aranara house blocked off by large rocks)
Arama: This is Aragaru's home. Big rocks are bad. Nara (TravelerTraveler), can you destroy the big rocks?
Paimon: It seems to be completely blocked off... (TravelerTraveler), it's time to teach these big bad rocks a lesson!
(After destroying the rocks)
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler) is amazing! The big rocks should have realized their mistakes by now. Goodbye big rocks.
(Approach one of the marked areas)
Arama: There are Fungi here too. Thank you, Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon.
(After defeating the fungi)
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler) amazing! Goodbye Fungi.
Paimon: So, are Fungi edible? They look like mushrooms, so do they taste like mushrooms too...?
Arama: Eek! You want to eat Fungi! So scary...
Paimon: Nope! Paimon was just asking! Though Paimon is getting more curious about their taste...
(After helping the Aranara)
Arama: Hmm, there's something very scary that requires your help. Vanagni are invading. They're very dangerous. Nara (TravelerTraveler) can choose not to help because they're really scary.
Paimon: Arama makes it sound even scarier than Stormterror... Anyway, let's go have a look!

Icon Quest Step Step Description

According to Arama, something horrible and unspeakable is harming Vanarana! It turns out to be a Pyro Whopperflower! Anyway, after what happened just then and if we defeat the Whopperflower now, Aranara should trust us...
(Approach the marked area)
Arama: Look, Vanagni! Be careful... Even if you talk to them, their only response is rage and shooting flames.
Paimon: ...What? It's just a Whopperflower!
Arama: It's very dangerous! Very dangerous! Let's leave before the Vanagni notices us!
Icon Dialogue Talk Whoa! So scary!
Paimon: ...You aren't really afraid of a Whopperflower, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk It's nothing...
Paimon: Anyway, don't worry, Arama. We'll help! Right, (TravelerTraveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk Alright...
Icon Dialogue Talk I guess we can...
Icon Dialogue Talk Since it's for Rana...
Paimon: Yeah, we have to get into Vanarana as soon as possible to help Rana.
Arama: Oh, be careful, Nara (TravelerTraveler).
(After defeating the whopperflowers)
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler) is amazing! Let's not meet again, Vanagni. Hmm, let's go to Silapna next. We can enter Vanarana by playing Arana's tune there.
Paimon: Paimon doesn't understand what "Silapna" means, but Paimon thinks it refers to the stone with runes on it, right?

Icon Quest Step Step Description

So the rock with magical runes is officially named Silapna. Return to the stone and play the Rhythm of the Great Dream, and we should be able to enter Vanarana.
(Approach the Silapna)
Paimon: Alright, we've helped! So where's the treasure, Arama?
Arama: Isn't "treasure" the incantation to make Nara help?
Paimon: Why isn't Paimon surprised at all?
Icon Dialogue Talk *Gasp*! We were tricked!
Paimon: Did you really think Arama prepared treasure for us?
Icon Dialogue Talk I thought...
Paimon: Anyway, how did you learn to use the word "treasure" like that, Arama?
Arama: I've observed Nara, and I noticed that they become very good and very willing to help other Nara once they hear the word "treasure."
Icon Dialogue Talk Some Nara become bad for treasures.
Icon Dialogue Talk Nara who help for treasures may not be good either.
Icon Dialogue Talk Nara like Paimon would fall for it.
Paimon: Hey! Treasures are great! Don't look down on treasures!
Arama: Hmm, I see. I've learned a lot. Thank you, Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon.
Arama: You're amazing! You're good Nara who help Aranara. Now, no one will be afraid to let you enter Vanarana.
Arama: You can enter Vanarana by playing Arana's tune in front of "Silapna."
(After talking to Arama)
Paimon: "Soul" what again? It's this stone with runes on it, right?
Arama: How rude. "Silapna" isn't a stone.
Paimon: Uh... So we just have to play the Rhythm of the Great Dream, right?

