The Wonderful World Of Mr. Cyclops is a story domain for the Monoceros Caeli Chapter, Act 1 quest "Defender of Childhood Dreams." It can only be completed once.

Trial Character

  • Carelessly, Teucer will go on his own, therefore, Childe will join your party.
    • Weapon: Skyward Harp
    • Artifacts: Full set of five star Noblesse Oblige, all at +16. (Artifact details cannot be viewed.)
    • Constellations: 3/6 unlocked.


  1. Go south and jump down into the lower floor.
  2. Go to the eastern end and use Childe's charged shot to activate the Hydro totem. When the water level rises, swim south to get onto the stairs.
    • There's a Common Chest on a platform at the southern end.
  3. Go up the stairs and defeat some Pyro Slimes.
  4. Use Childe's charged shots to activate the 3 Hydro totems.
  5. Interact with the device to start a cut scene.
  6. Go down the stairs to the east and activate the Door of Resurrection. There's a Common Chest right next to it.
  7. Go south and east to defeat some Electro Slimes and a Pyro Slime.
  8. Go north across the water to start a cut scene.
    • Defeat the spider to the east of the pool to reveal a room with Pyro Slimes and a Common Chest.
  9. Go through the door into a room with lasers.
  10. Go pass the first laser when the inactive Ruin Guard is being moved across the laser.
  11. Glide east to the platform. There's an Exquisite Chest here.
  12. Wait for another Ruin Guard and go pass the second laser.
  13. Glide west back to the other platform.
  14. Wait for another Ruin Guard and go pass the third laser.
  15. Go down the stairs and use Childe's charged shot to shoot at the Electro device high up on the wall to start a cut scene.
  16. Survive the Ruin Guards for 60 seconds to start a cut scene.
  17. Go pass the destroyed Ruin Guards to find Childe.
  18. Talk to Teucer.
  19. Open the Precious Chest in front of the exit.

Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 10,000 Mora


During the "Eliminate the Ruin Guard threat" mission, you are not required to slay all the existing Ruin Guards. All you need to do is to keep you whole party AND Tartaglia alive within 60 seconds, then the mission will auto-completes itself.

  • Please note that there will also be more Ruin Guards appearing to the arena as the time passed, so be careful and keep close watch to your party's HP.
  • If you wish to eliminate at least one of them, use Tartaglia's Elemental Skill helps generate huge damage to the Ruin Guards.

Change History

Released in Version 1.1


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