(Play the tune and enter Vanarana)
Paimon: Oh? This is Vanarana... So many Aranara...
Icon Dialogue Talk It seems like the same place, but...
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon gets it! It feels completely different!
Paimon: Since we've arrived in Vanarana, it's time to get a Bija and help Rana.
Icon Dialogue Talk We need a Bija.
Paimon: Hmm, according to Arana, we must get a Bija from Vanarana to help Rana.
Arama: Bija? I've heard the stories about it.
Arama: Anyway, this is the real Vanarana, or to be more precise, it's "Mahavanaranapna"...
Paimon: Wh—What a long name! And there are so many "a's"!
Arama: ...But we usually don't use its full name because it's too long. If explained in Nara's language... Ah, I know. It's "Vanarana of Great Dreams".
(If Silent Seeker of Knowledge has been completed)
Paimon: "Dreams"... Speaking of which, we met an Aranara where the researcher was, and (TravelerTraveler) seems to have had a dream...
(If Silent Seeker of Knowledge has not been completed)
Paimon: "Dreams"... So you're saying...
Icon Dialogue Talk So the Vanarana we just saw exists in reality?
Icon Dialogue Talk And we're in a dream now?
Arama: Hmm, it's a story from very, very long ago. I wasn't even a seed then, I was still in a slumber in Sarva. But after Vanarana was destroyed once, we started living in this dream.
Paimon: Huh, interesting past...
Arama: It's very scary! I heard even the sky turned black. Trees swayed like grass on a field under strong winds, and they fell to the ground. And then very, very scary monsters were everywhere.
Arama: Luckily, they are all stories, not memories. Anyway, if you wish to leave Vanarana's dream, sing the Rhythm of the Great Dream in front of Silapna, and it's the same to return here.
Arama: Come with me. Araja will find a way to get you a Bija.
(After talking to Arama)
Arama: Araja's in the house over there. If Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon are willing, you can show yourselves to everyone there.
Paimon: Shouldn't it be us taking a look at the Aranara instead?
Arama: Nara haven't been to Vanarana in a very long time, and Nara (TravelerTraveler) has proven to be a good Nara.

Icon Quest Step Step Description

The real Vanarana is actually hidden in dreams, and this seems to be the world of Aranara.
(Talk to Aravinay, optional)
Aravinay: Staffs are like trees, each with distinct disposition...
(Talk to Aramani, optional)
Aramani: What's the expression in Nara language... "Honest price," no? I don't understand, totally don't understand.
(Talk to Arakavi, optional)
Arakavi: Ah, Arama, you bring a Nara with you... Looks like my guess is correct.
(Talk to Aralila or Aranishat, optional)
Aralila: Aranishat, you should admit defeat. Don't be like a stubborn twig that refuses to bend against strong gusts. You will break just like it.
Aranishat: Aralila, let's have another match after the moon sinks and the sun rises again!
(Talk to Araesha, optional)
Araesha: The unseen and uncatchable that slips past the moon's gaze and encourages the growth of sprouts... This is so simple that any Aranara can immediately get the answer... I need another riddle.
(Talk to Arakara, optional)
Arakara: Will need happy Viparyas, but Aranakula hasn't returned yet. Um...
(Talk to Arakanta, optional)
Arakanta: There is no doubt that Arakanta is the fastest Aranara. Arakanta, as fast as the Rishboland Tiger.
Arakanta: If I could run on the back of the Rishboland Tiger...
(Talk to Arapacati, optional)
Arapacati: Is my brothers' cooking training going smoothly?
(Talk to Aranaga, optional)
Aranaga: The Yajna Grass... Must get it.
(Talk to Araprabhu, optional)
Araprabhu: Training on Ararakalari... Mustn't slack off!
Araprabhu: A Nara. A lost Nara?
(Talk to Arayash, optional)
Arayash: Golden Nara...

(Talk to Araja)
Araja: Whoa, a Nara... I haven't seen one in so long. So tall and golden, just like (‍sheshe/hehe‍) said. Welcome to Vanarana.
Arama: Yes, Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon. They're amazing! They're not even scared of Vanagni.
Araja: Whoa! Amazing! Nara who used Arana's tune to get into Vanarana are definitely good Nara whom Arana trusts.
Paimon: That's strange. How do all of you know that it was Arana who guided us here?
Araja: Every Aranara has their own tune, and every tune is different. That's how we know who's home.
Araja: Arana has been making friends with Nara in Avidya Forest and Ardravi Valley, so I haven't seen her for a long time. We heard her tune and thought that it was her. We were very happy.
Araja: But it was a Nara who entered Vanarana, and it scared us all. So I asked for Arama's help to tell everyone that Nara (TravelerTraveler) is a good Nara.
Paimon: Oh, Paimon gets it now! But according to Arama, the problems we solved were outside the dream. Was that even helpful? Helpful to Ma... Mahavana...
Paimon: Ugh! Aranara names are so difficult!
Icon Dialogue Talk "Mahavanaranapna"?
Icon Dialogue Talk The Vanarana in dreams...
Arama: The Vanarana in dreams is a shadow of the Vanarana outside. So, things will get better here now that you have dealt with the problems outside. Thank you.
Paimon: Oooh... *cough* Let's get down to business! (TravelerTraveler), about Rana...
Icon Dialogue Talk We need a Bija.
Icon Dialogue Talk Arana sent us.
Paimon: We need a Bija to help a very important friend of Arana... She's a very important friend of ours too...
You tell both people... well, both Aranara, the reason for your request...
Araja: Bija... The last time I prepared a Bija was a long time ago. I heard the Golden Nara and Aramuhukunda were still here then.
Araja: I had so many stories and so many dreams then. It was so long ago...
Paimon: (Looks like Araja is about to start telling a story!)
Icon Dialogue Talk (Let's see what Araja says.)
Icon Dialogue Talk It's urgent. We don't have time to waste.
Araja: Those stories aren't my memories anymore, and I shouldn't be the one to tell them. Let's put our focus back on the Bija.
Paimon: Rana has been seriously harmed by Marana. She needs a Bija as soon as possible...
Arama: Arana is a very, very old Aranara whose Ararakalari is very, very powerful! So, Narana's condition won't worsen. As for the Bija...
Araja: You're right, Narana's condition will be stable with Arana there. However, don't forget that Nara are not trees. They have less time, and it's easier for them to get hurt.
Arama: Right! Since Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon are friends with Arana, and they all have the same wish, we should help them.
Icon Dialogue Talk We'll leave it to you.
Araja: We'll do our best, but we also need Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon's help to form a Bija...
Icon Dialogue Talk What do you need us to do?
Araja: Yes, we need Nara's help to form a Bija.
Araja: We are going to hold Festival Utsava, but many Aranara are still lingering in the forest. Now that you have the scent of Vanarana, you'll be able to approach them. Tell them it's time to return.
Icon Dialogue Talk Can we really relax like this...
Paimon: Araja, you mentioned that Nara don't have much time, so shouldn't we get a Bija as soon as possible?
Icon Dialogue Talk But we don't have time for all that!
Paimon: Araja, you mentioned that Nara don't have much time, so shouldn't we get a Bija as soon as possible?
Icon Dialogue Talk Yay! Festival Utsava!
Paimon: No, no! That's completely wrong! We don't have time for festivals! Araja mentioned that Nara don't have much time, so shouldn't we get a Bija as soon as possible?
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler), Paimon. According to the stories of the Bija, in order to form a Bija that's healthy, strong, and filled with energy, a Festival Utsava is absolutely necessary.
Arama: Regardless of the sorrow we carry, energy for the Bija can only be accumulated if the Nara friends of Aranara and the Aranara friends of Nara celebrate Festival Utsava together.
Paimon: Alright... It's not very convincing, but just like how unbelievable Ararakalari is, maybe it's an Ara-ceremony or Ara-festival.
Arama: Ah! If we're going to celebrate Festival Utsava, we must get everyone back. A little while ago, Arapandu and some others went to Apam Woods. Besides that, Aranakin and some others should be around Gandha Hill...
Araja: Everyone, I'm sure you're not afraid of Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon anymore, so why don't you try becoming friends? I had a Nara friend once, and those memories are still very dear to me.
Araja: Besides that, you must get a few Vasoma Fruits from the Vasara Trees in Ashvattha's Concourses. Three of them should be enough.
Paimon: Ashvattha... Vasara Tree... Vasoma...
Araja: But I haven't been able to leave the dream for a long time, and I don't remember where Ashvattha's Concourses are. I'll leave the finding to Arama and Nara (TravelerTraveler).
Arama: An adventure with Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon!
Paimon: An adventure with Arama!
Paimon: Speaking of which, the incident in Vimara Village is also very concerning. Can we ask other Aranara to find out who's trying to harm the children there?
Araja: Oh, my! It sounds like something only "Marana's Avatar" is capable of. They aren't stopping with Aranara and are even harming little Nara...
Arama: If it's around Vimara Village, I did see Ararycan near Devantaka Mountain a few suns and moons ago. He was investigating something bad.
Arama: It may be linked to the bad Nara that Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon are looking for!
Paimon: Ah, that's right. Aranara are very elusive, so they may have seen something suspicious! Besides that, we have many other questions...
Icon Dialogue Talk About the Vasoma Fruit...
Arama: The Vasoma Fruit is a fruit filled with dreams and energy! It isn't as powerful as the Bija, but it's amazing too.
(Before completing Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies)
Araja: A Bija can be formed by feeding a Vasoma Fruit to the Ashvattha Tree. It's a great tree planted by Greater Lord Rukkhadevata, and it's the origin of Aranara.
(After completing Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies)
Araja: A Bija can be formed by feeding a Vasoma Fruit to the Ashvattha Tree. It's a great tree planted by the Lord of Verdure, and it's the origin of Aranara.
(Option removed, return to option selection)
Icon Dialogue Talk About "Marana's Avatar"...
Paimon: Yeah, it really caught Paimon's attention just now because Iotham mentioned something similar too...
Araja: It's a story from very long ago...
Araja: A long time ago, Aranara walked the earth and made friends with Nara and all living creatures. There was no Marana then. Until a disaster that occurred many, many moons ago...
(Before completing Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies)
Araja: Greater Lord Rukkhadevata returned to Sarva, and Marana's rampage through the earth began. Once the forest recovered its vitality, the Aranara hid the real Vanarana in a dream to protect themselves.
(After completing Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies)
Araja: Many returned to Sarva, and the Marana's rampage through the earth began. Once the forest recovered its vitality, the Aranara hid the real Vanarana in a dream to protect themselves.
Paimon: Hmm... So that's when Marana came into existence?
Araja: The forest didn't know death, until a day came when the trees realized that withered flowers and dead animals covered the earth.
Araja: On the same day, the earth remembered the dark, poisonous blood it had once devoured, or was about to devour. The rivers thought of the descent of the sun, evaporating all water and leaving a red world behind.
Araja: They realized that all things would meet their end, and so, Marana was born. It is the name of death, and those who know it shall die.
Araja: Marana urges everything towards death. As for the tall, dark, and warped beings, they are the avatars chosen by Marana, the heralds of death.
Paimon: So that's why Iotham was afraid of the Fatui... They are tall, and they wear black...
Araja: Of course. In my stories, Marana's Avatar takes many forms. Sometimes beasts, sometimes birds, sometimes Nara, sometimes blight...
Araja: But stories are just stories, and they aren't my memories.
(Option removed, return to option selection)
Icon Dialogue Talk ...Let's talk about it later.
Paimon: Yeah, you're right. We'll ask Araja later if we have more questions!
Paimon: Hmm... Let Paimon think for a moment. (TravelerTraveler). There's so much for us to do.
Icon Dialogue Talk I'm used to it.
Icon Dialogue Talk What a nuisance.
Icon Dialogue Talk As long as it helps Rana.
Paimon: We must find Ashvattha to... get a va-something? Then go to Devantaka Mountain to look for Ara... Ararycan? Is that right? Then we have to find Arapandu in Apam Woods and Aranakin in Gandha Hill...
Paimon: Argh! Ugh! Aranara names are so difficult!
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon, this is for you.
Arama: I've been observing. Nara must use this to remember. Otherwise, Nara memories will get messed up and won't be able to form a story.
Paimon: Is that... an old notebook?
Araja: Oh, it belonged to Nara Varuna... Maybe it's destiny that it's going to another Golden Nara like Nara (TravelerTraveler).
Araja: (‍SheShe/HeHe‍) called it the Aranyaka because it's the stories of (‍herher/hishis‍) adventures in the forest with us Aranara. But those stories are lost.
Araja: Nara (TravelerTraveler), I hope it'll be of help to you. I'm really looking forward to Festival Utsava.
(Obtain Stories of You and the Aranara and Aranyaka)
(After talking to Araja and Arama)
Arama: Nara (TravelerTraveler) and Paimon, good luck!
Paimon: Paimon hopes Rana will be fine... Anyway, fretting won't change anything. Let's just trust the wisdom of the Aranara!
Paimon: Anything related can be recorded in the Aranyaka we just received!
(Talk to Rana again)
Rana: (Rana is still sleeping. Arana is not around.)
Rana: (A blurry image appears in the "bubble" that envelopes Rana.)
Icon Dialogue Talk (You are immersed in the image...)
You are in a forest, where everything looks incomparably massive and serene. You feel very comfortable here.
Rays of sunshine peek through the sparkling gold leaves, with grass as tall as you swaying quietly all around, gently caressing your hand as you walk by.
You hear the sound of distressed crying amid the musical melody of the wind blowing through the trees and flowing water. Following the sound, you find a small girl.
She looks like she has worn herself out from crying and fallen asleep in the meadow. You walk up to her and softly sing a song that can calm all beings...
Rana: (... It seems that Rana's condition hasn't worsened.)
Icon Dialogue Talk (Leave quietly.)

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LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe World of Aranara
"Lánnàluó de Shìjiè"
"The World of Aranara"
"Lánnàluó de Shìjiè"
"Arannara no Sekai"
"The World of Aranara"
Korean「아란나라의 세계」
"Arananra-ui Segye"
"The World of Aranara"
SpanishEl mundo de los aranaraThe World of Aranara
FrenchLe monde des aranarasThe World of Aranara
RussianМир аранар
Mir aranar
The World of Aranara
Thai"โลกของ Aranara"
Vietnamese"Thế Giới Của Aranara""The World of Aranara"
GermanWelt der Aranara"World of Aranara"
IndonesianDunia AranaraThe World of Aranara
PortugueseO Mundo dos AranarasThe World of Aranara
TurkishAranaraların Dünyası
ItalianIl mondo degli Aranara

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